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Important Newbie Tips

by jasper_111


I have been playing almost four years on Neopets and consider myself very knowledgable about the site. Note that I did not say expert and don't believe anyone who says they are (unless they're the Neopets team of course). Neopets is a constantly evolving site, which makes it exciting and challenging even to seasoned players. The best way to learn about Neopets is to try the site out for yourself; make mistakes and celebrate your successes. This guide is simply to help you start that process and help newbies make the most of their Neopets experience.

While this is a super quick list of tips for beginners, it never hurts to find out about Neopets directly from the source, so read the FAQs and Beginner guide. It may seem simple, but you may learn something you weren't aware of.

Make sure you have entered the activation code or else you can only get 1000 Neopoints! Neopoints are the currency of Neopets. If you want to buy something, you need Neopoints.

Neomail is similar to e-mail. You use it to send messages from one user to another. Check your Neomail by looking in the left corner of any page there will be an envelope that says "Neomail from (insert username)!" Or go under account and then Neomail.

Stay with one pet for at least a month. It's tempting to create all four pets your first day. However, once a pet is created it needs to be cared for and fed. With more pets, the Neopoints cost gets higher. I recommend getting used to the site and making sure you can handle another pet better getting another.

Every Newbie gets a starter pack, including two paintbrushes. This gives the new Neopet player a chance to change his/her pet without having to buy one. Utilize this pack to your benefit.

Set goals. There are many areas of the site to choose from. Decide on what you want to spend your time on and dedicate your Neopoints to that goal. Try segmenting your goals into smaller goals to make them manageable.

Check the news feature page section daily for new updates on happenings around Neopia.

Start your shop. You will find free items on the site that you do not need, as well as end up with items you already have. When this happens it is best to try and sell them. When you put an item in your shop, check the price with the shop wizard. The shop wizard will show you about what the item is selling for. Price your items at or below the lowest price so that your shop stock will sell fast.

One of the things that are severely overlooked is the games. There is no reason not to. There are all types of games on the site to fit all interests. The games also are available in different difficulties, so if one is too hard or easy go to the next one. It is also a very fun way to earn Neopoints.

Put your hard earned Neopoints in the bank to keep them safe and to collect daily interest (you must collect yourself daily). Remember to collect interest before depositing/withdrawing neopoints or you won't be able to do so.

Items in your inventory are always at risk of being stolen or zapped by random events, so put them in your safety deposit box. You can also try Pant Devil Attractors which are items he prefers over others. Having several in your inventory gives you a very good chance not to get another item stolen by him. However, there are other random events that do the same thing and are unaffected by the attractors.

Do dailies. These are things you can do every day. Remember that the Neopets site runs on NST (Neopets Standard Time) so anything on a clock goes by their time. There is a soup kitchen for poor Neopians in the marketplace. Also try the Tombola, the Shrine, the Healing Springs, and the Omelet. There are many others but I recommend finding them for yourself.

Want to battle your pet? Pets cannot battle if sick, so make sure they are healthy. Train your pet at The Mystery Island Training School on Mystery Island or Cap'n Threelegs's Swashbuckling Academy on Krawk Island to improve their stats.

If your pet gets sick and you are low on Neopoints, take a trip to the Faerie Healing Springs and your pet may be cured. You can only do this so often though so be patient if your pet is not healed the first time.

It is important to have a happy pet. You can check the mood of your pet by looking under their picture at the stats. Mood is ranked, in order, angry, miserable, depressed, unhappy, content, happy, cheerful, extremely happy, joyful and delighted. Anything above content is alright. Also, if the mood of your pet is low, your pet may turn blue or red, negating any paintbrushes you may have used on them. Improve mood by grooming or playing with your pet.

If you are not going to be on Neopets for a few days, take your pet to the Neolodge in Pet Central. Your pets can be fed up to four weeks straight. You can choose the type of hotel you want your pet to stay in, but the fancier it is the more it costs. Nevertheless, it is cheap overall and a must if you won't be able to feed your pet.

Have a question that you can't find the answer to? Go to the Neoboards and go to the topic that fits your question or go to the help topic. Later on you can join a guild to meet other people with similar interests.

The most important thing to remember is to have fun! Remember this is only a game, and you should not become overly stressed with it.

Thanks for reading and I hope I helped you out even if just a little bit. Good luck on your adventures through Neopia! :)

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