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The Daily Dare Conspiracy

by aifricr


Dear readers, I write to you today bristling with excitement. This article of hard-hitting journalism will probably be kept out of the Neopian Times. There are many powerful people who would rather you not read what am I about to tell you... but I am a journalist, and I will not be silenced!

All Neopians love Daily Dare. You only need to look at the games room queues, hear the chatter on the boards, see proud pets skipping along with their latest themed plushie or pair of sunglasses to know that. I fear everybody is so enraptured with Daily Dare that we have all forgotten to ask; who is AAA exactly? How much do we really know about this mysterious Blumaroo? For somebody who is known and revered from the snowy peaks of Terror Mountain to the shores of Krawk Island, we know suspiciously little about him. His Neopedia page is sparse – it only details his relatively recent flight to fame as a games master. I decided to try and find out more and while looking through some recent pictures of him something about his stance or his expression reminded me of a young King Roo.

At first I dismissed the idea but as I slowly thought over the facts, I have become more and more convinced that our beloved AAA is actually... the reclusive Prince Roo of Roo Island!

Ludicrous! I hear you cry. There's no Prince Roo! Well, dear reader, let us examine the evidence...

1. Species – We'll begin with the obvious – AAA is a Blumaroo. All Blumaroo originally come from Roo Island, as everybody knows. Looking at the figures, Blumaroos are surprisingly uncommon - the 36th most numerous species of neopet. Do you know who else is a Blumaroo? King Roo of course. The only possible conclusion is that they're related.

2. Boasting – AAA, even by those who admire him, is often deemed arrogant and boastful. Where does this attitude spring from? It's because he was raised in the royal court, the eldest prince of Roo Island, always praised for being so clever. Naturally this gave him a big ego and made him the *ahem* lively character he is today.

3. Family Personality – Let us compare King Roo and AAA. They are both very clever. King Roo was so intelligent that he easily grew bored of all the normal games before Dice-A-Roo was invented; "nothing could grab his interest for more than a minute at a time". AAA claims his IQ is "too high to count". When Roo was bored he forced everybody else to suffer and had every servant from his advisors to his gardeners searching for a new game for him. This rather extreme behaviour is AAA down to a tee! He is well known for being so demanding that hardly anybody can stand him. I think it's safe to say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

4. The Games – I am surprised nobody noticed this connection earlier. Roo Island is famed for it's national game – Dice-a-roo. Mindless, repetitive, frustrating yet King Roo adores it and hosts huge tournaments each summer. AAA, as the prince of Roo Island, would have spent countless hours honing the perfect dice throwing technique however he looked at the world with a wider lens than his father and soon moved on to the more complex games such as Meepit Juice Break or Cooty Wars. AAA considers himself the 'master of the games room', and who more qualified to take that title than the son of a Blumaroo famously obsessed with gaming?

5. The Name – AAA. Do you even know what it stands for? Aristotle A. Avinroo. What a mouthful, no wonder he shortens it. Quite an aristocratic name too, wouldn't you agree? Fit for royalty, perhaps? It is obvious to me that King Roo, always felt self-conscious that 'Roo' was not fitting for a king and decided to bestow upon his son a more noble (ie. long) name. Of course, he couldn't resist passing on his own name at the same time – hence the Avinroo.

6. Games Room – We all watched the recent drama over the new games room unfold. King Roo launched a new and improved design, then removed it. Yet somehow AAA managed to reinstate the whole system. The mainstream news may be satisfied with a 'YAY! AAA is so clever!', never delving into the how, but I am prepared to ask the tough questions. How would even a genius such as AAA override a king's decision? They couldn't of course. Only another member of the royal family would be able to forge the king's permission and take over his project without risk of rebuttal and that is exactly what AAA did.

7. The Prizes – Look in your safety deposit box and you will find a vast assortment of plushies, books, T-shirts, action figures, all given out as prizes for either playing Daily Dare. Think of the thousands of people who have similar collections lying around their Neohomes. Remember the neocash and solid gold trophies everybody received? Now ask yourself, where did that money come from? I'll tell you. The vaults below Roo Island. Do you think an ordinary Blumaroo who happens to have a talent for games would have access to the kind of serious money it takes to supply all those prizes? I think not.

There you have, seven solid reasons to prove that AAA is really the son of King Roo. You may be wondering why AAA is so secretive about his past. The answer lies in his personality – he wants to be judged on his intellect and gaming talents alone, as seen by the way he constantly challenges others to beat him. He is always driven to be the best on skill alone without people knowing of his wealthy background. Naturally his father goes along with this and invests large amounts of money to keep the prince out of the public spotlight.

TNT may dismiss me as a crackpot conspiracy theorist but in reality I am just a humble journalist, trying to deliver to you the truth. Even as I write this I am afraid of being silenced, but I stay strong! I say: expose the scandals and cover-ups and fight for honesty!

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