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Find Your Faerie Twin

by pinkpaint


In honour of one of my favourite famous faeries, Illusen, and to celebrate her big day, I created this quiz for all to enjoy! We love you, Illusen!

So which famous faerie are you? Who's your faerie twin? There's only one way to find out and that's by taking the quiz! Simply mark down your answer for each question, A, B, C, D or E, and after you have chosen an answer for each of the questions (the one that best suits your personality!) simply tally up how many As, Bs, Cs, Ds and Es you have and check the results at the end of this article!

Without further ado, here is the first question!


1) You're being banished to a deserted island! Oh no! You've been told that you can only bring three things with you; which three do you choose?

a. Your crown, beauty cream and a nice shimmery lip gloss. After all, you don't know who you might meet on the island, you want to be looking your best!

b. Your tool kit, elbow grease and some safety goggles. You're going to have to build a few odds and ends on the island and you don't want to come unprepared!

c. Minion x 3. You're not getting your hands dirty, deserted island or not, you will have others do your evil bidding for you.

d. Fruit and Vegetable seeds, a watering can and some music. You love listening to music while you garden and you're going to be doing a lot of gardening on your new island!

e. Some sunscreen, moisturiser and a good quality hair brush. You plan on finding a nice cool pond, lake or... fountain, and spending a lot of time there so you'll need to keep your skin and hair looking its best!

2) On the deserted island you meet some natives, they don't speak your language and you're not sure if they're friendly, so how do you interact with them?

a. You proceed with caution but you're still friendly. Perhaps these natives just need some guidance, a new queen even?

b. You ask them if they can find you some resources; they look like they've lived here a long time so they should be able to get you those wood shavings, gems and tissue paper you've been looking for...

c. You ignore the natives; after all you already have 3 minions who ask enough questions as it is. You don't need any more!

d. You approach the natives with a friendly and caring smile. These people have very cute fury petpets cradled in their arms and you just cannot resist their adorable faces.

e. You wave to the natives from your pond. You're not very social and you'd rather keep your distance; that is, unless they've brought you a very expensive gift.

3) It's your first night on the island and your stomach is starting to rumble! How do you find food?

a. You have the natives prepare you a feast; you are their queen now and they want to show you how devoted they are.

b. You're not really that hungry; you'd rather finish building your shelter, before it gets too dark!

c. Your minions have brought you some strange brown grubs on a plate. Eww! How dare they suggest you eat grubs for dinner! You send them out again and they return with you some carrots they stole from a nearby veggie patch.

d. Someone has stolen the carrots from your freshly planted garden (the seeds were magical, those carrots grew really fast!) so you decide to venture into the forests of the island and find yourself some native fruits and vege.

e. There are edible ferns and berries that grow around your new resident pond; you gather these up and eat your fill.

4) There seem to be quite a few native petpets on this (what we thought was, at least) deserted island. Which do you take as your companion?

a. A Feloreena. She was a gift from the natives you now rule.

b. A Wheelie. You made him yourself!

c. A Huggy. A surprising ugly little guy but a good mini minion indeed.

d. A Juma. You found him climbing a tree while you were out picking flowers.

e. A Delphin. She lived in your pond even before you did!

5) You want to go home because?

a. You miss your old kingdom. The natives don't really need you here.

b. You've used up all the materials you can find but you've just come up with a really cool invention and want to make it right away!

c. The minions you brought with you don't seem to be very bright and you are starting to have to do things for yourself for a change. You don't like this one bit!

d. You miss the creatures from the forests back home, you wonder how they'll get along with your new petpet Juma.

e. You miss the rainbows from your last pond. Actually... it was a fountain. Much nicer than this pond.


If you answered mostly A, you are FYORA. You're not only a bit of a princess, you're a queen! A faerie queen! You love leading others but never against their will, you are a kind and just person and your friends love you for this!

If you answered mostly B, you are DELINA. You are very handy and creative! You love building things and putting things together, you're a problem solver and you're not afraid to admit it! You won't go anywhere without your tool kit!

If you answered mostly C, you are JHUDORA. You don't like getting your hands dirty; in fact you're actually quite lazy, but as your mother always told you, think smart – not hard! People respect you for this but some also fear you for this too.

If you answered mostly D, you are ILLUSEN. You are one with nature. You're kind hearted and have a very free spirit. You love being outdoors and enjoy watching the world change and grow with those changes. Every day is a new adventure.

If you answered mostly E, you are NAIA. You're a bit of a hermit; you keep to yourself most of the time but you're not averse to visitors. You love the water and feel most at home when you're swimming and bathing in the sun.

If you answered one of each, then you are a combination of all 5! I guess that means you don't have a faerie twin at all. Don't worry, though, we're all individuals!

Happy Illusen Day!

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