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Silva's Story

by bea0408


Every day was the same for Silva; she would sit and smile... and smile... None of the Neopets would ever notice that beyond her innocent face was a little soul with just a sliver of hope for someone to finally realize her unspoken potential of love, all she would ask for in return was to be loved.

     Silva was always in the front of Plushie Palace, as the owner had always felt bad about her and kept trying to sell her, and every time she saw a new customer, she would straighten her back make sure her ears were up and put on a nice smile. They would all pass her by, not even acknowledging her, or even thinking that she has feelings. She envied the other plushies who didn't need to try to get sold; they just sat there and waited. She wished it were that simple; life is not easy for a Reject Cybunny.


     The day was ending, the latest stock was sold as usual and whilst I was being transferred into a box Lara, the owner, started to tear up as she touched my plush blue fur, the reason I'm a reject. She didn't tell me what was happening, but of course I already knew. I was being shipped someplace else. I knew I couldn't stay on that shelf for my entire life, even if I wanted to. Then, it happened.

     There was a loud clap of thunder and all of a sudden, there was a little Bruce waddling in fairly quickly, he looked vaguely familiar...

     "I'VE GOT IT! I'VE GOT THE MONEY!!! LARA!!! I'VE GOT THE MONEY!!!" the Bruce yelled out. Didn't he know it was closing time? He continued yelling and waving his money which he held so tight in his little flippers.

     "Can I have her now? Please?" He looked at Lara with sparkling eyes.

     "Well, Ryan, a deal is a deal." She carefully put me on the cold counter. I caught a glimpse of her eyes and they were misty, they reminded me of the Haunted Woods. The Bruce, Ryan as Lara called him, looked at me with a smile. I saw his tattered potato sack shirt and his starry skin and remembered why he was so familiar to me. I flashback to a moment that seems so distant, so far away because I did not think it really affected me.

     It was a Saturday, I knew this because a lot of young Neopets were coming around and begging for plushies of their species. I looked around and noticed Ryan arguing with Lara.

     "Please, Lara? I don't have the money now, but can you PLEASE keep her on hold for me? PLEASE! I'll do anything!" He kept pleading; I could see tears falling down his cheeks. I could tell he didn't have much money and he probably just wanted a friend, so he came in here.

     "Ryan, I can't promise that she'll still be here by the time you have the money..." Lara trailed off. At the time I could barely tell whom they were talking about, but it's clear now they were talking about me, especially since they kept looking at me, examining my blueness.

     "Please Lara, out of all the people in this store, don't you think I'm the most deserving?" He looked up at her and he was on the verge of crying, he would've cried, if Lara hadn't said 'Yes'.

     "Okay, if she's still here, you can have her." Lara walked to the back room and Ryan began to leap. I was happy for him, but I was more interested in a Poogle that just came in. I would've loved to go home in that Poogle's arms; too bad it wanted the Nimmo right next to me.

     I flash forwarded to reality. Today was the day I would finally get to leave and spend the rest of my life in Ryan's little flippers! I looked at him and stared into his eyes, they were pale. I had never seen anything as pale as them before. I first think that I won't be able to live with him, but I realize that we're not that different. We both only had two things to live off, hopes and dreams. Lara was tearing up, I guess this was harder for her than it was for me, I want to go, and she doesn't want me to. Ryan smiled and put the Neopoints in Lara's soft paw. She put the money in her pocket and touched my head.

     "I love you, Silly," she whispered as she handed me to Ryan. I carefully moved my head to look up at her, to say I love her too. I wish she knew I could feel, touch, smell and speak the way she does, but she doesn't, so I'm going to keep it that way.

     Ryan held me close to his chest and started to tell me all about him and where we were going.

     "I'm Ryan! I'm from Meridell. I have a brother and a sister called Rhubarb and Rue, but I don't think you should meet them they're pretty tough on plush toys. Your name is Silva, right? That's a cool name. I wish you could talk, because then I could figure out stuff about you." He stopped, and looked down at me. Rain was pouring and I badly wanted to take shelter, but he kept looking into my eyes. I will say I do not regret what happened next.

     "Hi Ryan. It's nice to meet you," I said in my most chipper voice. It felt foreign for my lips to be moving again, I think this is only the second time I've ever used the lips my manufacturers so carefully stitched on me. I could tell by the way Ryan was looking at me that he was not expecting a reply.

     "You can talk?" he yelled, flabbergasted. I smiled and nodded. "That's so cool! We're going to have lots of fun together! Now let's get home!" Ryan ran the rest of the way. At one point, he made me run with him. I reluctantly agreed. When we reached Meridell, I realized that this was what I was made for, life on the countryside with Ryan by me.

      I smile as I see Ryan running home. Right on time, I almost ran out of stories to tell myself. The circular window I'm staring out of is dusty and cracked, I keep pestering him to get a better one, but I know it's not possible, not with the amount of money they have. Rhubarb does all the work; he's the strongest Gelert in the whole of Meridell. Rue on the other hand can't do much. Being a Faerie Pteri, she flies to Faerieland and does errands for the Faeries. Ryan is the only one who stays home; the only time he goes out of the house is on weekends and occasionally takes me to visit Illusen for snacks. Today is one of those days.

     "Come on, Silly." He scoops me up. "Why don't you just hop around during the day?"

     "Well, what is Rue comes home early? Or Rhubarb? Then I'm in trouble." I reply with a snappy tone.

     "Why can't I tell them?" He pries.

     "Because the last time a Plushie told a Neopet our power, the Plushie was sold to a circus and treated badly." I wince at the thought.

     "Oh." Is all he can say? I snuggle into his potato sack shirt, which somehow feels soft today. As we make our way to Illusen's home, she comes out and welcomes us with a huge smile.

     "Ryan! Silva! Do come in! I have something for you!" Illusen lets us in and gives us cookies, lots of cookies. We don't do anything but stuff our faces. I can't help but stare at Ryan anytime I can.

     This was the only time I truly realized something. There is a friend for everyone, everyone has someone to love and everyone has a chance to be loved. I never knew that, and I wish I had known that while I was in the Plushie Palace, it would've helped me. I shift my position and move closer to Ryan. I lie by his feet and look up at him.

     I've finally found my place.

The End

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