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Insert 550 Words Here

by mystie06


Hello and welcome to another fantastically fun fill-in-the-blank article! As this is the special 550th issue of the Neopian Times, I would like to take a look at some of the famous Neopians whose names and adventures have graced the past 550 issues of this, our beloved newspaper. I have scoured old plot comics, the Neopedia, the Gallery of Heroes, and the Gallery of Villains for information on the lives and works of some of Neopia's most famous personages, whose deeds have been portrayed and made fun of countless times in this, Neopia's one and only newspaper. To make this more interesting, the short biographical sketches presented below are done in classic fill-in-the-blank style.

Yes, I am giving you, dear reader, the chance to rewrite Neopia's history (or at least pretend to) by filling in the blanks in this article.

The rules are fairly simple: in the portion of this article labeled Part 1: The Blanks, you need to come up with a Neopian term, the more random the better, for each of the numbered prompts. (Remember, randomness is what makes Neopia go 'round--well, it's more like randomness, caffeine, sugar, and faerie magic, but mostly randomness.) Then in the second part of this article, labeled Part 2: The Story, you need to fill in the numbered blanks with your responses to the corresponding numbered prompts from Part 1. Don't worry about right or wrong answers; just have fun filling it in. If you're still not quite sure how to proceed, you might want to check out my last fill-in-the-blank article, "Insert Title Here," from issue #529, and the pet page belonging to my Blumaroo, Lyrenie.

Disclaimers: This article is for entertainment purposes only. Also, I apologize in advance to any and all famous Neopians mentioned in this article. Oh, and contrary to the title of this article, there aren't actually 550 blanks that you need to fill in.


Part 1: The Blanks

1. noun (plural)

2. verb

3. noun

4. adjective

5. noun (plural)

6. noun

7. number between 0 and 100

8. place in Neopia

9. noun

10. noun

11. adjective

12. a famous Neopian

13. adjective

14. noun (plural)

15. adjective

16. a Neopian land (i.e. Faerieland, Shenkuu, etc.)

17. a large number

18. noun

19. a Neopian land

20. verb

21. a Neopet species

22. noun

23. a Neopian land

24. another Neopian land

25. a famous Neopian

26. a Neopet species

27. noun

28. type of faerie (i.e. water, fire, light, dark, earth, air)

29. a Neopet species

30. a Neopian land

31. a famous Neopian

32. name of a famous Neopian faerie

33. type of faerie

34. a Neopian land

35. a Neopian land

36. a type of faerie

37. adjective

38. noun

39. a Neopian land

40. name of a famous Neopian faerie

41. a type of faerie

42. a Neopian land

43. number between 1 and 31

44. name of a Neopian month (i.e. Relaxing, Sleeping, Celebrating, etc.)

45. a Neopet species

46. name of a famous Neopian thief

47. a Neopet species

48. noun

49. adjective

50. noun

51. relative (i.e. mother, aunt, great-uncle, etc.)

52. name of a famous Neopian villain

53. Neopet species (plural)

54. noun

55. a Neopian land

56. noun (plural)

57. noun

58. number

59. noun

60. a Neopian land

61. a Neopian land

62. noun

63. noun (plural)

64. a famous Neopian

65. a species of Petpet

66. name of a famous Neopian

67. verb ending in -ing

68. a Neopian land or city

69. noun

70. a Neopian city

71. noun

72. noun (plural)

73. noun

74. verb

75. same Neopian city as blank #70

76. a Neopet species

77. name of a famous Neopian

78. noun

79. relative (i.e. mother, aunt, great-uncle, etc.)

80. same Neopian city as blanks 70 and 75

81. same Neopian city as blank #68

82. noun (plural)

83. verb

84. noun (plural)

85. noun (plural)

86. a section of the Neopian Times (i.e. comics, articles, etc.)

87. renowned Ixi thief

88. a Neopian land

89. noun

90. adjective

91. number

92. noun (plural)

93. adjective

94. adjective

95. a Neopian land or city

96. a Neopet species

97. adjective

98. name of one of the 12 founders of Altador (i.e. Altador, Siyana, Jerdana, etc.)

99. noun

100. a Neopian city

101. verb

102. noun

103. a Neopian paintbrush colour (i.e. striped, speckled, royal, etc.)

104. a Neopet species that can be painted the color from blank #103

105. a Petpet species

106. noun

107. adjective

108. a Neopian land

109. adjective

110. a Neopian land

111. verb

112. a plural length of time (i.e. days, weeks, hours, etc.)

113. noun

114. noun

115. noun

116. a Neopian land

117. name of a Neopian month

118. noun (plural)

119. adjective

120. a Neopet species

121. a Neopian city or land

122. a Neopet species

123. noun

124. verb

125. noun

126. noun

127. verb (past tense)

128. noun

129. noun

130. a Neopet species

131. same Neopian city or land as blank #121

132. adjective

133. noun

134. a Battledome weapon

135. adjective

136. a paint brush colour

137. A Neopet species that is available in the paint brush colour from blank #136

138. adjective

139. adjective

140. a Petpetpet species

141. verb

142. noun

143. adjective

144. noun

145. noun (plural)

146. a Neopian land

147. a Neopet species

148. a Neopian land

149. noun (singular or plural)

150. a character from the Faeries' Ruin plot

151. noun (plural)

152. a Neopian land

153. noun

154. a Neopian villain

155. verb ending in -ing

156. noun

157. noun

158. noun

159. a famous Neopian

160. verb (past tense)

161. a famous Neopian

162. a number expressed in Roman numerals (i.e. III, XII, IV, etc.)

163. noun (plural)

164. a Neopian land

165. adjective

166. noun

167. adjective

168. a Neopet species

169. a Petpet species

170. same Neopian land as blank #164

171. noun

172. noun (plural)

173. verb (past tense)

174. verb ending in -ing

175. same Neopian land as blanks 164 and 170

176. title of a ruler of a land (i.e. king, emperor, mayor, etc.)

177. noun

178. adjective

179. verb

180. noun (plural)

181. noun

182. same plural noun as blank #180

183. same noun as blank #181

184. adjective

185. noun (plural)

186. adjective

187. number


Part 2: The Story

Dr. Frank Sloth

According to the Neopedia, Sloth arrived on Neopia many years ago, and he witnessed the arrival of the first 1. __________________. He has made many attempts to 2. __________________ Neopia over the years, none of which have succeeded, mostly due to intervention from the 3. __________________ Faerie. Sloth is credited with the creation of the Transmogrification Potions, which turns Neopets into 4. __________________ 5. __________________; he hands out these potions in a random event much beloved by Neopians everywhere. He features in two other random events, one in which he turns one of the items in your inventory into a 6. __________________, and one in which he takes 7. __________________ percent of the neopoints you have on hand to fund his next invasion of 8. __________________. Recently, he has been auctioning off the occasional rare 9. __________________ to raise money for a Grundo Reeducation Center (and we all know 'reeducation center' is code for 'mind control lab').


Queen Fyora

No list of famous Neopians would be complete with a mention of the 10. __________________ Queen, the most 11. __________________ faerie in Neopia. She has been the subject of many stories, articles, and comics in the Neopian Times, and every year the Times celebrates 12. __________________ Day with a special issue devoted to her. Fyora is perhaps best known for running the 13. __________________ Tower, which sells expensive 14. __________________ for many millions of neopoints apiece, as well as being the one responsible for turning the Darkest Faerie into a 15. __________________ statue, which resided in 16. __________________ for 17. __________________ years. Apart from running the Hidden 18. __________________ and ruling 19. __________________, Queen Fyora is currently working diligently to 20. __________________ Faerieland after its destruction in Y12, and she has taken charge of Xandra, the speckled 21. __________________ sorceress responsible for destroying Faerieland, who is now a stone 22. __________________.


Sir Jeran Borodere

A hero of the 23.__________________/24.__________________ wars, Jeran is a knight serving under King 25. __________________ of Meridell. As a young boy, this blue 26. __________________ fell through a 27. __________________ into a land of legend, where he befriended Illusen the 28. __________________ faerie and trained as a knight. He was eventually reunited with his little sister, a/an 29. __________________ named Lisha, who, along with her friends, arrived in 30. __________________ shortly before the start of a war. To his profound dismay, Jeran is most remembered for falling off the Darigan Citadel during his fight with Lord 31. __________________; fortunately Jeran was saved by 32. __________________, a/an 33. __________________ faerie who just happened to be passing by. We have not heard much about Sir Jeran recently, so I can only presume that he and Lisha must still be living happily in 34. __________________.



I cannot talk about 35. __________________ without mentioning Illusen, the famous 36. __________________ faerie who makes her home there. Known the length and breadth of Neopia, Illusen is famous for giving out quests to all who visit her. These quests usually consist of Illusen asking for a/an 37. __________________ item, and giving as a reward a cheap 38. __________________ which she claims she made herself but which most likely bears a small sticker saying 'Made in 39. __________________.' According to both the Neopedia and the Gallery of Heroes, Illusen has an ongoing rivalry with 40. __________________ the 41. __________________ faerie, who runs a similar quest program in 42. __________________. Illusen is also one of the three faeries whom the Neopian Times honors annually with a special issue; the Illusen Day issue of the Neopian Times comes out around the 43. __________________ day of 44. __________________.



Hannah the 45. __________________ first became famous for her game 'Hannah and the Pirate Caves,' which has two whole Neopedia articles devoted to it. Some time latter, Hannah joined 46. __________________ the thief and Armin the 47. __________________ in a plot known as 'Hannah and the 48. __________________ Caves' (Hannah and Armin also feature in a game of the same name). This 49. __________________ Usul got more than she bargained for when she agreed to help Kanrik find a 50. __________________ for his mythical 51. __________________, as she ended up running afoul of an ancient curse, helped defeat 52. __________________, and saved the 53. __________________ and all of Neopia. Having recovered from the 54. __________________ of Ta-Kutep, Hannah was least seen on/in 55. __________________, where she is off hunting for 56. __________________ in the mines.


Captain Scarblade

Captain of the pirate ship 57. __________________, Scarblade is the most feared pirate to ever roam the 58. __________________ seas of Neopia. In the 59. __________________ of 60. __________________ plot, he tried to destroy the newly-rebuilt land of 61. __________________ by sailing his 62. __________________ underwater. Scarblade and his crew of 63. __________________ were defeated by the Maraquans, who were aided in battle by 64. __________________ and his/her crew, along with Isca, Caylis, and Isca's giant 65. __________________. Having managed to escape King/Queen 66. __________________ and his/her army, Scarblade returned to 67. __________________ the high seas, which he is presumably still doing to this day.



The current king of 68. __________________, Jazan is famous for laying a 69. __________________ on the city of 70. __________________, transporting it and its inhabitants to an alternate 71. __________________. He then released an army of 72. __________________ to terrorize the city, and later brought in a fire-breathing 73. __________________ to 74. __________________ the city. His reign of terror in 75. __________________ ended when plucky young 76. __________________ thief 77. __________________ broke the curse and restored Jazan to his normal self. Their troubles were far from over, however, as the breaking of the 78. __________________ unleashed the undead demon Razul, Jazan's 79. __________________, who proceeded to destroy 80. __________________. Jazan finally managed to stop Razul, and he and Nabile were free to return to 81. __________________.

More recently, Jazan was among the group of 82. __________________ who attempted to 83. __________________ the 84. __________________ during the plot known as The 85. __________________' Ruin. As for appearances in the Neopian Times, Jazan has appeared several times to end the 86. __________________ section of the Times, usually in conjunction with 87. __________________.


King Altador

Known in 88. __________________ as "The 89. __________________," Altador decided to build the city that bears his name after his failure to find a land not ruled by a 90. __________________ ruler. He journeyed far and wide, gathering together a group of 91. __________________ 92. __________________ who shared his dream of founding a 93. __________________ and 94. __________________ city. This city is the one we know today as 95. __________________, named after the brave 96. __________________ hunter who started it all. Altador and his council still rule their 97. __________________ city to this day, though one of their number, 98. __________________, was turned into a stone 99. __________________ on two separate occasions, when he/she tried to destroy the city of 100. __________________. King Altador was also the leader of the heroes who set out to 101. __________________ the faeries during the 102. __________________ known as The Faeries' Ruin.



Bonju the 103. __________________ 104. __________________ was the ship's cook on the famed Shenkuu ship the 105.__________________'s 106. __________________. During a 107. __________________ storm he pushed the ship's navigator overboard. This brought the ship's crew, and their homeland of 108. __________________, to the attention of Neopians everywhere, who joined the search for the lost crew member. Sometime after returning to Shenkuu, Bonju became known for his 109. __________________ cooking pot, which in theory is similar to the one on/in 110. __________________, though Bonju apparently doesn't know how to 111. __________________ anything. He also features in a rare avatar, the solution of which took many 112. __________________ to solve; to get said avatar you must mix a/an 113. __________________, a/an 114. __________________, and a/an 115. __________________ together in the cooking pot on/in 116. __________________ during the month of 117. __________________. Needless to say, the editorial section of the Neopian Times was flooded with 118. __________________ for hints about the solution for this avatar.



Older brother of Sophie the swamp witch, Bruno was once a 119. __________________ young 120. __________________ living with his parents and siblings in 121. __________________. One day, he met a 122. __________________ named Krawley who sold him a/an 123. __________________ which he promised would 124. __________________ all of Bruno's troubles. Bruno happily drank the 125. __________________, and encouraged everyone he knew to do the same. Too late, they realized the 126. __________________ was actually a curse, and the townsfolk turned against Bruno and his family. Bruno 127. __________________ the angry mob while his brother smuggled Sophie, the only one unaffected by the 128. __________________, into the woods. The villagers then chased Bruno into the woods, where he managed to lose them. He lived in a 129. __________________ in the woods until a chance encounter with a young 130. __________________ named Gilly, who enlisted his help, and that of Sophie, to release 131. __________________ from the curse. More recently, Bruno has appeared at the end of the editorial section of the Neopian Times several times; usually in these appearances he drinks a/an 132. __________________-looking 133. __________________, which makes him look like someone used a/an 134. __________________ on him.


Roxton A. Colchester III

This 135. __________________ 136. __________________ 137. __________________ first appeared in the Journey to the 138. __________________ Island plot, where he accompanied Professor Hugo Fairweather and explorer and botanist Lilian Fairweather to a/an 139. __________________ island. There they discovered giant Petpetpets, including a giant 140. __________________ that tried to 141. __________________ our intrepid heroes. They all made it safely back to the 142. __________________ thanks to Roxton's quick thinking. Though no one has ventured near this 143. __________________ island since then, Roxton himself reappeared during the 144. __________________ of the 145. __________________ plot, where he discovered and help save the land of 146. __________________, aided by sidekick Jordie and Clara the scholar.



Daring 147. __________________ thief Hanso likes to think of himself as the savior of 148. __________________. He certainly played a large part in saving the faeries after they were turned to 149. __________________ during the Faerie Festival in Y12. Hanso's quick thinking, and the skills he learned in the Thieves' Guild, saved 150. __________________ from the shadow 151. __________________ in 152. __________________ and helped locate the 153. __________________ in the old ruins, and it was Hanso who figured out how to defeat 154. __________________ by 155. __________________ the 156. __________________ and smashing it with his 157. __________________. Though the 158. __________________ turned both Hanso and Xandra to stone, Hanso was soon un-petrified by none other than 159. __________________, who was very grateful for Hanso's help in freeing the faeries. Since then, Hanso has 160. __________________ the Neopian Times editorial several times, often insulting 161. __________________ in the process.


Gavril McGill

Shortly after the conclusion of Altador Cup 162. __________________, astute Neopians observed giant 163. __________________ encircling 164. __________________. Soon the island disappeared, leaving only a/an 165. __________________ 166. __________________ inhabited by a/an 167. __________________ 168. __________________ named Gavril McGill and his 169. __________________. According to McGill, 170. __________________ was not actually one large 171. __________________, as everyone had assumed, but was made up of many small 172. __________________ tied to the ocean floor. McGill drafted everyone who 173. __________________ by his shanty into 174. __________________ find and retrieve the scattered island segments. After 175. __________________ was restored, Gavril McGill proclaimed himself 176. __________________, and built himself a grand 177. __________________ on the sight of his 178. __________________ shanty. Today, everyone who visits Gavril McGill is invited to 179. __________________ 180. __________________ at the 181. __________________ who still dwells beneath the island; no one knows how McGill ensures that the 182. __________________ hit the 183. __________________ and not the ropes securing the island.

This concludes my 184. __________________ look at some of the famous 185. __________________ whose names and faces have graced the pages of the Neopian Times over the years. I, and the rest of Neopia as well, congratulate the Neopian Times on 550 186. __________________ issues, and let us hope to see at least another 187. __________________ issues of our beloved newspaper.

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