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Letters to Rachel

by arty32097


Dear Rachel, Month of Sleeping

     Happy Late New Year! And guess what? It happened. Momma finally painted me Rainbow today. Can you imagine it? Me, a Rainbow Xweetok! I just wish you were here to see it. I think Momma does too. I heard her crying last night, when she thought us three were asleep, me, Ty, and Quee. Why'd you have to leave? You said you wanted bigger and better things, but what's bigger or better than your family? We miss you. I hope, someday, you get a chance to read these letters.



     Dear Rachel, Month of Awakening

     Today, Ty turned 200 days old. I think she's probably the happiest blue Kacheek I've ever seen. I gave her a picture of herself, which she said she loved and would always keep. Momma said she would save her gift for when Ty was a year old, but I don't think she knows what to get her yet. Remember how she used to have our gifts ready like eight months in advance? And we badgered her so much that eventually she'd just give us each one at the half year mark. But I noticed her picking up Quee's presents just yesterday, and Quee has her second birthday in a month. I'm a little worried about Momma. She hasn't seemed the same since you left.



     Dear Rachel, Month of Running

     Quee had her birthday last week, and I think Momma pulled through all right. Quee got an Aisha Alien Goo Ball and an Aisha sock puppet. I think she liked getting things related to Aishas, seeing as she is one herself. Momma also promised her that one day soon they would go out and buy her a paintbrush, since she's been green for a while now.

     Thanks for the postcard; we all enjoyed it very much. I loved the way the Mynci pointed to his ear and said, "Wish you were HEAR." You remembered that I love puns. I'm sorry that I can't send you a thank-you note, because you mentioned that you would be moving on soon. Even though you didn't say where you were going to, it was still great to HEAR from you for the first time in three months. I'm sorry, that was a bad joke. It didn't even make sense, really. I hope you laughed anyway.



     Dear Rachel, Month of Eating

     A lot of things happened this month. Quee is now painted Split, I have all As this month on my report card, and Ty taught Quee's Warf how to beg, since she doesn't have a Petpet yet. Something tells me more food is going to be disappearing around here than usual, and not just the vegetables.

     Momma is so proud of me. She says you would be proud too. I can't help but wonder if you really would, and then I think of course you would be... Wouldn't you?

     I don't care if you're proud or not, I just want you back. Please, please come back. I miss you. You used to read me a book every night, except it had to be something that you picked out. It was nearly always about Xweetoks, since you're one, too, so I was always okay with it. And the way you read them was perfect. You had different voices for all of the characters and you made them funny just so I would laugh, except I couldn't otherwise Momma would come in. I know you had to be laughing inside when I took a deep breath to try to hold it in. Don't you remember that? And that time when we went to Mystery Island, all of us, and I hurt my front leg down by the beach, and Momma couldn't get me to stop crying, but you did? Do you remember? Please remember. Please come back.



     Dear Rachel, Month of Hunting

     Today's my birthday, and I'm so excited! I'm four years old today! I got everything I wanted- an Anti-Gravity Rainbow Cube Toy and a set of Beach Volley Ball Marbles. Momma went through all the Xweetok stuff, between me and you, last year, so she had to branch out a bit.

     Today, we also got a letter from you! It turns out Momma found you over in Moltara for long enough to send you a letter telling you all about what we've been doing. And she was right- you were proud of me. Momma actually smiled a real smile when we girls screamed because we were so excited about the letter.

     The sad part is that you said you're not coming home soon. You said that there was so much more you had to see. I guess I understand. You've always been adventurous; you've always wanted to see the world. I guess that's fine. Just don't take too long, okay?



     Dear Rachel, Month of Relaxing

     Summer! School has finally been let out, and now we get about three months of relaxation before we have to go back in September, leaving out June, which is almost over. My report card had all As again, and Momma has agreed to give me one extra present for Day of Giving this year, as a reward. Quee got all As and Bs, and so did Ty, so she's pretty happy with them, too.

     Guess what? Momma's getting our presents early again. Along with getting all of Ty's presents, because her birthday is next month, she also got Quee's and yours. I think she's hoping you'll be back by September, which is, of course, when your birthday is. I hope you keep writing to us, because we all feel better after you do. It's like we're climbing a mountain, and we're almost to reaching the top. Sometimes we have to slow down, you know, but we keep going.



     Dear Rachel, Month of Swimming

     Happy Birthday to Ty! She got an Eizzil, which I happen to know she's been wanting forever, and a reminder that she'll probably get a bit less for Christmas than the rest of us, but I don't think she cares. She named it Loopie and is already working on teaching it how to fetch. I wouldn't be surprised if she does it, too.



     Dear Rachel, Month of Hiding

     It's so hot. I didn't even know it could get this hot in Neopia Central. We're baking, and Momma's buying Chia Pops by the truckload. I don't think she wants a reenactment of last year's episode, where Quee fainted after being outside for four hours straight.

     Mostly, I've been inside, drawing. Or outside, if Momma makes me, because I need "to soak up some sun". You remember that I love drawing, right? I've been doing it forever. It's mostly pictures of us, but lately, I've been doing landscapes, like Tyrannia in the winter, or a full Virtupets Space Station. Oh, and I write a lot too. They've been teasing me since the first month, because a lot of times I spend an hour or two scribbling away at my desk, but I think it is nice teasing.



     Dear Rachel, Month of Gathering

     Happy Birthday. I wish I could say it's been a fun day, but honestly, I promised myself I'd tell the truth, so it will be just like you were here this whole time when you come back. When you didn't come back today, Momma looked crushed. I felt so horrible when I saw her face as she took your presents off the dining room table. I guess it was hard for her knowing that she wouldn't be able to celebrate your sixth birthday with you. It's been hard for me, too. When you left, back at the very end of the month of Celebrating... it was so tough. You'll be back by then this year, though. Right?



     Dear Rachel, Month of Collecting

     Momma said to let the younger kids have a letter this time. They've lately taken to reading over my shoulder, which, of course, I have to let them do, mainly because I think you would too.

     From Quee (Meant, I think, to be read in a really fast voice):


     Hello. It's been... forever. Gosh, I feel like I'm writing to some distant relative. Have you been to Terror Mountain yet? Is it pretty? I really, REALLY want to go, but Momma says no, not till next year, or maybe the year after. It's hard waiting, though! Speaking of which, when are you coming back? Oh, and please excuse Ty's letter. She misspelled some words, and wouldn't let me fix them. Miss you lots!


     From Ty:

     "Dear Rachel,

     That's how Luci always starts her letters. I'm pretty sure she's right about how to do it. She's been going to Neoschool longer, at least. Don't you think that's smart? I mean, I'm not always the best at Spelling, but at least I can tell that, right? And besides, I have A's in everything else except for Math, and no one likes Math, not even Max who lives next door, and he's REALLY smart. Anyway, it was grate to have a part in this letter. Would you thank Luci for me?


     I hope you enjoy their contribution. I know they did. Ty spent so long working on hers- she would've skipped dinner if Momma hadn't have called her like six times. They miss you a lot, you know. I miss you too.



     Dear Rachel, Month of Storing

     Hip, hip, hooray, it's Xweetok Day!

     Don't you just love today? It's especially beautiful out today, because we got our first snowfall. Everything is tucked up under this massive, deep blanket of snow. You know what? I think it might be warm under all that snow, just because there's so much of it. Ty, of course, loves it out there. I think she's crazy. I'd much rather be in my room writing.

     Did I tell you? I'm working on a piece for the Neopian Times. I hope you like it. It's my first try. I have a feeling you will love it, though...



     Dear Rachel, Month of Celebrating

     Today's the day.

     Day of Giving, I mean. We all got some pretty good presents. I got a Light Faerie Pen, which I love. Now, I can write in the dark!

     But, that wasn't the best gift.

     Mom also got me, for my good-grades gift, an Angelpuss, which I named Rachie, after you.

     That was awesome, and I was so excited. But... it wasn't the best.

     You want to know what was?

     Hearing a knock at the door, and answering it, just to see you standing there, your pretty, sleek blue and brown coat dripping wet, and looking at your half smile.

     That was the best gift anyone could ever give me.

     And who knows? Maybe, someday, I'll join you on a trip. Not for too long, though. We don't want a repeat of this getting into the Neopian Times, do we?



The End

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