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Neopian Battlefield Legends – The Ultimate Strategy!

by dawwetje


Also written by wesolini

Neopian Battlefield Legends is a strategy game in which you reenact the Meridell - Darigan Citadel battle. You can relive this battle once again. All you need is a good strategy to be the winner of this epic match. This guide will help you win the battle and get you a perfect score too.

How to play this game?

Enemies are invading your land; it is your job to stop them! You place towers that can attack the enemies. Every once in a while the enemy attacks your towers, so make sure you place your towers wisely. You can buy towers with the gold coins you earn by defeating your enemies as they enter the battlefield. You start out with 150 gold coins to place your mighty towers. If an enemy crosses your land, your health decreases. If you lose all your health, it is game over and you will have lost the battle. You can also use your gold coins to upgrade your towers to make them better. If you don't need a tower anymore, you can also sell it again and get a small amount of coin back for it. This can be very useful if you misplaced a tower or you want to build another type of tower there later on. If you use the strategy in this guide, you will never put a tower in the wrong place, but you will need to sell some towers to replace them with better towers. The game also lets you pause or fast forward the game. This is a very useful way to speed up the game or make changes to the strategy during the game. So, let's get this show on the road. Start the game, choose the map Meridell's counterattack and play as Darigan. It is necessary to play the hard map and to keep your health at 100 percent to get a perfect score. This guide will help you achieve that.

The strategy is focused around the 5 by 8 square in the top right corner of the battlefield and the power of the catapult tower. Since we do not have enough gold coins to start with the placement of these towers, we start by using the cheapest tower, the wooden tower. This is a step by step guide. It gets you the max score without thinking yourself, but it does take a bit of the fun of the game away. Below you can see the square this strategy is all about. The yellow line is the route the enemies will take based on our strategy, from right to left. So let's meet the enemies:


  • Peasant militia – worth 5 points
  • Quiggle Runner – worth 10 points
  • Skeith Defender – worth 15 points
  • Draik Sentinel – worth 15 points
  • Quiggle Scout – worth 20 points
  • Giant Turtum – worth 30 points
  • Blue Shoyru – 100 points – This Shoyru attacks your towers.
  • Jeran – 300 points

Use fast forward, especially when your setup is done. Always pause when replacing towers. The rest of the upgrading can be done while playing or during a pause.

Start – Wave 1: You start with 150 gold points, so you have enough for three wooden towers. Place them on the spots A, B, and E. At the end of wave 1 you can place another on spot F.

Wave 2: Place a wooden tower on spots C and D.

Wave 3: Place a wooden tower on spot G. Save your golden coins.

Wave 4: Save your golden coins.

Wave 5: When you have 150 coins, sell the wooden tower and replace it with a catapult tower on spot A.

Wave 6: When you have 150 coins, sell the wooden tower and replace it with a catapult tower on spot B.

Wave 7: The first tower attacker appears in this wave. It will attack tower D. Upgrade that tower just before it gets destroyed. Then sell wooden towers and replace it with a catapult towers on spot C and then D.

Wave 8: Again sell wooden towers and replace them with catapult towers on spot E and then F.

Wave 9: Upgrade tower A.

Wave 10: Upgrade tower B, then C.

Wave 11: Upgrade tower D.

Wave 12: Upgrade tower E, then F.

Wave 13: Replace wooden tower G with a catapult tower. Also place a catapult tower on spot H.

Wave 14: The second Shoyru attacker appears, no problems should arise. Upgrade tower G.

Wave 15: Place a catapult tower on spot I.

Wave 16: Place a catapult tower on spot J.

Wave 17: Upgrade towers A B, then C.

Wave 18: Upgrade towers D and E.

Wave 19: Upgrade towers F and G.

Wave 20: Save your golden coins.

Wave 21: Shoyru attacker number 3 arrives. Upgrade towers H, I, J.

Wave 22: Upgrade towers A, B, and C.

Wave 23: Upgrade towers D and E.

Wave 24: Again the Shoyru shows up. Upgrade towers F, G, H, and I.

Wave 25: Upgrade towers J, H, and I.

Wave 26: Upgrade tower J.

Wave 27: Save golden coins.

Wave 28: The blue Shoyru strikes again. Place a snowball tower on spot K.

Wave 29: Place a snowball tower on spot L.

Technically the strategy should be safe now. The following actions are optional and for extra safety.

Wave 29-37: Place and upgrade catapult towers on spots M, N, O, and P. The blue Shoyru appears in wave 33, but you don't have to pay attention to it.

Wave 38+39: Place a snowball tower on the spots below D and G.

Wave 44+48: In both waves the blue Shoyru appears.

Wave 50: Jeran is your enemy. Beat him and you win the game and get a score of 125,266. You spent 6,430 coins and completed the game in approximately 16 to 18 minutes. Congratulations!


The whole high score list will be filled with max scores. Using this strategy, you will get into that list yourself too. You enter the list at place 100 and then work your way up if another person sends in a max score. To get a trophy, you need to be in the top 17 when trophies are awarded. You only get one shot a month. Only one max score will register in the list. Since the list goes slower later in the month, the chances of being in the top 17 when trophies are awarded are bigger than in the beginning of the month. But don't send your score in too late in the month, because it might take a few days for your score to move up in the list. Getting in the high score list isn't hard, but getting in the top 17 at trophy time is the real challenge.

We hope this guide helps you get the max score for this game and more importantly a good shot at getting a nice trophy for this strategy game. Good luck and start playing Neopian Battlefield Legends. And let's hope there will be more battles to play in the future.

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