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Ten Tips to Feed Florg

by qelato


He's nasty, he's vile... and just plain creepy... but most of all he's hungry! That's right, it's feeding time again, and Florg the Mutant Chia's palate is calling for one of the most disturbing things imaginable – live petpets. His favorite food, these cute, innocent petpets arrive via spherical crate right onto the center of Florg's dining table. With a stomach that is said to be a bottomless pit, the ravenous Florg needs help keeping his dinner from escaping.

Your job is to control the claw that circles the table to stop the petpets from getting away (don't tell the PPL!). This guide consists of ten tips that may, with a little luck and practice, help you achieve a high score, avatar, and trophy.


There are two options for controlling the claw in Feed Florg: keyboard or mouse. If you opt to use your keyboard, press the right arrow key to move the claw clockwise and left to move it counterclockwise. The same rules apply if you're using a mouse: move the mouse to the right for clockwise and to the left for counterclockwise. I would suggest using your keyboard since it seems to be faster, more efficient and accurate. However, try out both types of controls and use whichever you feel most comfortable with.

The Petpets

There are six species of petpets on the menu:

  • Kookith: Rectangular in shape, the Kookith makes for a hardy meal. These charming little petpets are from right here in Neopia Central.
  • Pink Warf: The Warf is a friendly dog-like petpet, and Florg's idea of a tasty supper.
  • Purple Slorg: Florg's least favorite petpet, Slorgs originated in the Haunted Woods and leave slime trails wherever they go.
  • Red Tenna: These alien-like critters may not look very appetizing, but they are a succulent morsel in Florg's opinion.
  • Yellow Hasee: Native to Mystery Island, these are Florg's favorite treats. Perhaps it is because the Hasee's diet consists of rich tropical foods, so they may take on the natural flavors of the island.
  • Yellow Spyder: A creepy crawly with six legs that I imagine would not feel good wiggling down one's throat.

All species of petpets are worth ten points.

Point System

The point system in Feed Florg is fairly simple. You earn ten points for every petpet Florg eats. As previously mentioned, the species of the petpet does not make a difference in point value. An additional one point is awarded every time you stop a petpet from falling off the table. For example, if you save a petpet twice and then Florg eats it, you would have 12 points total.


1. Adjust game settings. Experiment with screen size, quality (if the game lags), and having the sound on or off. I prefer to use the largest screen size available, since it makes it easier to focus and see everything more clearly.

2. Spread out your lives. One of the most important guidelines to remember is to try to spread out your lives throughout the game. You start with 5 lives and the game ends when they run out. As a general rule of thumb, I recommend only losing one life per 50 points scored. For example, you can lose your first life after 50 points, another after 100, the third after 150 points, etc. This way, you are much more likely to get a trophy score. Of course, if this does not mean that you should purposely lose a life after each 50 point increment; the longer you hang onto your lives, the better!

3. When in doubt, fast petpets first. Always go for the petpet(s) that are moving the fastest if you are not sure which one will reach the edge first. Even if the faster petpet appears farther away from the edge than the slower petpet, it will most likely fall off the table first. The petpets start out slow when they're first deposited onto the plate, and will speed up once they start hitting the claw.

4. Hit two at a time. The easiest way to get a high score is when two or more petpets are moving at the same angle, so they hit the claw together. Often times this happens by sheer luck, but sometimes you can try to synchronize the petpets by hitting them at specific angles. This will help save a lot of time, even if you don't get the petpets exactly lined up.

5. Choose shortest route. Possibly the most important tip to remember is to always choose the route around the table that is less than 180 degrees! The shorter the distance the claw has to move to the petpet, the less time it takes to get there, so the higher the chance is that you will make it on time.

6. One petpet at a time. After you start going for a specific petpet, do not change your mind mid-way through and go for a different one! Even if you accidentally choose the less ideal petpet to go for, you will most likely not have enough time to switch and save a different one. This often results in letting both petpets escape and losing two lives where only one (or none) was necessary.

7. Order of petpets does not matter. Florg does not eat the petpets in chronological order – that is, he does not necessarily eat the older petpets before the newer ones. Because he eats the petpets at random, I would not advise going for a particular petpet first just because it has been on the plate longer. As I said in tip #3, try to stop the petpet that is moving fastest if you're not sure which one to go for.

8. Avoid distractions. Avoiding distractions is essential when playing Feed Florg for a high score. Whenever possible, play in a quiet room that is safe from barking dogs, ringing phones, and blaring televisions. This way, you can focus your full attention on the game.

9. Take breaks. Every few games you should pause and do something else for a little while to avoid becoming frustrated. You will probably find that you get higher scores in Feed Florg when you are patient and calm. Playing for several short periods of time is better than playing nonstop for hours on end trying to get the trophy score.

10. Practice. Last but not least: play often! Feed Florg takes practice, and, if you want a high score, a good deal of luck. Even skilled players don't get high scores every time. Try playing Feed Florg a few times a day as part of your dailies, or whenever you have time.

After you finish reading these Feed Florg tips, you're ready to put them to good use! I hope my guide was helpful to you in your malicious mission to murder innocent – I mean, save sweet little petpets from falling off the table. With regular practice, you may get lucky enough to earn an avatar or trophy. Thanks for reading and have fun playing Feed Florg!

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