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5 Ways to Celebrate Cybunny Carnival

by greenglitter


It's getting to be around that time again! Cybunnies everywhere, from Neopia to Tyrannia, will be miraculously preparing for the Cybunny Festival. Will it bring games, jokes, fairs, or scares? Nobody really knows exactly what those little creatures have planned. To help you prepare for the 27th, here are "5 Ways to Celebrate Cybunny Festival", written by yours truly (along with the help of my own Cybunny!).

1. Buy random Cybunny-themed things that you obviously won't need and will regret buying later

What better way to show your appreciation than to buy some Cybunny stuff? Heck, just leave it lying around your house! That way when people come to visit, they'll see Cybunnies EVERYWHERE! It's a win-win situation! Plus, the Cybunnies will be happy.

Some items include:

Fluffy Cybunny Slippers

Who wouldn't want these bunnies? Adorable and warm! Perfect for those cold nights. Starting at 10,000 NP.

Strawberry Cybunny Cake

The succulent taste of the strawberry blends perfect intricate design of the Cybunny (if there really is one). Plus, it's already half melted for you Neopets and owners out there with sensitive teeth. How considerate is this cake?! Starting at 1,400 NP.

Cybunny X Ray Glasses

When I first saw these glasses, let's just say my wallet flew open. I mean, HOW COOL ARE THESE? You get to wear these hot rims and celebrate Cybunny Festival?! LUCKY! With X Ray glasses, you could see through anything! Starting at 1,000 NP.

2. Collect Cybunny TCG cards and play Cybunny Card Pick Up

There are so many collectible TCG cards that you can buy! These include Red Cybunny, Blue Cybunny, Starry Cybunny, and Cybunny Collector. A fun game to play with your neopet is 'Cybunny Card Pick Up'. Here are the directions:

1. Arrange your cards nicely.

2. Throw them all over the place!

3. Pick up.

4. Repeat if not annoyed by silly game.

There are many other games as well with your cards. The possibilities are endless! Go crazy. But not too crazy.

3. Adopt a Cybunny all on your own

What better day to adopt a Cybunny than on Cybunny Day? (Well, considering it is a special edition Neopet and you can only get one on Cybunny Day) It'll be perfect! That awkward moment sitting in the Neohome together for the first time will be filled with chatter of how great Cybunny Day is. Here are a few sentence starters:

  • So, do you like celebrating Cybunny Day?
  • What do you want to do for Cybunny Day?
  • I bought some things for you... for Cybunny Day!

I hope they will bring you and your Neopet happiness for eternity! Or at least five minutes, I guess.

4. Have a Cybunny feast

There are many different foods you can eat. So put on your Cybunny Utility Belt, and try these stress-free recipes! Make sure you monitor the meal to assure no Neopets were harmed.

Chocolate Strawberry Cybunny Paw Supreme

1 Chocolate Cybunny Paw

2 Strawberry Cream Cybunny Paws

1 tsp. sugar

1. Gather ingredients.

2. Throw sugar into a microwavable bowl.

3. Mix in Chocolate Cybunny Paw.

4. Stir in Strawberry Cream Cybunny Paws.

5. Realize you've wasted a microwavable bowl, as we are not microwaving at all in this recipe.

6. Mix until smooth.

7. Serve and enjoy in Cybunny-shaped sundae cups.

Cybunny Carrot and Chocolate Cookie

24 pc. Dark Chocolate Cybunny Cookie

24 pc. Cybunny Carrot Cookie

100g Semi-sweet Cybunny chocolate chips

1. Toss 100g of semi-sweet chocolate chips in a microwavable bowl. Don't worry, we will be using it this time.

2. Microwave or cook over fire for 3-4 minutes depending on microwave power/fire flame.

3. Lay Dark Chocolate Cybunnies (face down) on a baking sheet.

4. Take a spoon and spread the melted chocolate chips onto the Chocolate Cybunnies.

5. Take the carrot cookies and put them on top, making a sandwich like cookie.

6. Bake at 250 degrees Cybunny for 10-15 minutes.

7. Cool for 2-3 minutes.

8. Serve with Cybunny Lemon Tea.

9. Enjoy!

5. Go to the Cybunny Festival and eat lots of food

I do not recommend this if you are highly allergic to carrots. Make sure to bring your "I LOVE CARROT" T-shirt if you don't want to be an outsider. There are many games such as Hop Till You Drop Hop-A-Thon and the Cybunny Smiley Parade. (Thanks to Neopedia for providing these names) There are many foods you can buy at the restaurants and kiosk. Here are my thoughts on the restaurant, 'The Golden Carrot'.

Rating: 4 carrots out of 5 carrots

There were many different foods on the menu. Carrot Hot Dog, Carrot Cone, Triple Carrot Sandwich, Mega Carrot Muffin, Extra Carroty Cake, and Carrot Stuffed Pepper are among the 228 carrot dishes that are on the very, very, long menu.

My first choice was the Crunchy Carrot Burger. One pound of carrot, bread, and cheese has never tasted so good! Also, it is an alternative to the other burgers you find today. The bread was very moist and carroty. A slight hint of carrot extract must have been added to the batter. I found the carrots below were quite sweet! They tasted very fresh and authentic. The cheese, however, I found to be mucky. It was very thick and orange-colored. I did not enjoy it very much...

I decided to finish off with the Chocolate Carrot Sundae. Was it love at first bite? You could say so. At first, I was presented with what I thought was going to be a bland and disgusting dish. But I was certainly wrong. When I took a bite of the sundae, I was greeted with a succulent and thick carrot. Inside, a chocolate ├ęclair came pouring out. Lastly, carrot flavoured cream exploded with great fury.

I will definitely be coming back to this restaurant next year! The best part of my meal was the bill- GRAND TOTAL: 0 NP. Where can you find a deal like that? The Cybunny Carnival of course.

I hope you enjoyed "5 Ways to Celebrate Cybunny Day". Stick around and maybe you will see one about Tyrannian Victory Day, or Fyora Day. Remember to have fun and let loose! Well, if you're hanging off a clip then you shouldn't-nevermind.

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