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Unusual Foods: Cupcakes

by ripplestream850


I've got as much of a sweet tooth as the next person, but one day I was feeling particularly hungry for something baked, sweet, and delicious. As I was travelling in search of a certain baked good, it came to my attention that there were a surprising amount of strange foods, especially cupcakes. With frosting and goodies on top sculpted to mimic different things, I felt my curiosity get the best of me, and I discovered new, interesting flavors. From sweet to spicy, I enjoyed many flavors as I searched further and further for different cupcake creations. The only thing to do next was record my thoughts for the next poor person with an over-powering sweet tooth! So, my dear friends, I present to you a perfectly sweet and a perfectly strange list of unusual cupcakes for you to enjoy!

Feathery Cupcake

'Caution: Feathers for decorative use only. Do not eat.'

I was drawn to this cupcake by the pretty purple and blues of the feathers themselves. Placed onto this cupcake to not only form the wrapping but also to add a little bit of decoration, I appreciated the artistic touch. When I tasted the cupcake I found it to be somewhat lacking, and it was hard to pull off all those feathers from the frosting. It was pretty, though, and would make a good addition to any gallery! For neopets with wings or more inclined to take to the air, the feathers might be the perfect touch to celebrate any special occasion with them.

Lava Cupcake

'A moist cupcake topped with frosting that looks like lava!'

With moist red velvet cake that was hinted with the faintest touch of spice, this cupcake not only looked pleasing but it tasted delicious! A perfect combination of spicy and sweet, I was rewarded as soon as I bit into it. For some though, the spiciness might be too much especially in the hot lava-like frosting, but I know that any fire or magma pet would enjoy this treat that seems to be slightly impervious to flames.

Puntec Cupcake

'Small sections of Puntec Fruit are blended into the cake mix and the icing to make this tangy treat.'

When I first saw this cupcake I was nothing short of nervous. It definitely doesn't look very appetizing, with a muted orange palate and icing seemingly veined with some sort of green substance. I found though, that it lived up to its description. A perfect balance of flavor, this cupcake was moist, tasted fresh, and retained the absolutely yummy, tangy taste of the fruit it was named after. I had more than one of these!

Water Faerie Cupcake

'How do they get the icing to shimmer like that?'

I greatly enjoyed the appearance of this cupcake and knew that when it came time to celebrate the faeries of Neopia, I was going to indulge in this again. With a light vanilla cake and soft, shimmery vanilla icing, it was cool, sweet, and a light snack that didn't make me feel guilty about eating it. It is very moist, perhaps too much so for some, but the airy flavors made it worth it! When shared with aquatic pets, it is sure to be a hit!

X-29 Sub-Orbital Cupcake

'A revolutionary step in dessert making, one of Gargarox's personal favourites.'

Part machine, part baked treat, I was amazed by this cupcake. It not only provided a great snack, but it also provided entertainment as I wondered at its ability to literally rocket itself up and fly for a few seconds in the air. The cool new technology didn't mean a poor quality taste either! The cake was airy and fluffy, and the icing was made out of some combination of berries to create a wonderful treat. Its become one of my personal favourites.

Cabbage Cupcake

'A bizarre healthy treat formed mainly out of cabbage.'

Who said that sweets were always bad for you? I was surprised when I found this cupcake, and marveled at its healthy qualities. I was assured that this cupcake was made mostly of cabbage, and I found when I tried a bit it was true. Like eating a head of cabbage in cupcake form, I was given a sharp crunch. It tasted fresh, but when it came to sweets it didn't satisfy my need for sugar. A healthy alternative, the cabbage cupcake provided lots of vitamins and minerals, but not much taste.

Extra Sugary Birthday Cupcake

'This special cupcake was baked just for Neopets third birthday!'

If being healthy isn't your thing, I've found the cupcake for you! I discovered after trying the previously mentioned cabbage cupcake, I was really hungry something sweet and sugary. That was when I found this, a simple looking creation. I wondered about skipping this cupcake and trying something a bit more interesting looking, but I was curious about the "extra sugary-ness" of this treat. When I bit in I was flooded with sugar! Almost too sweet, there was was even sugar sprinkled on the top, tons of it mixed into the icing, and a super sweet syrup must have been mixed into the batter. I would advise, despite the three on the top, you keep it away from your younger pets, lest they start bouncing off the wall because of a sugar rush!

Tentacle Cupcake

'This chocolate cupcake is topped with tentacles. YUMMY!'

This cupcake isn't for the faint of heart, in fact only truly brave pets will be able to stand the slight squishiness of the tentacles that are generously topped upon a delicious chocolate cake base. When I bit in, not knowing was to expect, I was slightly surprised (and it wasn't the strange texture either) . In some way, the flavors combined to provide something pleasant, if not bearable. While I don't recommend serving this to your school classmates, for Halloween or for a dare this cupcake isn't half-bad!

So there you go my friends, a few yummy, unusual cupcakes for you to enjoy. Now don't just stand there, go out and try a few! A world of delicious new flavors awaits you and your pets!

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