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Top 5 Most Unwanted Random Events

by mercy_angel


I already told you about the top 10 most wanted random events in my last article, so now it's only fair I tell you about the most unwanted random events. There are so many in Neopia that it would be difficult to list them all! I've picked the worst out of the bunch and completely ignored the random events that don't do anything or do very little. I've grouped the chosen random events into 5 categories to make things a little easier on everyone. :)

5) Disease Causing Events

Being sick is never any fun for anyone and this includes Neopets. When they're sick, their mood starts to go down and you constantly need to give them a toy to play with to cheer them up again. Some of the diseases are very expensive to cure so most people will rely on the Healing Springs for a cheap cure, but sometimes the Water Faerie there doesn't like to cooperate. Another cheap way to cure your Neopet is to have someone use a Mysterious Hemlock Dart on your Neopet in a 2 player fight. Most people think that sick Neopets can't battle, but they can if the other person is the one to challenge your Neopet. All your Neopet needs to do is accept the challenge and then stand still while the other Neopet attacks him/her with the dart. Once your Neopet is hit with the dart, the dart will randomly change the expensive disease to one that is most likely a lot cheaper. So, what are the disease causing events? They are:

a) Something has happened! Hubrid Nox stares at you, and his eyes glow. All your Neopets have come down with a bad case of (Disease)'!!!

Great, now you're not just dealing with one sick Neopet, but all of them are sick!!! If you're lucky, the Healing Springs will heal all of them in one visit, but if you're not, then you will need to buy a cure to individually cure each Neopet or have someone else dart them one by one for you. If you're patient, you can just wait until you can visit the Healing Springs again.

b) Something has happened! The Darkest Faerie appears and decides to give one of your pets a disease. What did you ever do to her?! You'd better go check on your pets to see what happened.

The Darkest Faerie can target any Neopet on your account, not just the active one. If you miss the random event, you may not notice right away that one of your Neopets is sick.

c) Something has happened! (Your pet) has suddenly come down with a bad case of (Disease)!!!

Like the previous random event mentioned, this random event can target any of your Neopets. Even if your active Neopets looks fine, you may want to check on your other Neopets to make sure they aren't sick.

4) Item Changing Events

Item changing events are just one of the random events that can affect any of the items in your inventory. To best way to protect your valuables from these random events is to ensure that all your valuables are safely tucked away in your SDB where the evildoers can't get to them. An alternative would be to also have lots of less important items (without exceeding 50 items) in there so the chances of them getting the valuable item are slightly decreased. The evildoers to watch out for are Sloth and Meuka.

a) Something has happened! SLOTH FIRES HIS RAY GUN AT YOU!!! Your (Item) is turned into a mound of sludge!

Sloth will target anything in your inventory with his ray gun. People say the item he targets is completely random, but some have started to wonder if Sloth's plan is to go after the most expensive item, but misses and hits a cheap item instead due to having horrible aim. Guess the only person who'll ever know the answer to that would be Sloth himself and he has no intentions of revealing his master plans to anyone.

b) Something has happened! Meuka slimes up and eats your (Item), but the good news is that he left you a lovely lump of Snot!

Very similar to the previous random event, but instead of a pile of sludge you get left with a disgusting Snot Burger. The good news about this random event is that Meuka will only target food items. If you don't have any food items in your inventory, Meuka won't pay you a visit.

3) Stolen Item Events

Stolen item events are the other set of random events that affect the items you have in your inventory. Unlike the item changing events, these random events will leave nothing in the place of your stolen item except an empty space. The same precautions that are used for the item changing events should be used here to protect your valuables from being taken without your permission. The ones to keep a lookout for here are the Pant Devil, the Grundo Leader and the Shadow Usul.

a) Something has happened! The Pant Devil attacks!!! He steals (Item).

When it comes to stealing items, the Pant Devil is in a league of his own. He's so well feared that there's even an item designed to distract him from taking your valuable items. That item is the Pant Devil Attractor. No one knows for sure if this item actually works, but Neopians are willing to give it a try if there's a slight chance of it keeping their valuables safe. On the plus side, if the Pant Devil can't seem to leave you alone you can always go to the battledome (BD) and challenge him to a duel.

b) Something has happened! The Grundo Leader attacks!!! He steals (Item).

The Grundo Leader might not be as frightening as the Pant Devil, but he's still a nuisance. If memory serves me correctly, I've had more visits from him than from the Pant Devil and Shadow Usul combined. This was especially true during my days as an inventory Kad feeder. I'm pretty sure I "fed" the Grundo Leader more times with my Kad invent than I did actual Kads since I eventually gave up on invent feeding and switched to SW feeding. Now if only the Grundo Leader was a BD challenger. ;)

c) Something has happened! What was that sound? Your (Item) is nowhere to be seen! Who could have taken it?

The answer to that question would be the Shadow Usul. She's one sneaky criminal. It only takes her a second to steal one of the items from your inventory and then another second to make her speedy getaway. That's probably why she hasn't been arrested by the Chia Police Force yet.

2) Tax Events

For anyone who is a restocker (RSer), the tax random events have got to be one of the worst random events invented. These random events target all the NP you have out on hand and those who are frequent RSers usually carry more NP on hand than the average Neopian. The more NP you have on hand, the more you lose since these random events always take a percentage of what you have. To keep your NP safe, you should always deposit what you don't need right away in the bank. If that isn't possible then don't be surprised if the Tax Beast or Dr. Sloth's associates decide to pay you an unwelcomed visit. The only upside of these random events is the possibility of obtaining a shiny new trophy for your look up if you're high enough on the high score table (HST).

a) Something has happened! Not been paying your bills eh? The Tax Beast arrives and takes 10% of your Neopoints away!


Something has happened! Not been paying your bills eh? The ANGRY Tax Beast arrives and takes 25% of your Neopoints away... because he is ANGRY.

Depending on his mood, the Tax Beast can either take 10% or 25% of your on hand NP. If you're trying for the trophy you would want the random event where he taxes you for 25%. Those who want to keep their NP for themselves would hope for the 10%.

b) Something has happened! Dr. Sloth has his "associates" take 20% of your Neopoints away to support his next Neopian invasion effort.

No one knows when Dr. Sloth's next invasion will take place or how he's spending all that stolen NP. All Neopians know is that it will be expensive, judging by the amount of NP his associates have taken from those on the HST of the Sloth Invasion Tax.

1) Pet Changing Events

Obtaining your dream Neopet is probably one of the most memorable events in Neopia. However, there are many random events that can take that away in a flash if you're not careful with your Neopets. Some of these random events will only target your active Neopet, but some can affect any of the Neopets on your account. To protect your dream Neopet from these alterations, make sure he/she is not the active Neopet and ensure that your Neopets are always well fed and have plenty of toys to keep them happy. These random events are:

a) Something has happened! Oh no! Boochi fires his ray gun and turns (Your pet) into a Baby!!!

Baby Neopets are cute and all, but not everyone wants one, especially if it means having one forced upon you. The only way to keep a Neopet from getting Boochied is to ensure that it's not active. Use a Neopet that isn't as important as a "Boochi shield" that way if he does pay you a visit and doesn't miss with his ray gun he'll only get a Neopet you don't care about being turned into a Baby.

b) Something has happened! Oh no! Where on earth is (Your pet), you can't find him/her anywhere!!! Where on Neopia could he be?

An invisible Neopet might sound cool, but it's not. When a Neopet is invisible you can't tell if he/she is sick or crying because you can't see the expression on his/her face. The best way to avoid getting this event is to have a Neopet active that can't be painted Invisible.

c) Something has happened! (Your pet) doesn't look very happy. In fact, he/she looks downright Blue. Maybe a toy would help.

With all the colours available at the Rainbow Pool, most people tend to not have basic colour pets anymore if they can help it. The only way to avoid getting this random event is to make sure that all your Neopets are happy 24/7. This is extremely important because this is one of those random events that can target any of the Neopets on your account.

d) Something has happened! Erm... (Your Pet) looks a little... angry. Don't you think you should keep him/her happy?

Very similar to the previous random event except that your Neopet turns red instead of blue. Like the previous random event, this one also targets any Neopet that's on your account.

***Please note that TNT has ensured us that unconverted (UC) Neopets can't be affected by these random events.

There you have it, fellow Neopians, the top 5 most unwanted random events in Neopia. Hopefully luck will be on your side and you end up getting more good random events than you do bad ones. :)

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