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Neopian Anagrams

by daughters_ofthe_moon


It's been a while since I wrote my last article on quizzing and gave you a challenge. It's holiday time for me now and I'm sitting here feeling diabolical and with an evil glint shining in my eyes, mwahhh. This time the challenge is anagrams!! Each section will have a heading that will give you a clue and a place to go search if you get stuck. Of course as always the answers will be at the bottom if you just can't help yourself and have to peek (a polite word for CHEAT!!) You can do it so here they come and get solving!!


You would think this would be easy. We all know the different neopets by now, right? Despite the spaces in the anagrams each of these neopets has a one word name.

Which neopet am I? I hors co

Which neopet am I? My boch

Which neopet am I? Nug rob

Which neopet am I? war kk

Which neopet am I? pine hop


There are way more petpets than I realised and some I'm not sure I've ever noticed. I think I need to pay more attention to the News page. Hopefully you've been keeping up to date or this could be a mammoth task. Again each of these petpets has a one word name, the names are longer and a little harder than the neopets now.

Which petpet am I? No real ke

Which petpet am I? His belt ons

Which petpet am I? yes vpn

Which petpet am I? why a pool pit

Which petpet am I? dump a tron


This time we're going to be doing Neopian worlds, if you've been on neo for any length of time there is no excuse for getting any of these wrong! Some of these are one word, some two and some three. I was going to tell you which but on second thoughts that would make it just too easy. Work it out!

Which world am I? ps notice private status

Which world am I? urk roled

Which world am I? not us we had do

Which world am I? I dare eflan

Which world am I? us hunke


This section might be a bit trickier. Do you remember your plots and neopedia articles? Who was it who repeatedly halted attempts to overthrow Neopia? Who proved themselves to be honourable in their battle against the dreaded crew of the Revenge? Who gave out a reassuring kiss on the forehead to visitors? And in fact are any of them in these anagrams or is it another trick to get you in a mujble?

Which hero am I? two mates drreks

Which hero am I? sell a pi

Which hero am I? come and groom mrs

Which hero am I? a shon

Which hero am I? near a cloned g


From the good to the bad and the downright evil. Maybe these are more memorable than the heroes for who can ever forget the evil they rained down on Neopia and the tricks and traps they have set for us along the way. Can any of us who were there ever forget the Temple of 1,000 Tombs and the frustration that almost killed us? These anagrams could be just as frustrating -

Which villain am I? for lands thrk.

Which villain am I? yell jachi

Which villain am I? run the race to dc

Which villain am I? evil death

Which villain am I? a lam is


Now for our final section – the games. Are you smirking and thinking, I play games, this will be easy! Haha, of course it won't. These aren't the games which show up in the most popular section and which you play daily. I'm sure some of you love these games and will have no problem working them out, but most of you will need to put alittle effort into solving these.

Which game am I? et plants rots

Which game am I? my face had ce

Which game am I? tis yet ol clans

Which game am I? vile graced

Which game am I? dread our slic


Okay, ready to see how you did? The answers are in the same order as the sections above. Are you going to be a zero or a hero?

Which neopet am I?

I hors co (Scorchio)

My boch (Chomby)

Nug rob (Gnorbu)

war kk (Krawk)

pine hop (Peophin)

Which petpet am I?

No real ke (Alkenore)

His belt ons (Belonthiss)

yes vpn (Spyven)

why a pool pit (Woolypapith)

dump a tron (Trumpadon)

Which world am I?

ps notice private status (Virtupets Space Station)

urk roled (Kreludor)

not us we had do (Haunted Woods)

I dare eflan (Faerieland)

us hunke (Shenkuu)

Which hero am I?

two mates drreks (Swordmaster Talek)

sell a pi (Psellia)

come and groom mrs (Commander Gormos)

a shon (Hanso)

near a cloned g (General Dacon)

Which villain am I?

for lands thrk. (Dr. Frank Sloth)

yell jachi (Jelly Chia)

run the race to dc (The Court Dancer)

evil death (Eliv Thade)

a lam is (Masila)

Which game am I?

et plants rots (Snot splatter)

my face had ce (Chef academy)

tis yet ol clans (Lost city lanes)

vile graced (Cave glider)

dread our slic (Cloud raiders)

So how did you do? There were 30 anagrams to solve. How many did you get without having to creep around Neopia for clues or peek at the answers for inspiration? Be truthful now -

0 = Have you ever been to Neopia?

1 - 5 = Anagram magrana; it might as well be a foreign language to you.

6 – 10 = You've been around a while and know a bit but you're just skimming the surface, better dive to the depths of Maraqua.

11 – 15 = You know a fair bit but there is still more for you to learn, still just a participant.

16 – 20 = You are a Neopian Citizen – Bronze for you. You know you can do better, keep your eyes open!

21 – 25 = You are a Neopian Challenger – Silver for you. You're almost at the top, never stop persevering!

26 – 30 = You are a Neopian Champ – Gold for you. You must have been studying under Finneus at the archives because you sure know it all!

Thanks for taking the time to solve these anagrams. I hope you've had as much fun solving them as I had making them. Keep smiling!

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