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Going Pink for Valentines Day

by 1engel


Also by cpilter55

Valentines Day is approaching – one of my favorite days. Everything is pink and love is everywhere during this special day. Let me introduce you to some ways to share the joys of Valentines Day with your fellow Neopians – let's go Pink!

1. Pink Pets

There are 54 different species of Neopets out there – and the good news is that the color pink is available for all of them. Hence, whatever pet you own – do not hesitate to paint it pink to celebrate Valentines Day! In case you cannot choose which one to paint- why not paint all of them? You think this is too expensive? You might have a point here. There are only a few Pink Paint Brushes in the Trading Post and all of them sell for at least 4.300.000 NP – really expensive! But I think it is well worth it. Of course you can always hope for a lucky zap from the Secret Laboratory, but that is risky – your lovely pet may change species and gender several times before you manage a pink zap.

You are still unsure which of your pets should go pink? Maybe it will help you to take a look at my personal top three pink pets. Let us start with: A pink Kau. Honestly, how can you not love those pets? Whenever I see a pink Kau, I want to hug it – that look in the eyes.... However – it is not pink enough for me – hence it comes in only at third place. My second favourite species when painted pink are Poogles. Come on – everyone loves Poogles – they are adorable! However, it is still not pink enough for Valentines Day – we need more. And here it is finally – my number one pink painted pet *drum roll*: A Gnorbu. You wonder why? Let me try to explain this somewhat. Have you ever taken a closer look at a Gnorbu? Did you realize that they have wonderful, all fluffy mane that is made for cuddling? Exactly the thing I was looking for for Valentines Day. A pink Gnorbu is stunning!

Whatever pink pet you choose – I am sure it looks awesome now. But it still is somewhat lonely, isn't it? Let's go and find him a proper petpet.

2. Pink Petpets

There are more than 450 different petpet species available – and more than a quarter of them can be painted pink. That leaves you with more than 125 pink paintable petpets to choose from – quite a challenge..... Personally I would go for a pink Angelpuss, Bika, Dragoyle, Gwalla, Kadoatie, Tanizard or Weewoo – but these are just some of my favourites. I am sure you will find one that you like among the huge number of pink petpets! You already have a petpet that you like and want to paint it pink? No problem. Just make sure you check at the Petpet Puddle if it is paintable in that special color. After that you can go ahead and buy a Pink Petpet Paintbrush – those are really cheap (at least compared to the respective pet paintbrush). Only 220.000 NP and you can paint your favorite petpet in a Valentines Day proper color. Let us just assume you now have a proper painted pet and petpet to celebrate Valentines Day – what else can you do to honor this day of love? Maybe you should customize your pet a bit to match the feeling of Valentines Day....

3. Customization – Let's dress up

I think you should start with a proper background. The Dreamy Pink Hearts Background is just what you are looking for. It is also not too expensive (~5.000 NP)- perfect! Or maybe you would like a Delicate Valentine Heart Background (500 NC)? It is another stunning background for Valentines Day. But please be aware that it is an NC Mall item, hence not everyone may be able to get it since the NC Mall is not available in all countries. Of course there are several other backgrounds that might be fitting – these are just my favorite ones. Now we need some clothes. What about a Fancy Pink Gown? Do you like it? Only 2.000 NP and it is yours. Not too expensive and really lovely – exactly what we have been looking for. Or maybe you would like a Butterfly Dress (500 NC). Both dresses are stunning! Now we need some shoes. Maybe a pair of Taelia Racer Slippers (~11.000 NP) - or do you like Pastel Blue Spring Shoes (500 NC) better? It is totally up to you. Now we only need some jewelry and your Pet is ready for Valentines Day. What about a Colourful Cherry Blossom Necklace (~4.000 NP) or maybe a Winding Vine Necklace (500 NC). In case you feel generous today why not add Valentines Earrings (~80.000 NP) or the Delicate Flower Laurel (500 NC). Now take a step back and look at your gorgeous Pet. You did a really good job!

Maybe you wonder why I did dress up a female pet and not a male one? Well – to be honest – a male pet would look really weird in pink.....

Anyway – now you have a lovely pink pet with an adorable pink petpet – what else do you need to go pink?

4. The Valentine Chia avatar

Right – a matching avatar! Here the choice is not hard. As already stated there is only one suitable avatar for Valentines Day – the Valentine Chia avatar. It is all pink, adorable, heart-shaped and full of love. Everything we need to celebrate Valentines Day. Perfect!

I think we are finally done. You a have an adorable pink pet with a matching pink petpet. Your customization is stunning and you have the perfect avatar for Valentines Day. Now you have all you need to make your Valentine Day in Neopia a special one. I am sure you will get a whole lot of positive statements about your beautiful Valentines-Day-proper dressed and painted pet. Go ahead and celebrate with all your fellow Neopians. And while you are around - why not send to all of them a little something in order to make their day a perfect one as well!

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