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Where To Have A Party In Neopia?

by kalila16


So, you've decided to have a party. Whether this is because you want to make some new friends or get back at that Meerca down the street who so conveniently "forgot" to invite you to her party doesn't matter. What does matter is your future party! Now, the most critical decision to your party planning is location. This guide will cover the pros and cons of throwing a party in each land.


Now is the perfect time of year to have a party in Altador. With the Altador Cup just around the corner, neopets from all across Neopia are flocking over there. More likely than not, you will get party crashers if you choose to have your party here now. This can give you and your neofriends a great opportunity to meet new neopets. However, at this time of the year Altador is also the most likely location for a battle to break out at your party. Neopets get very defensive of their teams!


While Brightvale has some of the best scenery in Neopia, it is not an ideal place to throw a party. King Hagan has some very strict noise regulations to ensure that his citizens can read without distraction at all hours of the day. A quiet party has little chance of being remembered as a very fun one, so you're better off picking a different land.

Darigan Citadel

While Darigan Citadel may have a truce with Meridell, they still don't appreciate outsiders. Or parties. Lord Darigan is notorious for jailing all Neopians who attempt to throw a party on his grounds, so I highly suggest looking elsewhere.


Now that Faerieland has fallen out of the sky, it is much more convenient to get to! No longer will your wingless invitees be scrambling to find transportation to the clouds; it should be easily accessible by all neopets. A great variety of parties can be held here. Containing everything from magical pools to racing Poogles, Faerieland has great party potential. There is also a nearby healing springs, just in case some neopets have a little too much fun!

Haunted Woods

There are some major pros and cons to having a party in the Haunted Woods. On the up side, your party is sure to be exciting. Containing its very own fairground and plenty of uninhabited space, the opportunities for an amazing party are endless. You can also be as loud as you want here! In fact, it's recommended. The more noise you make, the less likely your guests will hear distant noises and leave your party in terror. On this note is the down side: many neopets are scared of the Haunted Woods. A sizeable fraction of the neopets you invite are likely to opt out of attending your party if it is in the Haunted Woods.

Kiko Lake

Kiko Lake is a great location for a pool party. However, that's also just about your only option. There isn't enough room in Kiko Lake for any other kind of party. This will somewhat limit your guest list, as everyone will need to be able to swim.

Krawk Island

Krawk Island possesses an air of adventure that can give any party the spark it needs to be amazing. Most neopets make visiting Krawk Island at least once one of their lifetime goals, so hosting your party here is sure to excite your neofriends! If you decide to have your party here, be sure to guard your belongings and remind your neofriends to do the same. There be thieves about!


What couldn't be great about a party on Neopian's moon? There is a lot of empty space on Kreludor which, when combined with the significant decrease in gravity, can make for some awesome dance parties. The major downside is transportation - many neopets simply cannot afford to travel to Kreludor. No cheap method of mass-transportation has been set up, and many of your neofriends may not be able to attend your party.

Lutari Island

If you have a party here, you will definitely be the talk of Neopia. However, this will not be because of your party, but because you managed to get past that severe storm that has plagued Lutari Island for years. Supposedly Lutari Island is a beautiful land once you get in, so it has the potential to one day be a great party area. I wouldn't count on anyone showing up to a party held there now, however.


...Are you honestly considering having your party in Maraqua? Your neofriends won't be able to breathe, all of your party decorations will get soggy and ruined, and a neopet or two might just get sucked away by a whirlpool. Trust me on this one, there is nothing to gain from this location.


A beautiful land known for its food, Meridell makes for an excellent party land! The locals appreciate a good party more than just about anyone, and are always quick to join in and even contribute. Court jesters can easily be found and games are always taking place. If you include a feast or three, King Skarl may even attend! What could be more impressive than having a king attend your party? Your guests will enjoy the food as well, and be impressed by your connections to royalty.


Contrary to what many will tell you, a great party can be had in Moltara. Its citizens are some of the hardest workers in Neopia, so they really appreciate a good party! There is a slight risk of cave-ins, making it a seldom-used location for parties. This will make your party unique and memorable if you decide to host it here. It comes pre-decorated with lamps and glowing worms, so there's less work for you to do!

Mystery Island

Mystery Island has to be Neopia's classic vacation spot. The locals are relaxed, there's beach volleyball to be played, and there are endless possibilities for exploration. Neopets travel here year-round to unwind and de-stress. The atmosphere is perfect for parties, as the majority of the island is always a party! Unfortunately, having your party here will cost you major points in originality. It can be viewed as the "safe" choice. Everyone is sure to have a good time if you choose to have your party here; however, there will most likely not be anything about your party that will make it stand out from all of the other parties your neofriends are sure to go to.

Neopia Central

Neopia Central can be accurately described as the shopping center of Neopia – it's a pivotal stop for all Neopians, making it the most crowded area. Neopets of all sorts are constantly streaming in and out, which is both a good and a bad thing. If you're trying to have an exclusive party for you and your neofriends, look elsewhere. There is no private space in Neopia Central; it's a land made up of businesses meant to attract as many Neopians as possible. However, if you're unsure of who to invite to your party or just want to meet a lot of new neopets, then Neopia Central is your best bet. No other land can match the quantity and variety of neopets who will pass by your party!

Roo Island

King Roo just finished his renovations of Roo Island, and it's looking great! Roo Island can be argued to be the happiest place in Neopia – all anyone there does is play games! A land of constant gaming, who wouldn't be happy? Blumaroos are also suspiciously happy neopets. I don't think their happiness poses any immediate threat, but I'm keeping my eye on them. All of this makes Roo Island a great place to have a happy party!


Ahh, Shenkuu. Do they party in Shenkuu? I'm not sure. The locals can be a stiff bunch, but as a merchant town I don't see them turning a flock of paying partiers away. You and your neofriends will need to be careful not to fall off the mountain while doing any activities like dancing. There is a lot of atmosphere in Shenkuu, which can contribute a certain uniqueness to your party that will help it be remembered and appreciated by all of your neofriends.

Terror Mountain

Many a good and bad thing can be said about having a party on Terror Mountain! Starting with the bad this time... the place is called TERROR Mountain. Do I really need to explain this to you? I'm sure you've heard the rumors. Giant ice Hissi, rarely sleeps, very prone to attacking neopets. This isn't helped by the fact that at least one of your neofriends is bound to go attempt to rob the guy. It's idiotic, I know, but someone always does it! Don't even get me started on the snowbeast... or the fact that it's just plain cold there! If these terrors aren't enough to scare you and your neofriends away; however, there is a great deal of fun to be had! With ice skating, snowball fights, ice cream, and happy Chias, a party on Terror Mountain can be a very happy party indeed.

The Lost Desert

Rather hot for a party, don't you think? I mean, partying in the cold is one thing, but in the heat everyone is just going to be all sweaty! Not to mention the sunburn... Really, the Lost Desert doesn't have a whole lot to offer for parties. Although some cheap souvenir stalls can be found, for the most part the Lost Desert has remained tourist free, and it's for a good reason. The majority of the locals haven't had a lot of interactions with outsiders, and many aren't interested in starting now.


Tyrannia provides a great environment to let loose and not care about responsibilities for a while. No one is worried about appearances or proper etiquette - it's just you, your neofriends, and nature! There's plenty of omelette to go around and great music to be heard. If you do choose to have your party here, be sure to warn your neofriends of "the beast," hungry Grarrls, and the Wheel of Monotony.


If you're looking to give a feeling of exclusiveness to your party, Virtupets is your best bet. Upon being turned into a giant arcade, Virtupets was crowded with visitors. Since then, limits have been put up as to how many Neopians can visit at a time. The waiting list can get very long, so you will gain instant neo-fame if you can get a pass for your neofriends. This also will make it difficult to have a large party, but the people who do come will have a lot of appreciation, as well as feel special that you invited them!

So, there you have it! I hope this article has given you an idea of where the perfect location for your party will be. Don't forget to invite me!!

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