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Top Ten Wearables for Maraquans

by auraichadora


As probably most of you know, there are a few colors for pets that just aren't able to be dressed like others for their species, and anyone with these pets knows how difficult it is to come up with a nice outfit when 95% of all clothes, handhelds, wigs, and other accessories are unable to fit them.

Maraquan is one of the pet colors that can't be dressed like all the others, and for customisers that own these popular and lovely pets, coming up with the most fitting outfit is a fun and frustrating challenge. However, there are a lot of perfectly themed items, both NP and NC, that Maraquans can wear. Also, with expection to one, all of these items are also very fitting for the other fish-like pets: Koi, Peophins, and Flotsams.

Like two previous articles I've done on wearables for another hard-to-dress body type, Babies, this is a list of the top ten wearables, based on my own opinions, for Maraquans, fitting for these underwater citizens of Neopia. How these may fit your specific pet depends on your own characters and preferences, but I do hope for those struggling to dress them up that these tips will help you out.

10. Maraqua Frame – NC – Bonus prize from The Great Mystery Capsule Adventure Continues event

This coral and algae themed item is a nice accessory for Maraquans, framing your pet with columns of sea-blue and aged as if sunk to the bottom of the sea. The bubbles that blow and pop from the flowing sea grass also adds a nice touch. This was a bonus prize from 2010's mystery capsule event, given out randomly to those that bought all five of the event's capsules and received the limited edition item that was inside, so obtaining one may be a bit on the difficult side.

9. Underwater Net Background – NP – Approximate price at writing: 6,900NP

I'm going to be upfront: there are not many Neopoint items that fit perfectly well for Maraquans, at least based on the common underwater or ocean/sea theme. This is one of the few, but even without animation your pet can still have an underwater haven – although with this particular one, your pet may feel like they are about to be fished out! Combining this with more animated items, like the previous mentioned Maraquan Frame or the currently unmentioned Seaweed Bubble Shower, adds the extra and convincing charm.

8. Pretty Tropical Lagoon Background – NC – 200NC

This buyable background allows for Maraquans to live above the water, but also underneath to allow for breathing (they are fish, after all!). The tropical setting makes it seem like they are taking a vacation on the shores of Mystery Island, and in the privacy of their own little cove. This is still a buyable background from the NC Mall, so whether you are a current owner or dream of having a Maraquan pet of your own, this should be available for a long time.

7/6. MME7-S5: Kelp and Coral Garland/MME7-S5: Undersea Coral Garden Foreground – NC – MME Stage

These two confusingly named items are way too similar to want to rank one over the other. Both stages, rewarded to those that owned the once-evolving seventh MME (Mysterious Morphing Experiment, for those not familiar with the abbreviation), feature colorful coral and other sea life either above or below your pet. These can provide that extra bit of flair to backgrounds that already have flowing animation to them, or pop out against the Neopoint backgrounds.

5. Underwater Shipwreck Background – NP – Approximate price at writing: 340,000NP

This very expensive background was a prize during 2008's Daily Dare, awarded to those that bested AAA on March 29th's particular challenge. The dark blue hues makes the sunken ship and treasure pop out like the shiny gold coins they are. Combining this with treasure-themed items like Sparkling Treasure Chest and Kreludan Treasure Chest add more of the treasure detail, and combining with bubbly and wavy accessories perfects the look.

4. Seaweed Bubble Shower – NC – Retired (was 200NC)

The previously mentioned Seaweed Bubble Shower is likely the best foreground out there, adding wavy seaweed, lots of bubbles, and that relaxing movement that will make any Maraquan feel like they're home. It's versatile for pretty much any background without taking away the overall look of it. However, this retired during one of the mall's Super Sales and is unavailable for purchase. Although if you look around, you may be able to find this up for trade and be able to obtain it pretty easily.

3. Underwater Background – NP – Approximate price at writing: 600,000NP

Really, what's more fitting than an item called Underwater Background? This, to me, is the best background out there for Maraquans, with all the tones of being just below the surface, and light enough to help items like the Seaweed Bubble Shower and MME7 coral items pop out beautifully. However, this is also the most expensive of the listed Neopoint items, being Rarity 91 and few actually posted on the trading post, but if you do have the points to spare, it may be worthwhile to check out.

2. MME6: Trapped in a Bubble Foreground – NC – MME Stage

This cute and shiny bubble makes your Maraquan look... well, like they are inside of a big bubble! Almost like a pretty orb, pets look like they have a special spot under the water in order to breathe air, and still playful enough for Maraquans that want to fool around with the many bubbles that form and pop in the seas. This was a stage in the sixth MME, but unlike the previously mentioned MME7 stages, this was given out to everyone that owned the MME when it was evolving and likely can be found in abundance on other users' tradelists.

1. Maraquan Fancy Dress – NC – 150NC

This was the first Maraquan-only wearable released, and one of two clothing-specific wearables they can use. Sadly, this is more fitting for females over males due to being a flowy dress. However, the dress makes it appear that Maraquans are swimming through the water, the skirt having that soft and subtle motion to it to add an extra amount of cuteness to an already cute pet. Also, because this is buyable in the mall, it can currently be obtained at any time you own a Maraquan pet.

And that's it, my top ten list of wearables for Maraquans! I'm sure many of you may have different opinions than my own, so please experiment and find the right wearables for your underwater mermaids. Good luck, and have lots of fun!

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