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Guide to Scorchy Slots: A Neo Antique

by marinexiguana


Ah, Scorchy Slots, an easy, straightforward gambling game that you either love or hate.

As it costs 5 Neopoints each play, you will have to put time and effort in making a profit off of this game. Luckily, I am here to help you win Bottled Faeries, Treasure Map pieces, and Neopoints.

The Icons

There are 10 icons in Scorchy Slots: Cherry, Strawberry, Grapes, Watermelon, Apple, Peach, Bell, Scrolled Map Piece, Faerie, and Money Bag. Now, getting 3 or 4 of the same icon in a row will result in a certain amount of Neopoints or prize awarded depending on the icon.


The fruit icons (Cherry, Strawberry, Grapes, Watermelon, Apple, Peach) and the Bell reward a specific number of Neopoints, the lowest being 15 Neopoints from getting three Cherries in a row to the most being 1,200 Neopoints from getting four Bells in a row. Three Money Bags awards 600 Neopoints, but more important, 4 Money Bags means you have just won the Jackpot and a change to receive a Scorchy Slots trophy! The amount of Neopoints in the Jackpot varies, for it is reset to 0 once someone wins; however, you can see the Jackpot amount on the front page of Scorchy Slots. Although this is an extraordinary feat, it rarely occurs, so most profit gained from this game will come from winning bottled faeries and treasure map pieces.

Three Faerie icons gives you a Bottle Faerie (Dark, Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Light), all individually worth around 2k. Spinning four Faerie icons rewards you with all 6 Bottled Faeries!

Three Scrolled Map Pieces rewards a single "Piece of a Treasure Map", which can vary in price from 2k-100k Neopoints depending on which piece you receive. Four Scrolled Map Pieces rewards three "Piece of a Treasure Map". You can choose to sell/trade these map pieces or collect all 9 unique pieces and redeem them for 10k Neopoints and an array of prizes (which sometimes include extremely rare items).

Feature Position

Occasionally, a number enclosed in a yellow circle will appear in the corner of the icon. This number will be used to determine your feature position on the strip of a map below the slots. If you are able to fill all 8 of the circles on the map, you will gain or lose Neopoints (and sometimes no Neopoints are added or lost). Now, normally you would have to receive a high enough numerical value on the yellow circles on your current center row of slots to reach the 8 requirement; however, if "Feature Position Held for Next Spin" is written above the strip of map, the current illuminated numbers will stay illuminated for the next spin, increasing your chances of reaching 8. Although there is a chance of losing Neopoints, it is more likely you will receive some (up to 50 Neopoints).

Holding Option

Scorchy Slots randomly gives you the option to hold your icons for a few rounds (and sometimes only one). This option will appear as a checkbox below the slots and above the feature map strip. You are allowed to choose which slot(s) you want to hold for the next spin. This is when a little bit of strategy comes into play.

My Strategy

General Guidelines:

Never, never, never hold any fruit icons or the Bell icon when you have a Money Bag, Faerie, or Scrolled Map Piece icon! If you are trying to get the Scorchy Slots trophy, always hold Money Bag icons when the Jackpot is high enough for you to land on the Hi-Score Table. However, if you do not care about receiving a trophy and you would rather make a profit from the game, prioritize Scrolled Map Piece icons! You only need three Scrolled Map Piece icons to receive a Piece of a Treasure Map, which can have a value between 2k and 100k, while three Money Bag icons rewards you with 600 Neopoints (rarely will you receive the fourth Money Bag icon to win the Jackpot). In the long run, going for Scrolled Map Piece icons will have a greater payout. If you have to choose between Faerie icons and Money Bag icons, I would choose Faerie icons because even if you receive a Bottle Faerie worth 1,200 Neopoints (from spinning 3 Faerie icons in a row), that is worth more than the 600 Neopoints you would receive from 3 Money Bag icons.

More Specific Guidelines:

Let's talk about odds of getting three of kind/four of a kind, regardless of what the icon is. The ideal situation for holding icons is to have two of a kind in the middle two slots, that way; you have a chance of getting the same icon on either end, or possibly both ends! It is less likely you will receive any prize when holding two icons on the two far sides, for you would have to get the same icon in the middle two slots. Although this will rarely be successful, it is your decision to make depending on which icons you have present. If you have two of the same icons separated by one slot, the chance of getting three of a kind is greater than the last scenario, so go for it. The last possibility is that you spin a roll of four different icons and have to decide which to hold. Now, only choose one icon in this situation to increase your chances of receiving three/four of a kind. Personally, I would always pick the Scrolled Map Piece icon, no matter its slot position. It is important to note though that choosing an icon on the inner two slots will more likely result in a prize-winning spin, so you may have to take this into consideration if you are stuck between gaining profit off of Treasure Map pieces and trying to win the Jackpot.


At 5 Neopoints a spin, Scorchy Slots can be quite the profitable game if you play all your spins that day. (Your Neopet eventually gets bored of playing.) Furthermore, you will increase your profits by playing all your spins daily, as I do. It is great to do in between chatting, playing games, monitoring your Habitarium, etc. I suggest first aiming for the trophy (in case this ancient game retires soon), and then try to maximize your payout by focusing on winning Treasure Map pieces.

Good luck!

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