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Evil?? OH YEAH!!

by klutzygirl1


Also by gwendarwen

Jhudora is considered one of the most evil faeries in all of Neopia, yet she has never done anything to directly affect Neopia. So why is she considered so evil? What makes her any more vile than any of the other faeries? Is it her nefarious character? Is it her demanding ways? Here we will discuss the top 10 reasons that Jhudora is more evil than maybe even the Darkest Faerie.

10. She is distrusted by the other faeries.

I believe that one of the biggest indications that Jhudora is evil is the fact that she is highly distrusted by her faerie sisters. Now I realize that we really shouldn't judge someone based on the opinion of someone else; however, in this case I believe it to be the exception. The faeries are the most observant of all Neopians, and are often considered the most friendly of all residents as well. If they have a reason to distrust her, I feel the rest of us should do the same.

9. Her looks.

Again I am well aware of the old adage "don't judge a book by its cover," but Jhudora just has an evil look about her that is extremely hard to ignore. Although it is quite rare to see her away from her bluff, when you do she is always wearing a disdainful scowl. In fact in all the years I've spent in Neopia, I don't think that I have ever seen her with a smile on her face. There is also the fact that her purple and green striped hair often reminds me of another malicious person, one who liked to harm puppies. Anyone who would willingly model themselves after someone like that must truly be vile.

8. Jhudora's bluff.

Jhudora goes out of her way to separate herself from the rest of her faerie sisters. She built her home way up on the bluff as far away from the prying eyes of her sisters as she could get. By doing this, she also insured that only the bravest of Neopians are going to be willing to climb up high enough to pay her a visit. There is only one reason that I can think of that a person would want to insure that kind of privacy. She wanted to ensure that her nefarious deeds would remain going unnoticed by the rest of Neopia.

7. Her army of minions.

Every evil genius in the history of evil geniuses has had an army of evil minions to carry out their nefarious deeds. Jhudora is no exception to this. First in her arsenal of minions are her two Gruslen bodyguards Sarah and Daisy. These two ferocious kitties make sure that none of Jhudora's visitors get out of line. Jhudora also keeps an army of Bartami on hand to carry out her more menial tasks. Bartami are quite an unknown species as there are very few Neopians who are brave enough to own one themselves. I believe this is because of the heinous nature of these seemingly cute petpets. However, Jhudora's army seems to be perfectly content to do her evil bidding.

6. Her acquaintance with Neopia's most nefarious citizens.

Jhudora isn't normally seen talking to many Neopians, but the few that she has been seen with are quite questionable in nature. When Jhudora needs to bend someone's ear, which isn't often, her usual go to person is Sssidney from the Deserted Fairground. She has also been spending some time with the new governor of Krawk island as well. Neither of these two Neopians are particularly evil, but most of us believe them to be of the dishonest sort. Perhaps even more compelling than either of those two is the fact that Xandra made several visits to Jhudora before the fateful day she turned all the faeries to stone. Some may even argue that the whole plan had been Jhudora's idea.

5. Her hatred for Illusen.

Even the most evil of people are sometimes softened by the good deeds of others, but not Jhudora. Now we all know that Jhudora doesn't spend much time with any of her faerie sisters, but she goes out of her way to avoid Illusen. Jhudora doesn't like her faerie sisters much, but she absolutely despises Illusen. No one knows what actually happened between the two of them, but whatever it was, it must be something awful. It's hard to imagine anyone disliking Illusen with all of the good she does. Jhudora, however, just scorns whenever anyone mentions Illusen or her good deeds. She dislikes Illusen so much that if a Neopian does a quest for Illusen before visiting Jhudora, she refuses any help they have to offer and turns them away angrily.

4. Her manipulation of helpful kneepans.

Since we Neopians are such helpful people, we can't help but help people, even Jhudora. However, she is never grateful for the help that we offer. What does she do when some helpful kneepan wonders bravely up to her bluff? She gives them a disdainful "I see you've been helping my sisters..." Then she gives you exactly sixteen minutes to find her the (often expensive) items she seeks. If you fail her quest, she will send you back to her easy quests; of course, not without some rude remarks.

3. The Wand of the Dark Faerie.

The Wand of the Dark Faerie is one of the most powerful and elusive battledome weapons that exist in Neopia. This item is only given to the rare few that Jhudora deems worthy of wielding its extraordinary power. This is a very dark and dangerous weapon and I'm sure that Jhudora only gives it to those she is sure will use its destructiveness to spread evil and discord among Neopia's peaceful society.

2. Her joyful spread of malice.

Jhudora is never happier than when she is spreading discord and malice around Neopia. Apparently giving such prizes as purple blob potions and poisonous lollypops for completing her quest is not enough for her. She now also gives out poisoned items to unsuspecting Neopians through random events. This is not the kind of behavior one would expect from a perfectly innocent faerie, is it?

1. She's never been caught.

I feel the most telling sign of Jhudora's true nature is the fact that she's never been caught. It is rumored (and believed by most Neopians) that she has had a hand in almost all of the wrongdoings in Neopia. Yet as of now no one has been able to prove her involvement in such activities. I believe it is this kind of cunning intellect is proof that we are dealing with some kind of evil mastermind. Most people would eventually become overwhelmed with guilt over some of the horrendous things that it has been said Jhudora has done. However, in her case she remains quite unaffected.

I'm sure that after reading the aforementioned reasons most of you probably agree with me, that Jhudora definitely deserves her place in Neopia's Gallery of Evil. Even more so than that, we have a very evil faerie roaming freely around Neopia. Even if you don't agree with me on these facts, I urge you to keep your distance, but remain vigilant of her comings and goings. I'm sure we are not done feeling the wrath of the storm that is Jhudora.

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