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Customize for 550!

by rikarie


Do you love the Neopian Times? Do you love to customize? If so, then this guide is for you! In honor of the 550th issue of the Neopians Times I thought it would be fun to dress for the occasion! Here I hope to show everyone items they can incorporate into their customization to show their love for the NT!

Without further ado, I give you the awesome, fantastical, and fabulous items to make people say WOW when they look at your pets!

1) Item Name: Weewoo Garland Wig

Item Type: Neocash Mall Item

Zone: Hat

How to Get: Was obtained by opening the Mini Tie-Dye Mystery Capsule, but is now retired and no longer available unless you trade for it.

Description: Your hair is the perfect place for a Weewoo to hide!

My comments: What is a more perfect way to show your love for the NT than a Weewoo in your wig? This colorful piece can go with just about anything and is especially lovely with spring time decorations! This wig allows you to be super vibrant and whimsical in your style, so hit two Weewoos with one stone and use this wig in a spring/NT themed customization.

Alternative: Monarchial Wig (NC Item) for the male neopets. This sleek black wig is total businessman for those who want a more serious vibe in their customization.

2) Item Name: Neopian Times Background

Item Type: NP Wearable

Zone: Background

How to Get: This item was only given out to users that were published in Issue 500 of the Neopian Times.

Description: The secret lair of those mysterious creatures known as writers and artists.

Price: Around 7mil+

My comments: This item, while a flawless background for those aspiring NT writers, comes with a hefty price tag. So be prepared to dish out millions if you want your pet to enjoy this writer's room! Its paper sprawled floors and unkempt look are all you need to begin your adventure in writing or drawing. The brown and almost grim atmosphere of it gives a realistic interpretation of how it is to put the NT together. Being the only background of its kind, though, I would say it's worth it!

3) Item Name: Silver Weewoo Perch

Item Type: Neocash Mall Item

Zone: Lower Foreground Item

How to Get: Limited edition NC Mall item was only available until February 21, 2012, so you need to trade for it.

Description: Those Weewoos look quite lovely together on the perch!

My comments: You can really show the love with this Weewoo item! This cuddly pair of Weewoos really emphasizes the love anyone has for the NT. Even though this item was made for Valentine's Day, it is simple enough to use for any occasion. The Weewoos' white feathered bodies and heart shaped stomachs are a wonderful touch for any customizer that feels they're missing something in their current NT look!

4) Item Name: Black Square Glasses

Item Type: NP Wearable

Zone: Glasses

How to Get: This item was awarded for completing a PBS Kids Go! Sponsor activity.

Description: These square glasses will always be in style.

Price: About 200-225k.

My comments: You need to nerd it up if you want to be a part of the NT. And what perfect way then a pair of chic glasses? These big, black rimmed glasses will make you look like you work for the NT. Someone needs to read all the articles and comics submitted, and they might as well dress up their eyes to get the job done. So dress your pet in these glasses for a finishing touch. You won't be sorry.

Alternative: Smart School Girl Eye Glasses (NC Item) for those of us that have opened way to many caps! See? Cap fodder isn't useless.

5) Item Name: Neopian Times Writing Quill

Item Type: NP Wearable

Zone: Right Hand Item

How to Get: This item was only given out to users that were published in Issue 450 of the Neopian Times.

Description: Not just a writing implement, but also an advanced tickling device!

Price: About 6-7mil+

My comments: Forget a staff or wand, this brown and white quill is the perfect hand held item for those that love the NT. If you need to write something, it will get the job done! It goes with just about any outfit, wig or face paint! This is also the only quill available (aside from the Scorchio Poet Quill, that's just for Scorchios), but is a worthy investment for those serious about the NT.

6) Item Name: Flying Paper Shower

Item Type: Neocash Mall Item

Zone: Foreground

How to Get: 2011 Super Sale Item, no longer available in NC Mall, would have to trade for it.

Description: Oh... if only one could ride on one of these!

My comments: Need a break from all that writing and drawing? Have extra paper lying around? Then the Flying Paper Shower is the foreground just for you! It's for all those workaholics and paper pushers that need to have a little bit of fun in the office. It gives an amusing ambience to any customization but goes especially well with the Neopian Times Background!

7) Item Name: Green Skeith Pencil Case

Item Type: NP Wearable

Zone: Lower Foreground Item

How to Get: Can restock it at the Neopian School Supplies store.

Description: This pencil case will keep your pencils very safe.

Price: 5k

My comments: For those aspiring writers and artists that hope to one day work for the NT, this is the prefect starting point! You can bring this vibrant green pouch anywhere and it will make you stand out. The Green Skeith Pencil Case goes really well with baby neopets and any other colorful pets. Plus this is one of the cheapest items you can get!

8) Item Name: Excessive Pocket Watch Collection Garland

Item Type: Neocash Mall Item

Zone: Higher Foreground Item

How to Get: This item was obtained by opening the Mini Feather Boa Mystery Capsule but is now retired and no longer available unless you trade for it.

Description: If you were ever curious about what time it was, well, everywhere, all your questions have been answered!

My comments: Deadline fast approaching? Well with this garland never be caught unprepared! This pocket watch collection will make sure you're never late turning in an article or comic! These gold and silver rimmed watches can give a modern or antique feel depending on what background and other items you pair it with. Just be sure not to stare at them too long, you might get a tad dizzy!

Alternative: Weewoo Clock (NC Item) for those who appreciate the chrip chirp of a Weewoo instead of the constant ticking of pocket watches.

9) Item Name: Sporting Suit Jacket

Item Type: Neocash Mall Item

Zone: Jacket

How to Get: Currently available in the NC Mall!

Description: This sturdy wool suit jacket is perfect for autumn!

My comments: This sophisticated jacket is clean cut, artsy and ageless. Any neopet interested in celebrating the NT should considering wearing it. Its tailored and refined look may seem a bit school oriented, but I assure you it works for those with a more creative outlook in life.

Other items worth noting: Spring Weewoo Garland, Weewoo Bath, Origami Rock, Bloodshot Eye Contacts and Neopian Times Eyrie and Zafara collections.

All these items have a unique quality that makes them perfect for customizing your pet for the 550th NT issue! Mix and match to create an impeccable look just for your pet. But I should warn you, don't use all these items in one look, unless you want a lopsided and um... rather... unique customization.

Happy 550th issue, everyone!

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