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Fetch: A Guide to Fetch and a Shiny New Trophy

by aquaticblumaroo


You gaze at your beautiful trophy collection. You see all the easy trophies like Cheat, Round Table Poker, and Beating Punchbag Bob. You rest satisfied, thinking that people will gaze in awe at the trophies you put little effort into. But wait! You still want more. More trophies, that is! You go searching through the site, hitting walls in Meerca Chase, getting bombed in Chia Bomber, and betting all your Neopoints away in Grarrl Keno. You are just about to scream when a thought comes into your head. "Hey, what about that old maze game?" After pondering and yelling at the boards to tell you the name of the game, you remember its name: Fetch! You begin the game, slamming up against walls for no apparent reason, then eventually crying and falling asleep. This game is hard, isn't it? But the trophy scores are so low! Well, fear not, my friend, for this guide will tell you all the tips and hints you can use to collect those items and hopefully a new trophy!


This is an extremely old game (it's been on since December 2001!), so you play it in your browser. Get the trophy before the game is removed! First of all, you might be attracted to this game because of how obscure it is. The scores look so low, and the game looks so easy! Well, you're dead wrong, as this game is quite challenging. The object of the game is to get your mutant Blumaroo (let's call him Rob) to find an item in a huge maze. To move, you use the Tentacompass (the giant eye thing on the side of the map). Its eye follows your cursor, but the eye doesn't do anything. You click on its tentacles to go in the direction you want. After you find your generally bizarre item, you have to find the exit of the maze. About now, you should realize that you actually have a steps meter. This shows you how many steps you have in the maze. Run out of steps? Poor Rob has to return to his master without the item, and things aren't looking good for him. But you can help Rob survive. Just follow this guide!


This game has a rather interesting points system. It kind of has a cumulative points system like Sakhmet Solitaire or Pyramids, but it is still different. Each of the difficulty levels gives you a certain amount of points, plus a bonus for the amount of steps you have left. But after beating the highest difficulty, you see you only have a little more than 2,500 points! What do you do now? Well, you see, you have points streaks in this game. The more games you win in a row, the more points are added on to your score. At the beginning of the month, you usually only need about 1,000 points to get a bronze, 2,000 to get a silver, and 2,800 to get gold! At the end of the month, however, you'll need 3,000 to get bronze, 5,000 for silver, and 6,000 for gold. So you probably want to do this at the beginning of the month.



  • Steps: 65
  • Size: 10 by 10 squares
  • Points: 100+
  • How to Unlock: Available from start


  • Steps: 100
  • Size: 15 by 15 squares
  • Points: 200+
  • How to Unlock: Available from start


  • Steps: 175
  • Size: 20 by 20 squares
  • Points: 500+
  • How to Unlock: Available from start


  • Steps: 225
  • Size: 25 by 25 squares
  • Points: 1,500+
  • How to Unlock: Earn 1,000 points


  • Steps: 250
  • Size: 30 by 30 squares
  • Points: 2,500+
  • How to unlock: Earn 2,000 points


Alright, now it's time for the real part of this guide. When you choose a difficulty, you see the item you need, then get thrown into the maze. As you can see by the difficulty section above, each difficulty has a certain amount of steps, squares, and points. When you begin the game, you'll be up against a wall. Try to find out where you are exactly, as this will be extremely important. The item is ALWAYS around the center of the maze, so try to get into the center. There will be several dead ends, however, so be careful.

After a while, you should have found the item. Remember how I said you need to pay attention to where you start? Hopefully you listened, as you'll need to remember in order to find the exit. The exit is ALWAYS at the opposite side of where you started. But let's say you start in the exact middle of the top wall. The exit will be on the bottom wall, but probably not exactly in the middle. Spawning in a corner is also pretty frustrating, as the exit can be on either of the opposite sides. Bear in mind that the exit is always a long, straight strip of land through the walls. You should probably write down a picture of the maze as you go through it to remember where you went. This will help a TON.

If you're lucky, you will have seen the exit while searching for the item. Unfortunately, the area where the item is hiding is usually out of your way, so you have to go back to another route. But NEVER, and I mean NEVER give up. One time, I was quickly mashing all the tentacles of the Tentacompass, as I thought there would be no way I'd win. Except when I let the page load, I saw I ended up collecting the item. I quickly tried to look for the exit, but I lost a few steps away from the exit due to my foolishness. Did I mention that I would've had the top score on the Hi-Scores table if I won that round?

After a bit of practicing on Easy and Medium, you should leap into Hard mode to unlock the other two difficulty levels. You want to beat Hard mode two times in a row to unlock Fiendish mode. Fiendish mode might be enough for a bronze, but you want gold, right? So stop dancing like a buffoon, and dive straight into Fiendish mode! If you beat Fiendish mode right after unlocking it, you will most likely have a score of 2500+ or more, easily unlocking Insane mode and most likely putting you in line for at least a bronze, and possibly a silver! Once you have that very high score, you should think whether you want to get 500 more points in Hard, or get a score of 5,000+ by beating a quick round of Insane mode.

Personally, I'd go for Hard mode. As Insane mode is quite literally, INSANE! It is extremely difficult, and I've only beat it a couple of times. But once you make your decision, try to beat the mode, and NEVER give up! Hopefully you will have gotten a score for Gold, and receive a glorious new trophy in the morning! I had a Gold trophy on my old account, but I only have a Silver on my new account. Now that you've hopefully mastered Fetch, let's have a bit of fun by looking at all the items in the game!


  • Ergy Paste
  • Blood Mole Seeds
  • Melow Seeds
  • Sporkle Droppings
  • Smellyshroom Essence
  • Bloatershrooms
  • Grackle Pus
  • Ghostbeef Essence
  • Froiler Essence
  • Faerie Dust
  • Whomp Berries
  • The Stuff
  • Rotten Peachpas

The item you get has no impact on your score at all. However, during the Lost Desert Puzzle plot, losing a game that asks you for Faerie Dust would grant you one of the parchments. But would you really do that to poor Rob?


All in all, I hoped my guide has helped to earn a trophy! If you wish to thank me, please send me a Neomail to aquaticblumaroo. Can you beat my high score of 3,144 points? Send me a Neomail, and receive a congratulations!

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