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Customising for Spring: Neopoint Edition

by _neeny


Dressing for spring can be tough. Is it going to be cold out today? Should I bring a jacket? What if I get too warm? Will it rain? There are so many variables. That's without even considering what's in style! So with spring coming, I've decided to write a guide to customising for the season. Hopefully this will help answer some of your questions and give you some new ideas.

This customisation guide uses Neopoint items only. There are a few reasons for this. First, some people think that it's impossible to customise without Neocash. They couldn't be more wrong! It just takes a little more creativity to get the perfect outfit. Second, I am using only Neopoint items because I want this guide to be accessible to everyone. For this reason, I have chosen to customise only basic coloured, non-limited edition pets. I have also tried to stick to buyable NP items and to keep the total cost low. Some outfits are very cheap and some are more expensive, but I think they are all affordable.

So with all that out of the way, let's bring on the outfits!

Spring Flowers

Spring Courtyard Background: 46k

Flower Petal Foreground: 32k

Blumaroo Shepherdess Wig : 41k

Pink Blumaroo Dress: 58k

Blumaroo Magician Shoes: 11k

Magical Sparkling Happiness Faerie Flower: 1mil or Igneots Fire Flower: 300NP

Total: ~188k (or ~1.2mil)

This lovely blue Blumaroo is enjoying the beautiful spring weather, surrounded by pink, purple and blue flowers. Her cute pink dress matches the flowers in the courtyard as well as the pink flower she has just picked. Her pristine white shoes match the frills of her dress. Soon, she will sit down on a bench, pull out her notepad and compose a poem to capture this wonderful day.

Other species can replace Blumaroo Shepherdess Wig with Curled Blonde Wig (40k), Pink Blumaroo Dress with Fancy Pink Gown (1k), and Blumaroo Magician Shoes with Cracked Negg Slippers (4k).

Negg Hunting

Hollowed Negg Tree Background: 6k

Hidden Neggs Trinket: 9k

Festival of Neggs Garland: 3k

Basket of Berries: 12k

Purple Cybunny Pajamas: 8k

Total: ~39k

Spring always brings the Festival of Neggs. This sweet little yellow Shoyru got up so early to hunt for neggs, he's still in his purple and orange cy bunny pajamas. Surrounded by vibrant green foliage and brightly coloured neggs, he's seeking only the best, most succulent neggs to put into his basket. But for him, finding the neggs is more fun than eating them, so he'll share with all his friends!

Any species can wear this outfit!

Faeries in the Forest

Forest Glade Background: 25k

Stately Tree Foreground:1k

Illusen Wig: 84k

Earth Faerie Wings: 96k

Yew Wand: 4k

Laid Back Xweetok Shirt: 65k

Simple Fur Lined Cape: 3k

Total: ~278k

With spring in the air and green on the trees, this green Xweetok is back to the forest. While she's not quite a faerie yet, she's practising her hardest! Her wand focuses her magical potential into spells. Being in the forest, surrounded by living plants and steadfast trees only makes her stronger. Her fur-lined cape keeps her warm in the chilly air; it's not summer yet! The green streaks in her hair remind us of another powerful faerie.

Other species can replace Laid Back Xweetok Shirt with Leather Bodice (16k,) Brynns Brightvale Tunic (92k), or leave it off entirely.

Singin' in the Rain

Double Rainbow Background: 89k

Soaked By Gormball: 75k

Wellington Boots: 3k

School Girl Jumper: 66k

Kacheek Tourist Shorts: 39k

Tiny Umbrella: 1k

Blue Fishing Hat: 100NP

Snazzy Bowling Shirt: 500NP

Total: ~274k

Spring showers have arrived, and this spunky yellow Kacheek loves to play in the rain. His blue hat matches his jacket, and they both go perfectly with his button down shirt. His boots keep his feet dry from the rain and reach all the way up to his shorts. His tiny umbrella isn't keeping him from getting soaked, but he's having a wonderful time anyway! The only thing that can be better than this is splashing around in the puddles when the rain stops.

Other species can replace Kacheek Tourist Shorts with Hardy Blue Trousers (16k).

Double Rainbow Background and Soaked By Gormball can be replaced with Gormball Field Background (1k).

Letting Creativity Bloom

Artist Studio Background: 94k

Artist Smock: 3k

Modern Art Sculpture: 3k

Altador Cup Wig: 49k

Vintage Krawk Island Alt Cup Jersey: 14k

Hardy Blue Trousers: 16k

Total: ~179k

Spring, and the blossoming of new life, often inspires our creative sides. This artistic yellow Aisha is letting her creativity bloom. Surrounded by her artwork, she reflects on what to create next. She only needs to look out the window to see the world come to life, ready to be put down onto her canvas. Her striped red and black shirt, along with her blue jeans, reflect her spunky attitude. Her blue hair lets her personality shine through; the yellow bow she decorates it with provides a touch of girliness.

Any species can wear this outfit!

Gnome Sweet Gnome

Garden Gnome Background: 7k

Gnome Wobble Toy: 500NP

Eerie Gnome Hat: 1k

White Gnome Beard : 1k

Hannahs Red Undershirt: 21k

Handful of Asparagus: 7k

Chia Chocolatier Trousers: 16k

Total: ~53k

Spring means gardening, which inevitably means gnomes. Just because you don't see them running around doesn't mean they can't! They wait until no one's looking to get into trouble. This blue Chia is blending in perfectly with the mischievous garden gnomes. His hat and beard provide a perfect disguise, and he has an offering of asparagus to give them if they catch him at his trickery!

Gnome Wobble Toy can be replaced with any Chia Gnome. Other species can replace Chia Chocolatier Trousers with AAA Host Trousers (19k) and AAA Host Shoes (22k). Christmas Chia Wooden Shoes (60k for the paintbrush) are great for a more elfin look.

Bonus Round

Wondering how I customised my own pet? Well, I used Neocash items, so it looks a little different...

Soaked By Gormball: 75k

Funky Rainbow Wig – NC

Rainbow Rain Slicker – NC

Rainbow Umbrella – NC

Rainboots and Tights – NC

Rain Puddle Foreground – NC

MME11-S3c: Rainbow Carmariller Wings – NC

MME11-S4: Spring is Here Background – NC

This is my pet Cthulhi, currently a disco Aisha! I think she looks pretty snazzy.


So there you have it! Those are the outfits I came up with using only Neopoint items and trying to keep things affordable. I hope that gave you some ideas for customising your own pets, and I hope I've convinced you that Neopoint customisation can be fun and effective.

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