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Letters to Eliana

by spirit_wolf589


These letters were found in a safe inside an abandoned, broken down house in Faerieland after The Faerie's Ruin. The owner of the house has disappeared, leaving behind only these parchments of paper and a few spare Neopoints.

     Dear Rhyda,

     You have heard, haven't you? Oh, it's just so horrible. Those faeries, turned to stone! What happened? Did some spell of theirs go awry? Or was it some dark magic done by some evil-doer? I'm so scared, Rhyda! Why aren't you here? Why did you have to go away "on business"?

     They are trying to keep tourists out of the city, but people manage to get in anyways. I don't understand why. What's wrong with a couple of tourists? If any of the stores were open, I'd argue it was good for business. But, with recent developments...

     I've been to see the statues. Remembering their prone forms, their happy faces, the gray stone encasing their bodies... It makes me tremble. Even now, my hand shakes, so I apologize if my handwriting is difficult to read. Please, try to come home. I miss you.

     I need you here. We need you here. Don't you remember? We need your support, even if half of us isn't around yet to realize it.

     Come home.

     Your love, Eliana.

     My dearest Eliana,

     I heard about the faeries, though I'll admit I didn't believe the stories until I read your letter. Don't worry yourself too much - it's not good for you to be stressed. You know it isn't good for your health.

     I'm sure your overreacting. I know it's horrible the faeries are gone, but I'm sure King Altador and whoever else will get right on it. They'll pull together the brightest minds in Neopia to un-freeze the faeries, and everything will be back to normal soon.

     And yes, I do have business here in Altador. I don't know what you think I'm doing or why you think I'm here if it's for something other than work, but I can assure you I am doing nothing... uncouth. And I think it would be in your best interest not to accuse me of something you have no proof of.

     But I don't blame you, Eli. The doctor said paranoia was one of the symptoms of... well, you know.

     I will try to get back home as soon as I can.


     Dear Rhyda,

     What, do you think I don't have proof? Do you believe I throw around accusations for no reason except my own personal bias?

     I am not paranoid! I am not suffering symptoms of "that problem", as you once called it, so don't act as if I'm a child that has no knowledge of the consequences of what I write! You don't have to graduate from The University of Brightvale to be smart, so stop throwing that in my face!

     And I do have proof, you mud-slicked Snorkle! I found a string of ribbon in the bottom of your dresser, one that would tie around a Kougra's ear.

     It isn't mine, so it must be hers!

     You're a fiend, a scoundrel who would be welcomed by Lord Kass!

     [This letter is not signed]

     My dearest Eliana,

     That ribbon is yours, don't you recognize it? It was the one you were wearing day we first met, and you told me you didn't like it and I said it looked beautiful on you.

     Please, I don't wish to fight with you. Let's make peace. I will try my best to get the job done here in Altador, after which I'll make all haste to Faerieland.

     Yours Always, Rhyda

     Dear Lekat,

     Have you seen them? Surely, you must have. I've heard they're all over Neopia. But, oh my, there are so many of them! I can't even leave my house without fear of being attacked by one of the things.

     I have not been out of the city, but I can only assume they are worse here for us. They seem to patrol the streets, and there are Neopets braver than I who have gone to fight them. But it always seem like there's one more to take its place.

     The wraiths.... They frighten me.

     I heard something scratching at my door last night. I was too scared to investigate. I just lay in bed and squeezed my eyes shut and pretended I was not there. That I was somewhere else, somewhere better.

     It must have been a wraith. I am positive I heard the sound, and there has never been much crime around here. Why would someone skulk around at night just for a handful of valuables? Nevertheless, I am storing all my Neopoints in the safe.

     What do you suggest I do? I don't think I can stand another night in this empty house. I've never been too brave- I jump at every little sound, and even in the daylight I avoid the shadows, as if something vile is lurking there.

     Please, I need someone to tell me what to do. Advise me, please. I'm scared.

     Signed Eliana


     Don't worry. The wraiths can't get in if you keep the doors locked, I'm sure. If you're still scared, why don't you see if you can stay with a neighbor? Or a close friend?

     Keep the lights on in your house, too. It's better than the dark, if you're still frightened of it like you used to be.

     I wouldn't worry too much about the whole 'faeries turned to stone' thing. I'm sure some important people have their hands on the situation.


     My dearest Eliana,

     Why haven't you answered my last letter? Are you angry with me still? At least answer me, write to me!

     I said it wasn't me, what more do you want? If you want to continue your cushy life, spending coins whenever you want, you have to let me work to earn those coins. Just trust me for now, okay? I'll be home soon, I promise.



     I thank you for your advise. I'm a grown Kougra now, and I can stay at home by myself. I just need to grow some backbone.

     Well, I'm done writing for today. My back aches. I'm tired. Good night, friend.



     What do you mean, "cushy life"? I don't stay with you because you have a lot of Neopoints for me to take! How dare you even so much as think that! Don't you know me at all? Did you ever know me?

     Stay in Altador all you want, I don't care if you ever come back! And as soon as this business is over, I'm going to my mother's. In fact, I'll write a letter to send to her right now.


     My dearest Eliana,

     That's not what I meant. Don't leave, don't write your mother. I on a passenger ship right now, and I'll be home soon.



     I'm sorry I haven't written you for several days, since my outburst. I'm sorry, okay! I was stupid. I shouldn't have even gotten angry with you in the first place. I'm sorry, so sorry! Forgive me, please, forgive me!

     There's something wrong here, something terribly wrong. There are wraiths everywhere. I hear fighting. I'm sorry, Rhyda, forgive me, please!

     [The handwriting in this last letter is extremely shaky]

     We have reason to believe Eliana wrote the last letter as Xandra was making Faerieland fall from the sky. This letter was not mailed. Eliana has not been seen or heard from since.

The End

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