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What to Wear For Valentine's Day

by brgreat101


Valentine's Day is fast approaching Neopia, and I know exactly what you're thinking: How will I customize my Neopets to celebrate this love-filled holiday with so many Valentine's clothing options available? Look no further for the answer, because I have hand selected wearables for just this occasion. They include the five best NC Mall wearables, as well as the five best Neopoint wearables (all in my own opinion, of course). The items are listed in no particular order, and I've written a friendly description giving you some ideas to go along with them! Enjoy, and please, don't handle these clothes after eating too much chocolate, as it does leave stains!

NC Mall Wearables

Adorable Pink Heart Wig

This wig certainly is adorable, as the name surely implies, and will go great with any clothing option so long as it is pink! The Delicate Pink Valentine Parasol would go perfectly with this wig and would certainly fill your Neopet's heart with visions of love. The curls on this wig are loose, so no maintenance is required, and your Neopet will thank you for putting them in something so stylish.

Pink Peony Field Background

This lovely mountainside background will transport your Neopet into another world, a world with a softly trickling river, and delicate winds brushing the grass and flowers at your feet. The aromatic scents in the air will make you feel as serene as the bright blue sky above you. This background made the cut because it's such a glorious complement to any pink Valentine's outfit.

Pink Heart Horns

Horns may not be the first clothing option to come to mind when thinking about what your pet would want to wear to a Valentine's get-together, but believe me, not only will they look incredibly stylish, they will seem eccentric while still sharing the love! Also notice how these horns form a heart shape – if that doesn't stick with this theme, then I don't know what will. Pair these with the Heart Shaped Sunglasses if the forecast calls for lots of sun.

Homespun Heart Dress

An item that is still available in the NC Mall today, this dress will top off any outfit perfectly. If your Neopet is a male, you can opt for the more male-friendly option: Gothic Hearts Jacket (also currently available!). Your Neopet will look great in either of these fine selections!

Gold Trimmed Valentines Wings

These wings, as they sparkle and glow, will add flair and be the ultimate accessory to any Neopets fantasy Valentine's outfit. The gold and pink color combination creates an exquisite accent to the rest of the items listed here. Try them with the Pretty Valentine Shoes, and your Neopet will feel like they're soaring high over Neopia in style.

Neopoint Wearables

Dreamy Pink Hearts Background

This background fits perfectly into the Valentine's day theme, and will allow your Neopet to flourish in the falling hearts and fluffy clouds all around them. All pets will look great with this fairly affordable wearable, and nothing can stop them from feeling great. They may even feel as if they're flying high above the sky in those big, pink clouds!

Pink and Green Sun Hat

Nothing goes with a Valentine's picnic outfit quite as well as a sun hat to keep the glaring rays out of your eyes, and to shade your outfit so that everyone can admire its beauty. This hat, with its green polka dots and stunning shade of pink will draw all the attention to your Neopet's head, leaving all thoughts of the cold cut sandwiches from the picnic behind. If the sun really is that bright, though, don't forget to lather your Neopet up with the sunscreen!

Valentines Earrings

A small accent to your outfit, these earrings will glisten and shine their way into your Neopet's heart. These pink jewels will glimmers subtly, providing the perfect accessory to the rest of your outfit. While some Neopets may find the earrings slightly out of place, many will adore the way they feel in these. Spruce them up with the Fancy Pink Gown and you'll be ready to enjoy a lovely evening with your friends!

Valentines Day Tree

This tree will keep your Neopet company on this exciting holiday, not to mention provide a bit of shade for its Petpet and its Petpetpet! This tree doesn't generate too many heart-shaped leaves, but its lack of them does not mean less love to go around. Quite the contrary, the leaves of this tree can be crafted into a fantastic garland to be strung up to hang all around your Neopet. The creative ideas are boundless, and that's the precise reason it made it onto this list! That, and it fits quite perfectly into the theme. ;)

Charming Pink Draik Gown

A species specific wearable wouldn't normally make it into the list, but this one ultimately made the cut because it's such a gorgeous dress that is, get this, available for Neopoints! You might be searching for it for a while, but your hard work and determination will pay off due to the fact that your Draik will look absolutely stunning. The fine ruffles and plump pink bows all flow together in harmony to create a delicate creation of beauty. You'll be hard-pressed to find another gown that works so well for the Valentine's Day celebrations.

Now you have some ideas on what my favorite Valentine's themed wearables are (they are the best of the best, let's be honest!), so I would love to see you combine these items on your Neopets' and send me your customization creations. Come up with your own creations as well, and spread the love. There are so many wearables out there you're bound to find an outfit that's perfect for your own pet. Just ask yourself one thing: would Fyora wear the outfit you're putting on your Neopet? If the answer is no, you might want to reconsider and try something else.

Everyone enjoy the day with your Neopets', and remember: if you're not having fun, it's not worth doing! And finally, a fun little game: count how many times I've said "Valentine's", and buy yourself that many boxes of chocolate this year. ;)

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