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Top 25 Most Beautiful Avatars

by mercy_angel


Also by blue_eyed_tiger_j

There are so many different avatars on Neopets, but not all of them are created equally. Some are more beautiful than others. We're going to tell you what we think are the 25 most beautiful avatars in Neopia so far and what makes them so beautiful compared to others.

25. Cybunny

This default avatar is a great choice for around Easter. Its soft purple shades make it a striking choice for that holiday and nothing says Easter like a Cybunny.

24. Dark Nova

Who doesn't like Novas? The red and black look so perfect together and the swirling fog around the Nova gives it an air of mystery.

23. Aisha Scalawag

This avatar looks simplistic, but don't be fooled. Unlike most avatars that are symmetrical in shape (eg. rounded, squared, etc), this avatar has a unique shape to it thanks to the pirate bandana the skeletal Aisha is wearing.

22. Gruslen

This avatar has a calming feel to it due to the light hues of blue in it. Even with those sharp tusks, there's nothing intimidating about the Gruslen here. There's also a wintery feel to the avatar which makes me think of snow and nothing is more beautiful than seeing a fresh blanket of snow on the ground.

21. Cybunny – Plush

This delightful avatar is very similar to the default Cybunny avatar. It's got all the same colors but the Cybunny is in a different pose. It's a great choice for those who love the default avatar but want a bit of a change.

20. The Darkest Faerie

The Darkest Faerie emits an illusion of mystery about her. Her black and dark blue hair contrasts with her pale skin whereas the red lips and eyes give the avatar a hint of colour.

19. Grundo – Discarded Plushie

This is probably my favourite random avatar. The sad little blue plushie is just so cute you'll want to hug him and make him feel better. Can you say, "Aww!"?

18. Grundo – Faerie

Although this avatar is very easy to get, it's one of my favourites. The beautiful shades of blue and the right amount of sparkles are what make this a top choice for me.

17. Mootix

The adorable expression on the Mootix's face is undeniable. The look of awe on its face makes us wonder what has caused the Mootix to react this way, but it also reminds us that Neopia is full of wonderful surprises.

16. Faerie Pteri

Another easy clickable avatar that's also beautiful. This one has warm shades of yellow, orange and red that makes me think of summer and spectacular sandy beaches. It also helps that it lives up to the reputation for the beauty that every Faerie has.

15. Kadoatery – Mew!

With a face like that who could not love this avatar? It's so cute and pink!!! The avatar isn't too flashy, but it does twinkle if you look closely.

14. Edna – Cackle!

This is the perfect avatar to use for Halloween. The green is very bright, but the darker colours help make it easier on the eyes and the colours do go well together.

13. Dark Faerie

Who said that default avatars can't be beautiful? The colours are just so eye-catching. Some people might find the avatar a bit plain because it's mostly shades of purple, but the hint of hot pink is enough to give the avatar an edge without being over the top.

12. Avatar Collector

This avatar seems to get harder to achieve every year. Its lovely blue and bright yellow star makes it a favourite avatar for many. Despite the big yellow star, the avatar isn't considered flashy at all, but rather very tasteful and beautiful.

11. Neopian Times Writer

This avatar might look cluttered to some because there's so much going on in the background, but you can't deny its beauty. The White Weewoo looks so comfortable sitting there writing like any other Neopian Times writer.

10. Babaa – Maths Nightmare

With a very competitive high score list the best time to get this avatar is the beginning of the month. This lovely avatar has a fluffy Babaa hopping over a pretty pink cloud in the starry sky. Just looking at it makes me want to wander off into Dreamland.

9. Darigan Darkling

Another beautiful avatar that is no longer available. What makes this avatar beautiful is not only its distinctive shape, but how well the colours work together.

8. Brightvale

Brightvale is a rare and highly sought after random avatar. The green and white flag with its yellow star over a clouded sky are what make this a beautiful avatar. *Hand salutes*

7. Faerie Bubbles

The Faerie Bubbles avatar can only be described as stunning. There's just something very hypnotic about the way the avatar changes colours over and over again. Also, those who enjoy making fonts that match the colours in an avatar will have a lot of choices when they use this avatar.

6. Stamp Collector – Snowy Valley

The Candychan is one of my favourite petpets, which makes this stamp avatar irresistible. There's just something so innocent looking about the Candychan here that it makes it hard to say anything negative about the avatar.

5. Bon Appétit

Bon Appétit! Most Neopians are relieved when they get this avatar as it can be rather expensive. The elegant Maraquan Uni on a bubbly background is what makes this avatar beautiful. This is a great choice for those who have a love for the colour blue or for water.

4. TCG Wizard

This avatar is one of my absolute favourites even though I missed out on it. The twinkling stars give it a celestial feeling while at the same time the elderly Gelert gives off a sense of wisdom. Nothing beats staring out at the stars on a clear night and pondering life's mysteries.

3. Premium Space Faerie

The lovely shades of purple and sparkles are what make this a beautiful avatar. The Space Faerie also looks larger than life here which gives the avatar a sense of otherworldliness.

2. Neopian Times Star

Who wouldn't like a fluffy white quill? On top of being a beautiful avatar this one takes a fair amount of effort to achieve so you can surely be proud when you get it. There's also a very sophisticated feel to it.

1. Free Jhuidah

Jhuidah doesn't look too happy here, but that's a part of the beauty of this avatar. Despite the miserable look on Jhuidah's face, the colours are very cheerful and vibrant. It's difficult not to fall in love with this avatar when you see it.

As you can see, all these beautiful avatars are unique in their own ways. Some of the avatars listed might not be considered rare or expensive, but they are visually pleasing to the eyes and that's the most important thing. These avatars have set the bar high for future avatars, so we can probably expect TNT's art department to be busy at work trying to outdo themselves. :)

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