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Top 10 of the Best Neopoint and Neocash Frames

by lute248


Having trouble deciding the perfect background and foreground combination for your pet? Well, fine Neopian, perhaps it's time for a change and to try out these nifty wearable frames instead for your customization needs.

Using wearable frames in conjunction with the appropriate background enhances your pet's theme by giving it a portrait feel as opposed to using numerous foreground items. After some research, I learned to my surprise that there has been no Top 10 list of wearable frames covered in past Neopian Times editions despite many Top number articles covering on backgrounds, foregrounds and trinkets.

It all started when TNT released the first wearable frame "Pinball Paddle Frame" as the new game challenge prize for beating Lulu back in Year 12. Over the years, TNT has slowly released more and more different wearable frames, even though the popularity of these wearable frames may not be as high as compared to the popularity of backgrounds, foregrounds and trinkets among avid customizers.

That is why in this article I would explore my top 10 favorite wearable frames (both NP and NC) that would definitely bring out a different artistic portrait quality of your pet's customization, unlike backgrounds, foregrounds and trinkets, which simply enhance the theme of your customization.

10. Wooden Puppet Show Frame (NC Item)

Does your pet enjoy watching puppet shows a lot? Well, why not try out one of these shiny wooden frames so they can become the star of their own puppet show instead? This was previously released as a prize from the NC Mall game Blumaroll (no longer available as a prize anymore) and this wearable frame would definitely suit certain Neopet paint brush colors such as Plushie and Baby to add a sense of warmth and fluff to your customized pets.

9. Snowflake Frame (NP Item)

This is the most marvelous time for your pet to taste those falling snowflakes in the sky (just make sure your pet doesn't taste the snowflakes used in this frame, though). Having been released very recently as a neopoint wearable frame, the prices are fluctuating rather wildly (currently cost about 150k at the time of writing this article). However, I speculate the price of the Snowflake Frame to deflate over time as more get released since the Snowflake frame is only rarity 68.

8. Colorful Crayon Frame (NC Item)

This pretty frame really brings back our wonderful childhood memories when Neopians were all once babies and we loved to scribble crayon drawings in our neohomes before our parents caught us red-handed. Just make sure you don't let your pet take one of the crayons from the frame to ruin your petty customization. The Colorful Crayon frame is a retired prize from the JubJub Bounce NC Mall game, so it is no longer obtainable.

7. Scary Ink Frame (NP Item)

Neopians everywhere always wonder what that mysterious black ooze that is dripping from the side of the frames would do if your pet took a lick. Better be safe than sorry, though. This wearable ink frame has the distinction of bringing out an entirely different spooky feel for your customized pet as opposed to using foregrounds such Cover of Darkness Foreground and Rolling Fog. This frame would definitely be a great fit for all Zombie, Transparent, Halloween and Ghost painted pets.

6. Maraqua Frame (NC Item)

This unique and rare wearable frame was randomly awarded to those who collected all five limited edition mystery capsules during the 2010's Great Mystery Capsule adventure and received the limited edition bonus prize from each and every one of those capsules. This wearable frame would definitely complement the Underwater Background if you own a Maraquan pet, especially if your Maraquan pet is an avid underwater explorer.

5. Earth Faerie Frame (NP Item)

If you are a fan of the earth faeries, especially Illusen (she awards you the pretty Honey potion if you complete one of her quests), perhaps this earthly wearable frame would be better than using the Stately Tree Foreground. The Earth Faerie Frame definitely matches up with the Apple Orchard Background, although the frame itself is very expensive at 325k, at the time of writing this article.

4. Blooming Spring Frame (NC Item)

When the blossoming season comes after winter, especially with the lovely flowers blooming and the sound of birds chirping, all spring and nature lovers can rejoice. This enchanting wearable frame serves as a nice alternate to the Spring Flowers foreground and Orange Poppies foreground as your pet can hum along with the Beekadoodles' singing.

3. Creeping Branches Frame (NC Item)

For all you Brain Tree fans out there, if you prefer your customization on outdoors and trees to be more eerie instead of bright and friendly, this is the perfect wearable frame for your pet since not all trees are known to be the most down to earth things after all. This wearable frame is also another retired prize from the Jubjub Bounce NC Game.

2. Pumpkin Ink Frame (NP Item)

This pumpkin ink frame is one of my favorite ink frames TNT has created thus far, not just because of the pretty black colored ink but also because of the design of the frame, which is very intricate and well-made.

The customizable themes aren't just limited to Spooky and Haunted Woods but also certain Royal Castle and Prince/princess themes would suit this ink frame.

Since this ink frame has been released fairly recently, the price of this ink frame is still very expensive at 175k on the trading post.

1. Lovely Valentine Frame (NC Item)

The number 1 position for most prettiest wearable frame in the entirety of Neopia is going to this hearty frame. Yet another retired NC prize from the Jubjub Power Bounce Game, this pink and colorful frame definitely goes a long way to show the love and care you have towards your pet, as this very frame represents any owner's one most important thing in customizing and that is their personal neopet.

This wearable frame definitely isn't limited to customizable Valentine's Day themes and certainly blends in well with many different painted coloured pets such as Pink, Royal Girls and even Plushie pets. The Lovely Valentine Frame is truly one of the most sentimental wearable frames in Neopian existence.

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