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Neopia's Insight: Zafaras

by amberkad


To introduce a new series in the Neopian Times, Neopia's Insight, I have decided to kick off with a fabulous Neopet species: the Zafara. Zafaras are my all-time favorite so I would like to kindly share with the rest of Neopia the amazingness of Zafaras. I'll talk about Zafaras themselves, popular paint jobs, items, and MORE! Plus, there will even be a nifty quiz at the end to test YOUR knowledge on Zafaras. So, without further ado, enjoy Neopia's Insight, Zafara style.

Anatomy & Physiology

Ears: Zafaras have an incredible sense of hearing. They can hear things miles away. They use their hearing to detect approaching Neopets or other creatures scuttling about.

Nose: While their hearing is astounding, Zafaras' sense of smell is not so good. Due to this, they rely mainly on their ears and keen eyesight to guide them away from danger.

Eyes: Zafaras have extremely keen eyesight. Similarly to their ears, Zafaras can see quite a distance ahead, even in the blackness of night!

Legs: Zafaras have incredibly powerful hind legs. They can jump extremely high and far, and use their legs as a main souce of offense.

Tail: Similar to their legs, Zafaras use their tail as an offensive weapon. Their thick tail can provide quite the whallop.

Spikes: Zafaras have three distinguishable spikes on their back. They use these spikes as a defense mechanism to ward off enemies.

Fan Favorites

Zafaras can be painted a variety of colors. I created a poll to see which colors Neopians liked most! Here are the results:

5th Place - Water. Do you like the sound of waves? The coolness of water? Well, so does everyone else! The brand new water Zafara quickly grasped the attention of many Neopians out there. I mean, really... just look how serene they are. But... if they are made of water, then how in Fyora can they walk around? o_O

4th Place - Baby. Awww how cute!! Babies are always so adorable. Especially Baby Zafaras. Just look at that face and tell me you don't like them! They are so tiny and cute and ugh..!!? What is that horrid smell? Oh my... So, who wants to change the diaper? :)

3rd Place - Royal. *trumpets* The King and Queen have arrived! We welcome you the Royal Zafaras! Personally my favorite color of Zafaras, the royalty and beauty of these pets are magnificent. They both have such elegant features and their wardrobe is just fabulous. Just, uh, don't make them mad. They might throw you in the dungeon.

2nd Place - Christmas. What an angel. Christmas Zafaras are just glowing with goodness. Unlike their Darigan devil counterpart, Christmas Zafaras practically jump at a chance to help someone. Psst, just between you and me, I think most people like them because they are super lucky... and insanely cute.

1st Place – PLUSHIE! Can you say a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e! These patchwork perfections scored #1 on the poll, meaning, it is one of the most popular color of Zafaras in all of Neopia! You'll see these beautiful dolls everywhere. Plushie Zafaras were first seen on April 1, 2003! Over the course of nine years, they have worked their way to NUMBER ONE! Admire their stitches and gorgeous patch design. Maybe you'll be lucky enough to own one... someday. :D

Famous Zafaras Around Neopia

Zafaras are popular, but what would Neopia be without its very own clan of famous Zafaras?

Ace Zafara. Our friend Ace here is a flying wonder. He uses his piloting skills in his very own game: Advert Attack.

Kayla. Kayla is a wizard in Meridell and a true hero. She follows in the footsteps of Kauvara, and used her magic in the Great Battle of Meridell against Kass. She is an honorable alchemist and magician. On October 21, 2004, she was admitted to the Hall of Heroes.

Antola Maeir. Hear the Shenkuu fans scream. Antola is the Left Defender on Shenkuu's Altador Cup Team. She joined the team in 2008, and has excellent blocking and speed.

Delma Harrence. Yet another AC player, Delma has been a Central and Left defender for Faerieland's Altador Cup Team. She has astounding guarding capabilities and is loaded with adrenaline.

Edna. This green witch resides in the depths of the Haunted Woods, asking little kids to fetch items for her, receiving a nice reward in return. If you'd like to give her a smack for turning your pet into a toad, then fight her in the Battledome during witching hour, AKA midnight. Muhahaa.

Zafara Double Agent. This sneaky spy has no revealed true name. She has a great sense of knowledge and sells it to whoever pays her most. Her allies are unknown, along with most of her identity. The closest you will ever see of her is the Zafara Double Agent Plushie.

Zina. A member of the Desert Scarabs, Zina helped in freeing Sakhmet after Qasalan Mummies tried to take over.

Items Around Neopia

Here is a list of some of the most popular Zafara items in Neopia.

Zafara Double Agent Plushie: Oh yes, she looks innocent, but she is really listening for information to sell to the highest bidder.

Edna the Zafara Stamp: This spooky little Zafara spends most of her time brewing bizarre foods and spells.

Halloween Zafara Puppet: This scary puppet is sure to add a sinister touch to any puppet show.

Zafara Pyjama Plushie: So sweet and sleepy - you will be ready to take a nap with this plushie the moment you get it.

Zafara Surprise: Mmmm... delicious mousse in a pastry cup with candied lemon wedges for the spikes.

Zafara Crossword Puzzles: A bumper book of Zafara related crossword puzzles that are sure to test your wits.

Bouncy Zafara Toy: Young Neopets will love to bounce around the room on this inflatable blue Zafara.

Quiz Time!

Well, young Neopians. Are you ready to test your wits? I'll ask ten questions that can be found around the site. Let's see how much you know without looking!

1. What Zafara helped aid King Skarl in the Battle for Meridell?

2. What popularity rank are Zafaras?

3. Name 3 types of Unconverted Zafaras.

4. How many avatars display a Zafara?

5. Which book narrates the lives of 3 Zafara musicians?

6. What Zafara plushies are a pair?

7. What Neopian Concert Band has a Zafara in it?

8. How many Altador Cup teams have a Zafara on their team?

9. How many earrings do Pirate Zafaras have?

10. What element are Zafaras known for? (i.e. water, ice, fire, etc.)

Well, I hope you enjoyed Neopia's Insight on Zafaras! It was fun to write. Zafaras are an amazing species and I love that TNT created them. :D Adieu Neopia, adieu. Until the next issue of Neopia's Insight!

If you have any comments feel free to neomail me. :)

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