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Tour Through Neopia's Secrets

by bwgreen13


Neopia isn't your average world, but instead, its a large complex place with many secrets and places to discover. They can be a bit of a pain to track down and remember so I have decided to find 10 of these bits and bobs of Neopia and write about them, learn about them and piece them together into a tour (that you WILL take whether you like it or not) so that Neopians like you can be let in on the "secrets" they hold, and find these places for yourselves! If you already know about them, well then... Isn't there something you should be doing right now, like paying the Tax Beast?

1.) Games Graveyard: This is where the very old games go once they "die" of age. These game are utterly scary, with its terrible graphics, or game plots and... Well, perhaps I am going overboard, but this is where certain games go when a newer version comes along and replaces or if it isn't too popular, here you can play them to see how bad they are; however, there is a catch: You cannot send your score. It's terrible! You go through all this pain and suffering for nothing in return!? "Oh, it's not whether you win or lose, it's whether you have fun of not!" is what everybody says! Honestly, if you dig up a game and play it, you might as well just get buried back along with it! If you insist on visiting, just try to avoid the game: Kau Korral!!

2.) Maraquan Statue: Strange... What is that at the bottom of that Maraquan Abyss? Oh, wait, THAT is the Darkest Faerie. 1007 years ago Queen Fyora turned her into stone when that dastardly menace was just about to carry out an evil plan, which was overly complicated and was obviously stopped. This plot was known as, well, The Darkest Faerie Plot. Basically a land named after its humble king Altador was under a threat in the form of the Darkest Faerie who planed to destroy Altador! Of course she was stopped and was turned into stone, was placed at the bottom of Maraqua, and faded from memory of most Neopians. So, with that being said, nothing out of the ordinary here... Let's keep moving!

3.) Virtuvend 2000 MAX: Thirsty? Well, don't expect to get a drink here! *pssh* You have a better chance with the Neocola machine! This old machine in the depths of a disused section of the Virtupets Space Station is a true mystery, and doesn't dispense anything at all! Just great, I was in the mood for Dr. Slother too!

4.) Trap Door: Hmm... Look, it's a trap door beneath Peopatra's Petpet Stall! I wonder what it's for, perhaps a secret passage to a place where meetings are held and such! Rumor has it that this was the secret lair of the thieves who stole poor old King Coltzan's crown. Why don't you check back here often, I heard something will happen eventually if you continuously pop in...

5.) Space Market: Welcome to the Virtupets Space Station branch of the Neopian Marketplace chain, though, there are no shops here... Creepy... It was probably formed to create revenue to pay off all of Dr. Sloth's evil plans, but who'd want their shop where Dr. Sloth could get to them!? *shudders*

6.) Mystery Island Parrot: Above the dense overgrowth of Mystery Island is a parrot perched on a wooden post. This isn't any ordinary parrot, however; he was essential in two Neopian plots in the past (and could be useful in the future!). For the time being, he won't be doing anything of importance... Go on, try talking to him!

7.) Hidden Tower: Amongst the clouds of Faerieland is, well, a Hidden Tower! Here, Queen Fyora sells her wares to help make money to restore Faerieland to its previous beauty since the well known plot: The Faeries Ruin. Of course, her products come at a price, and are pretty costly; however, if you can afford it, spending here can be worth the cost since some items can grant you an avatar when used! (hint, hint)

8.) Shop of Offers: Neopets sponsor page is a vintage "shop" infested with unwanted slorgs. This place used to be quite popular in the olden days of Neopia, but decreasing popularity over the years caused this shop to eventually become an unlisted location, which not a lot of people know of. Which is sad, since the place can quite "rewarding" if you can help with its Slorg problem. I bet TNT would like it if you helped daily!

9.) Neopets Jr.: While not really a "secret" place in Neopia, Neopets Jr. is quite interesting version of Neopets to know about none the less. Neopets Jr. is actually a more simplified version of Neopets for children 8 years or younger. Older accounts can use it too; however, this feature is steered towards younger accounts. This site feature includes the basics: Quick Ref, feeding your pet, playing with them, the Games Room, and drawing and such. In the past, the links to the Games was actually a link leading up to a series of easy games, that would prove to be fun to TNT's younger targets, making the children who used Neo. Jr. have to find a different way to what was the Games Machine at the time. Hmmm... Why don't you give it a spin?

10 Jelly W- *Gack* *Cough* *Sputter* Somebody help m- *faints on floor*

*Dr. Sloth appears from the shadows*

Dr. Sloth: Well, THAT'S taken care of.

Wait, what happened? One minute I was talking and the next minute I am on the floor! Well then... I hope you enjoyed the tour, I hope you learned a lot about Neopia and the secrets it holds! Don't forget to recommend this tour to your friends!!!... Wait, I remember what I was talking about!! Jelly W- *ZAP*

*Dr. Sloth puts away an Evil Fuzzle Blaster*

Dr. Sloth: Enough out of him, nobody shall know about those cursed Jelly Waffles!! BUAHAHAHAHA!!!!

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