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The Owner’s Guide to Neopian Cooking

by moonbunny__60


Every owner should know that neopets like home cooking. Sure, they enjoy pre-made food as well, but who doesn't love a good Cream of Asparagus soup? Or Chocolate lava dream? In this short article, you can learn these recipes, and more for your pets. So fire up that Tooth Faerie oven and let's get cooking!


Spicy Sakhmet salad- a cool salad with lots of heat, and some Sakhmet delights.


3 Jalapeno Poppers

1 Dust Covered Salad

5 Grackle Bug on Sticks

1 Flaming Hot Banana

Steps- First, chop your jalapenos into quarters. Cut the flaming hot banana in eighths. IMPORTANT: do not get rid of the sauce that came with the flaming hot banana! Next, remove the grackle bugs from their sticks. Throw ingredients into a bowl with your dust covered salad, and give it a good toss. Pour the sauce from the flaming hot banana over salad.

Cheesy coleslaw- a combination of all things good in life.


10 Cheesy Baby Cabbages

5 Golden Stalks

3 Spring Onions

1 Parsnip

1 Warty Blue Cheese

Steps- Put your cheesy baby cabbages in a shallow mixing bowl. Chop them finely. Do the same for the golden stalks and the spring onions before adding them to your mixing bowl. Then, chop the parsnip very thinly, and put the slices in with the other ingredients. Now take the warty blue cheese and melt it. Pour cheese over the other items and stir it well before you plate.

Tyrannian bedrock salad- a prehistoric dream, made out of only the finest Tyrannian foods.


1 Tyrannian Salad

4 Pickled Keno Eggs

3 Sand Squashes

7 Tyrannian Rockberries

2 Stuffed Dorkle Peppers

1 Bronto Bite

Steps- To start, put the stuffed dorkle peppers into a blender (if you don't have one, ask the owner of Neopian Fresh Foods if you can borrow his). When it is a salsa like texture, pour one tenth of it into a bowl, and put the rest aside. Now slice the meat off the bone of your bronto bite, and chop the picked keno eggs into cubes. Put this into the bowl with your dorkle pepper sauce. Put the Tyrannian salad in to the bowl as well. Mix the contents of the bowl. Then, crumple the sand squashes into a fine powder (sand). IMPORTANT: put the powder in a different bowl! After that, crush the rockberries. Put them with the sand squash powder, and stir well. Add this to the dorkle pepper sauce that hasn't been used, and mix. Pour over the salad.


Icy Negg snow day soup- a traditional soup from Terror Mountain, found by my Eyrie while doing research for this article. Thanks Grify!


2 Icy/Ultimate Icy Neggs

1 Snow Slushie

1 Lemon Brucicle

1 Fire and Ice Slushie

1 Lemon Slushie

1 Lemon Swirly Negg

Steps- To begin, take the stick off the Brucicle, and pour the slushies out of their containers. Put them in a bowl with the (ultimate) icy neggs, and melt. Then put in a cold spot for five minutes. While waiting for the soup to cool, slice the lemon swirly negg. Once the five minutes are up, place the lemon swirly negg slices on top as a garnish.

Cream of Asparagus soup- a rich, creamy, soup full of the wonders of asparagus.


1 Kau Kau Farm Half And Half

2 Asparagus Yogurts

1 Asparagus Candy Cane (optional)

1 Bag of Nuts

Steps- Take the stalks of asparagus out of the yogurt, and put them to the side. Now pour the half and half onto the yogurt, stir till it is a soup like texture. Put the stalks of asparagus and the bag of nuts into a blender for a second or two. Then, add the mixture to the soup base. Stir until it is thoroughly mixed. Crush the asparagus candy cane, and sprinkle on top.


Toasted Mystery Island summer sandwich- an assortment of summery foods and exotic fruit on toast.


2 Buttered Toasts

1 Lemon

2 Islandberry Fruit Kebabs

1 Kau Kau Farm Cheddar Cheese Brick

3 Flotatos

Steps- First remove the berries from the islandberry fruit kebabs, and put them in a small mixing bowl. With a mallet, crush the islandberries, and put the bowl into your freezer for about two hours. While you wait for the islandberries to freeze, cut your flotatos into slices. Now cut your lemon in half. Slice one end, and put with your flotatos, place the other aside for the moment. Next, cut the Kau Kau farm cheddar cheese brick, and put as much as you like onto your buttered toast slices. Put the slices together and place either on a grill, or the stove. IMPORTIANT: make sure that your stove/grill is on a low heat setting. Once the cheese is melted a little, take the toast off whatever you are cooking on and pull the slices apart. If the cheese is too stringy to tear easily, take a knife and cut it. Now place other ingredients on top of the melted cheese, and retrieve the islandberries from the freezer. Put the berries on the rest of the sandwich, and put the pieces of toast together. Finally, squeeze the unused half of the lemon on top of the toast.

Garden's bounty sandwich- a simple sandwich made out of the freshest ingredients, locally grown.


3 Organic Yellow Tomatoes

1 Grilled Sandfish

2 Radish Sprouts

1 Marrow

1 Yeasty Bread

1 Homemade Marmalade

Steps- To begin, cut all your vegetables into thin slices (with the exception of the radish sprouts). Then, throw your homemade marmalade into a pot, and place it on the stove. IMPORTANT: This needs to be on high heat. Once the marmalade is a liquid-ish form, throw in your vegetables, and stir. After five to ten minutes, take the vegetables off the stove. Now cut the yeasty bread in half, and place the glazed vegetables on it. Put the slices together, and serve.

Desserts and main courses:

Chocolate lava dream- an ultra chocolaty dish from Moltara.


1 Fried Ginger

3 Cocoa Juppies

2 Chocolate Hearts

5 Cookie Neggs

Steps- First, chop the cocoa juppies into cubes. Then, pluck the stems off the cookie neggs and mash them. Put the cubed juppies and your fried ginger into the negg mash. Mix the ingredients, and lay the result flat on a cookie sheet. IMPORTANT: make sure that you've turned the edges up wards, so you can pour liquid inside without it getting everywhere. Now, melt the chocolate hearts, and pour some of it into the negg mash on your cookie sheet. Carefully roll the mash into a ball, with the melted chocolate on the inside. Finally, dip the ball into the remaining chocolate, and serve once it has hardened.

Mama De'Leva's famous pasta salad- a recipe of Crisena's mother's that she told me about a week ago.


4 Grilled Neggs

2 Cold Buckwheat Noodles

1 Blue Cheese and Tchea Plate

8 Honey Filled Olives

1 Azzle Tea

Steps- Start by pouring all the cold buckwheat noodle bowls together. Then, chop the grilled neggs into thin strips, and put into the azzle tea. Now cut the things from the blue cheese and tchea plate into large cubes, putting the cheese directly onto the noodles, and the fruit in the tea. After that, take the honey filled olives, and cut them in quarters. These also go in the tea. While you let the tea sit, stir the noodles and the cheese, and once finished, pour the tea and its contents over the buckwheat noodles and cheese. Serve promptly after finishing.

So there are your recipes. Have fun cooking for your neopets, and get creative! This is just the tip of the ice berg!

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