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How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day the Neopian Way

by fantasmagoria


Don't have that special someone in your life and think that you can't celebrate Valentine's Day? Think again! Valentine's Day is just as much about showing your friends and family how much they mean to you. The following article will give you tips on how to demonstrate your appreciation to your Neofriends, whether you have a large or small budget.

1. NC Mall

Have you won some Neocash from the Qasalan Expellibox or site event that's been sitting around gathering dust? Or perhaps you're an NC Mall addict and regular purchaser. Well, either way, you will find many Valentine's Day themed goodies to buy for your friends at the Valentine Shop at the Mall.

The most popular gifts to give this year are sure to be the Sweetheart Grams. With three different Grams to choose from, each with a possibility of 6-7 different items, you're certain to find something your friend will like. And, as an added incentive, you may receive a bonus prize for giving someone a Gram from the Share the Love Community Challenge. It's a win-win situation.

2. Neopoints Presents

If you don't have or wish to spend Neocash on a friend, you can still spoil them with a wide variety of Neopoint items. There are the traditional presents of Valentine themed items such as Valentines Bouquet, Valentines Heart Shaped Chocolate Box or A Heartfelt Valentines Day Card. However, you can make it more personal to the person by trying to tailor your gift to items you know that they'd like or use, whilst still staying with a Valentine theme.

For example, if they are someone who loves to customise their pets then you could buy them the Dreamy Pink Hearts Background, Candy Heart Necklace, Valentines Earrings or Heart Shaped Glasses. Clothing items that are pink or red may still convey the Valentine's message, whilst being wearable all year round and thus more versatile (such as the Fancy Pink Gown or Red Derby).

If your friend isn't so keen on customisation, perhaps they have a gallery. Choosing items to add to their collection will surely be appreciated. Again, try to find items that suit both their gallery and the Valentines theme. Some galleries may be easy – such as a plushie gallery (e.g. Valentines Grundo Plushie, Valentines Chia Plushie), musical instruments gallery (e.g. Valentine Guitar, Valentine Harp) or food gallery (e.g. Valentines Cookies, Valentines Muffin). However, if you think outside the box you may be able to find many other items to fit within their themed gallery that have the essence of Valentine's Day. For example, there are many heart themed items that could fit in galleries as diverse as stationery (e.g. Blue Hearts Notepad, Heart Pencil), coffee (e.g. Heart Latte), windows (e.g. Heart Shaped Stained Glass Window, Stained Glass Scented Hearts Flower Window), grooming items (e.g. Scented Hearts Flower Shampoo, Heart Handheld Mirror), balloons (e.g. Pretty Heart Balloons, Deflated Heart Balloon) and Usukis (e.g. Chocolate Heart Usuki, Usuki Snowy Sweetheart Set).

Rather than a gallery, your friend may collect other items such as Collectible Cards for their Neodeck or stamps or sea shells for their Stamp Album. These items may be a little harder to shop for, but once again, if you think more broadly, you may be able to come up with some Valentine related items. For example, suitable Collectible Cards may include Nadia The Peophin of Love, Rhiannon (the fairest maiden in the land who is waiting for her prince to come) or Riyella (the phantom's true love). With stamps, you could try buying those stamps which are predominantly pink (e.g. Faerie City Stamp, Fyora Faerie Doll Stamp, Queen Fyora Stamp) or maybe the Zafara Princess Stamp (Will she ever find her prince?). The sea shells collection is a little easier as, along with the Pink Curly Shell, you could also purchase those items that belong to the Treasures of the Deep Album page. The Treasures of the Deep are classified as sea shells, stocking in the Collectible Sea Shells Shop and consist of jewellery items, which are traditional Valentine's Day gifts.

Perhaps your friend likes to feed their pet gourmet food, aiming for membership in the Gourmet Club of Neopia with either a shiny trophy or honorary membership card. There are many foods to choose from, although they can be a little pricy. You could purchase heart shaped foods (e.g. Angry Candy, Cherry Mootix Lollypop, Heart Shaped Negg), pink foods (e.g. Pink Negg Tea, Pink Peachpa Cooler, Pink Apple Lantern) or just go with the traditional Valentine gift of chocolates (e.g. Strawberry Fondant Surprise, Chocolate Cowry Shell, Creamy Choccywhip, Codestone Truffle).

Finally, your friend may be an avid book reader. There are a large variety of books that would be suitable. Some books you might like to buy include: Valentines Day in Shenkuu, Ylana Skyfires Valentines Day, Tales from the Heart, Poems to Rot Your Heart, Blumaroo Love Stories, Lennies in Love, Love and Caring, The Best of Love, The Book of Love, Nuts, A Love Story, Meercas In Love, Techo in Love, Lenny Love, and Romantic Shenkuu.

3. A Mysterious Valentine Card

Give the gift of a site theme. By sending A Mysterious Valentine Card to a Neofriend on the 14th February, not only will they be able to unlock the Valentines Day site theme to use on their account any day they choose, but so will you. Although it spoils the surprise somewhat, do make sure that the person you wish to send it to doesn't already have the theme.

Tip: If you already have the theme yourself, you could give the Card to your friend via the Trading Post, and then they can gift it to someone else who doesn't have the theme. In this way, you are making it a Happy Valentine's Day for even more people.

4. Show That You Care With Words

Don't have many Neopoints to spare? Want to spread the love to random strangers or acquaintances and can't afford to buy everyone a gift? Why not send a Neomail complimenting a person on the customisation of their pet, their lookup or gallery. A few kind words, unsolicited, are sure to put a smile on anyone's face. And don't just stop with strangers. Let your close Neofriends know how much you appreciate their support and friendship on the site. If you can give specific examples of a time that they were there for you, or helped you in some way, all the better.

With some of these tips, I'm sure you'll give your Neofriends a wonderful Valentine's Day. Enjoy!

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