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Fashion Frenzy: What kind of Customizer are you?

by katiecoo802


Is styling stressing you out? Don't know how to plan your pet's next great look? Have hundreds of Classic Beauty Marks clogging your SDB? Fear not, dear Neopian, the quizmaster is here to aid in your many customization crises! With more and more wearables becoming available each and every day, many Neopians feel overwhelmed when it comes to customizing their pets. With this simple quiz you, YES, YOU! will be able to determine your styling personality and be on your way to fabulous customizations for your pets (and a cleaner closet).

1. Let's start with what you already have. How many items do your pets usually wear?

A. Well, they've got to have a fully put together ensemble including an outfit, accessories, and trinkets, so probably about four or five.

B. It really depends on the pet—some require just a tasteful background, while others demand a more filled out customization.

C. As many as possible! No less than seven items on each pet. How else will they stand out?

D. Probably just one or two.

2. We all have that one item we come back to again and again. What's your closet staple?

A. Skeleton Face Paint! It can range from creepy to elegant depending on how you style it, and it's always an impressive item to have on your pets.

B. Faerie Dust Shower, because it adds just the right amount of sparkle to any custom.

C. I almost never reuse items—why would I when there are so many I still haven't used yet?

D. Field of Grass Background is simple, and looks good with just about any pet.

3. Neat! Just out of curiosity, what's your favorite paint brush color?

A. Royal, of course. It even comes with its own wardrobe!

B. I love the variability of Desert pets; they all seem to have distinct personalities.

C. It really depends on the time of year. They can't look out of season after all!

D. A classic without all the fuss of clothes, like White or Shadow.

4. On an average day, where in Neopia is someone most likely to find you? (When you're not busy customizing, of course!)

A. At Kelp enjoying the finest food in Neopia and scoping out the latest trends among high society.

B. Ever since Faerieland crashed, I've found its crystal pools and lush scenery enchanting.

C. The Neopian Times headquarters! Got to keep up on current events.

D. I don't like crowds much, so you can usually find me in the secluded forests of Kiko Lake.

5. What's your biggest (Neo)pet peeve?

A. People who are too lazy to put any effort into make their account look nice.

B. Abandoned or neglected pets :(

C. Boredom—I can't stand it when there's not a plot or site event happening!

D. Extravagant and garish displays of wealth or status.

6. Yeah, that's super annoying. Where do you spend most of your time chatting on Neopets?

A. The Customization Board, of course! I always ask for ratings so I know I'm on trend.

B. I love roleplaying, I'm usually engrossed in a story or two on those boards.

C. The NC Mall board moves quickly and is constantly changing depending on what new items are in season.

D. To be honest, I usually just use Neomail—boards are too busy or use complicated anagrams.

7. Alright, just one last question: what is your favorite Neopian holiday?

A. The NC Mall birthday celebration, so I can try to get rare re-released items in caps.

B. Something

C. Day of Giving! No, wait, Halloween! No, wait, Festival of Neggs! No, wait—

D. The hilarity of March 3rd never fails to amuse me.

Mostly As: The Fashionista

You truly are part of the fashion elite! As someone who appreciates the finer things in life, you settle for nothing but the most expensive and popular wearables when it comes to customizing your pets. You're up on all the latest trends, and probably help set quite a few of them! Just remember that more luxurious items do not equal a more beautiful customization—does that Pretty Little Daisy really match your Geraptiku Tomb Background, or did you just include it because it's rare? It's great to show how hard you've worked on Neopets for your high-value items, just be sure to take a step back now and again to see if they're helping or hindering your customizations. That one final trinket that adds the perfect finishing touch to your customization could very well cost less than a fresh slice of omelette!

Mostly Bs: The Storyteller

When it comes to customization, you have just one thing in mind: your pets! Customizing your pets is all about expanding upon their personalities and background stories. You use wearables to help your pets express themselves, and attempt to produce sincere, character-appropriate customizations. A fancy background doesn't mean anything if it's behind a pet who clearly doesn't belong in that particular scenario. Just remember that like your pets' stories, their customizations should be journeys; they should progress along with your pets' characters. After living in Neopia for more than half a decade, your pet might not be a Usuki fanatic anymore—allow your customizations to follow your pets' transformations, and you'll find they're happier (and look better) than ever.

Mostly Cs: The Holiday Junkie

Wow, can you say seasonal enthusiast? You are all about customizing and re-customizing your pets to fit whatever is current. Your pets wouldn't be caught dead wearing their heavy sweaters in the Month of Swimming, and you likely plan your customizations several months ahead in preparation for upcoming holidays and site events. You have an amazing amount of dedication and creativity that allows you to construct looks for each of your pets with every passing season. Do make sure, however, that your pets aren't overwhelmed with the constant changes of scenery. Perhaps your Draik really isn't that big a Yooyuball fan and doesn't want to dress up for the Altador Cup this year. It's great to celebrate the seasons of Neopia, just be sure you don't lose sight of your pets' interests too.

Mostly Ds: The Minimalist

Less is more, or at least that's your motto when it comes to customizing your pets. You're a strong believer in the power of simplicity, and the dramatic effect of an uncluttered background or clothes-less pet. After all, if you have a great item that really sets your pet off just right, why distract from it with less fitting trinkets or clothes? While it's great to focus on just a couple perfect items for your pets' customizations, make sure your dedication to simplicity isn't limiting your creativity; sometimes a lack of wearables is imaginatively crushing rather than freeing. Besides, you may just have a pet who isn't so tidy—would your Darigan Skeith really just have that one garland, or would he hoard every trinket he could get his hands on?

I hope this quiz has been both enlightening and fun! Regardless of your result, remember that customization is meant to be fun, not a chore, so if you find yourself stressing over your pet's latest look, take a step back and remember what makes your pet special and why you love him or her so much! If you're really stumped, try asking your Neofriends for a little advise—a fresh perspective can make all the difference in the world. That's all for now Neopians, happy customizing!

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