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Making The Most Of Your New Gift!

by usukii


So you open the door to your neohome one morning and you notice a finely wrapped present on your doorstep; maybe you have your suspicions as to who it may be from, and maybe it's a complete surprise. Either way you're excited to open it! Without taking the time to admire the wrapping, you rip it open in excitement to see what is enclosed within; maybe it's that lovely new dress you saw on your last visit to the NC Mall? Or perhaps some codestones to help with that expensive training of yours? You tip the box upside down and out falls... a stick? Wait, there's a Neopian Gift Shop tag on it; apparently what you're holding isn't a stick but is actually a Wooden Vampire Stake.

Not exactly a traditional choice of gift, but it's a gift all the same and you'll want to get your use out of it, so I have compiled a handy list of uses for your brand new steak! Uh... I meant stake. Just make sure you read the safety instructions that come with it first; the end looks rather sharp.

Build a Really Little Fence

Of course for this you will need multiple stakes which could end up costing you a fair amount of NP, or you could go with my preferred method and just collect a bunch of sticks out of the garden, which is probably where your local Neopian Gift Shop representatives got it in the first place before polishing it up a little and sticking a hefty price tag on it. And if you're short of ideas of how to make the most out of your brand new fence, how about using it to play some miniature games of Extreme Herder? It's probably a lot easier when you can reach over the fence and don't need to make your way to the gates. Miniature Balthazar not included.

Build a Really Big Ladder

Not one for fences? Then how about a ladder! I don't know about you, but I think a game of Shenkuu Warrior would require much less effort if you could just use a ladder. Though unless you have previous ladder building experience I'd make sure whoever is testing it out has wings... Just in case. Actually now I come to think of it, this probably isn't the best idea for making the most of your brand new stake. How about going with one of my other (much safer) options?

Petpet Replacement

Forget that Pet Rock you've been saving up for all year and still can't afford; everyone will be jealous when they realise you're one step ahead of the trends and have yourself your very own Pet Stake! After the first few times you've explained that no, it isn't just an expensive stick, you'll have the jealousy of everyone you and your fashionable new friend meet. Of course you'll probably have to give him a name, might I suggest Mr. Pointy?

Hide and Seek

This year's Negg Festival has just finished and maybe your usual Hide and Seek partner has eaten just a few too many Neggs and isn't quite small enough to fit into the best hiding places anymore. Well, never mind because you have the perfect replacement. Close your eyes and throw him (or her?) as far as you can and then begin searching. As an added bonus you won't have to deal with irritating and decidedly unhelpful 'hints' every time you look for him in the wrong place. It really is a win/win situation!


Well, I suppose if you really wanted you could use it as your latest fashion accessory, though I can't imagine what kind of statement it will make. Perhaps not the most fashion forward of choices you could make, but if you haven't got the time to pick up any accessories from the mall at the moment, I suppose it will have to do? It'll get you noticed at the very least, just don't be surprised if everyone you meet seems to find an excuse to move to the other side of the path whenever you approach.

Vampire Hunting

I had to suggest this one eventually. It's a Wooden Vampire Stake, so if you've always wanted to be a vampire slayer then this is your chance. While you could head straight off to find Count Von Roo I wouldn't personally recommend it, I've heard he can be very grumpy if he's woken up before he gets his proper amount of beauty sleep. Besides, all the wannabe vampire slayers will be after him, you want to be unique, stand out from the crowd (or if you don't, might I suggest that carrying around a big wooden stake probably isn't the best way to blend in?). Who knows where the vampires could be? I think I'd start in Kiko Lake; it always seems a little too quiet around there. Clearly they're hiding something.

Give it to someone else!

So try as you might, you just can't get attached to your brand new stake. Every time you look at it, you see nothing other than a boring old stick. And sure, there are lots of potentially fun things you could be doing with it, but surprisingly enough, none of them seem to appeal to you. If this sounds like you, then I have one final suggestion, and possibly my best one so far as it follows an old tradition of unwanted gifts; give it to someone else! Maybe you know someone with a birthday coming up soon? Or perhaps it might work as a Tyrannian Victory Day celebratory gift? Whatever you decide, I'm sure it's better than leaving it in the corner of your neohome gathering dust. Just hope that whoever you give it to isn't the person who left it as a finely wrapped gift outside your door, or you may find yourself with some serious explaining to do...

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