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Mop 'n' Bop – Mop ‘till you drop!

by dawwetje


Also written by lute248

Place of the riot: a very dirty Hall of Heroes; the offenders: a group of Altadorian petpets; the victim: one VERY angry janitor! The key aspects of Mop 'n' Bop the game. You play the enraged Yurble janitor, best known from the Altador plot. His job: to make sure the Hall of Heroes is spotlessly clean and remains so. Too bad he made some enemies in the form of a group of Altadorian petpets and they are now taking revenge for the janitor's foul mood. You play the grouchy janitor and it is your task to clean the Hall of Heroes and chase those petpets away using your mop.

Let's meet our enemies:

In lap 1 you will only encounter a Minitheus. Every lap after that you will be introduced to a new enemy. In order of appearance, a Minitheus, an Altachuck, an Alabriss, a Vaeolus and an Altalaphus. The Minitheus is your easiest opponent and therefore easiest to clean. The Altalaphus is your toughest opponent and most difficult to clean.

How to clean the Hall of Heroes and chase those petpets away?

You will use your mop to clean the floor. You really don't have to do anything for that. Just let the janitor take a tour down the Hall of Heroes and the floor will get clean. However, along the way you will encounter the petpets making the floor dirtier and dirtier. To whack the petpets you need to press press the mouse button and release it again. However, the more powerful your hit, the cleaner the petpet becomes. So to gain more power for your hits you need to hold down the mouse button. Your power meter fills up and when you release it and hit a petpet, he gets much cleaner. If you miss a petpet, then he will leave muddy trails behind him and your dirt meter will fill up. Once your dirt meter is full, it's game over. You can lower the dirt meter again by cleaning the dirty spots on the floor and cleaning all the petpets as they pass by during the janitor's circuit around the Hall of Heroes. After every lap you will be able to upgrade your mop to a better alternative. If you are eligible for an upgrade, the circle next to the water bucket will start to glow. In order to access the upgrade menu, hit the shift key during game play or click the that specific button with your mouse. There are four upgrades available and you will be eligible after each round when you get to the dancer statue again.

The power-ups

There are also special power-ups or extras you can pick up during your tour around the Hall of Heroes. There are water droplets on the floor which will fill the water bucket at the top of your screen. Press the space bar to use the accumulated water in your bucket. The more water is in the bucket the stronger its cleaning power is. This can be useful if a group of petpets is coming toward you and you don't have your power meter filled. In order to avoid overloading your dirt meter, using your water bucket at a moment like this would be a wise move.

Another power-up is the coin. Its usefulness is pretty straightforward. Picking this coin up will automatically add 50 points to your total.

The third power-up is the explosion type of power-up. What it does is make your mop strong in cleaning, depending on your power of course. For example, if you use the fastest and smallest mop, then you won't entirely clean the Altachuck in lap 2, even with a full power meter. With this power-up, you will fully clean the petpet.

The fourth power-up is the yellow button power-up. If you miss a petpet with your swing, the janitor gets angry and stops for a second. This power-up controls the anger a bit.

However, the best power-up in this game by far is the feather. This makes your mop clean better and replenishes your power meter in a second. It also makes you move much faster in the game. This power-up is the best there is and needed if you have a group of 4 Altalaphuses coming your way.

Advanced tips

For the first two laps, ensure your janitor is angry by deliberately sweeping and missing (as he will remain in the same position) until more dirty petpets comes his way. This would allow you to rake in more points for the first two laps (300+ by the end of lap 1 and 800+ by the end lap 2).

Even when there are no petpets ahead, it is essential to keep pressing down so the janitor can sweep off any dirt that might have bypassed you earlier on (lowering your dirt meter).

By the end of lap 5, you must have the lightest handle, smallest mop head upgrades. Don't bother with the heavy and large mops (despite yielding more points) as they will be very tough to keep up, especially for later levels when the petpets come in much faster, especially the Altalaphuses.

You can rebuild your mop power while your mop is still swinging in mid-air, meaning you do not have to wait until you finish cleaning the pet to rebuild your mop. This will be crucial especially when more petpets come charging your way.

It is essential you practice building up your mop power and learning how to release at the correct time.

The feathered token power up would speed up the rate in which you build up your mop power allowing fully-powered mop swings in roughly a second.

You can rake in more points if you continuously sweep pets that are already clean (usually around 2-3 more times with the already fully upgraded mop). Obtaining the speed power up (the feather token) would amplify this skill and is very handy if you have an entire horde of dirty petpets coming your way.

Save your bucket of water splash (spacebar) for dire emergency if (A) you have not gotten any speed power ups and (B) your mop sweeping cannot keep up with the speed of the dirty petpets that are approaching.

Grouping technique. This technique involves waiting for the petpets to group as one and release your fully powered mop to clean the entire mop in one sweep. Applying the clean pets tip and the grouping technique you can rake in more points as well as clean off any more approaching petpets that are charging towards you. For this technique to work you need to have perfect timing and loads of practice otherwise if your janitor misses and gets angry it would cost valuable time and your dirt meter becomes more vulnerable.

Hopefully with these tips you will become a mopping expert in no time. As with all games, practice makes perfect. So you better start mopping as soon as possible. And who knows, you might win that mopping trophy for your very clean trophy cabinet. Good luck mopping!

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