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Accused Again?

by kitty_power_2298


'Judge Hog stared at the Pant Devil! The Pant Devil saw Judge Hog! Both of their eyes met. They were standing face to face. It was a showdown! What happened next?'

     I was curled up snugly on my soft and wooly babaa chair with my favourite comic book "The Adventures of Judge Hog". Just as the plot thickened, my twin sister, Michelle the blue Usul, curtly interrupted me.

     "Victoria!" she screamed at the top of her voice. I knew something was up since she called me by full name as compared to the usual 'Tori'. The sound of her footsteps stomping against the hard parquet floor thundered in my ears. The next thing I knew, she instantly came barging into the room. I saw that her cheeks were flushed with fury and her fist was clenched.

     "Give me back my bag of neopoints! Now!" she yelled furiously.

     "Neopoints? What bag of neopoints?" I asked innocently, "I did not take your neopoints."

     "I know you took my bag of neopoints! I have been saving up my neopoints because there was this gorgeous rainbow head band and bow set I have been wanting to purchase at 'Unis Clothing'. I finally have enough neopoints just to realize that all of them are gone. Tell me! What have you done with it?! The whole bag could not possibly have evaporated into the air!" my sister, Michelle, shouted.

     "Look, Michelle, I really did not take anything that belong to you without your knowledge. Maybe you might have somehow misplaced it somewhere else. Did you check the your other bags?" I replied trying to be as calm and composed as I did not want to have a discordant argument with my sister over such a trivial matter.

     "Do not try to deny it! You must have taken all my neopoints because you wanted to buy a new comic book. I will get to the bottom of this," Michelle retorted and slammed the door behind her. It was as if I could almost feel the neohome shake. I felt extremely hurt at her harsh accusations. I felt the insides of me burn. My eyes brimmed with tears that just kept on coursing down my cheeks.

     Michelle and I were born identical. When we were younger, people had a tedious time trying to tell us apart especially strangers. In fact, Michelle is actually slightly taller than me and I was born with a small birthmark. Since Michelle is my sister, I knew her inside and out, habits, likes and even dislikes. Michelle is a very protective sister towards me. Since she was born fifteen minutes before me, she always took it upon herself to help me whenever I was being bullied at school. However, she is also known for her foul temper and her impatience in the family. This time, Michelle was accusing me when I was completely innocent! Despite knowing my sister's character, I did not expect her to accuse me like this. I felt so unjust.

     At this point in time, I was in no mood to continue reading my comic book. I decided to go out of the house and to the nearby park for some peace and tranquility. It was much better as compared to hearing my sister complain, nag and shout about her painful loss.

     I want to help Michelle to find her neopoints but where on Neopia should I start looking? Then again, she probably would not want my help because she thinks that I am a thief. I told myself.

     I continued walking aimlessly along the park. The lush greenery had indeed a very soothing effect.

     "Ahh! The smell of freshly cut grass," I sighed. I stared at the colourful sky with a bright array of various shades. Clouds of many shapes and sizes drifted over the colourful haven. From a distance, I could see tiny cirrus playing on the clouds. How carefree they seem! There is a streak of blue at the fringe of the sun. The sun itself is turning into a dark crimson red as it sets. Shades of orange hues started to appear. I looked on the pavement of the park. The shadows were gaining ground. I knew it was getting late and I should head back to the neohome. I felt much more calm and less upset as before. Anyway, Mother would probably be preparing dinner promptly as always.

     I reach the street of Wishing Well Drive. I could not imagine hearing my sister complaint about her bag of neopoints and claiming I took it. I rolled my eyes. I did not want to argue with my sister over something I clearly did not do. I stared dismally at my front door. Was I really ready to go in?

     No, I did not do anything wrong. Why should I be worried? I told myself. I opened the door slowly and peered in. I immediately detected the aroma of an mélange of epicurean delights. All seems well so far. I silently closed the door behind me and walked past my sister's room. Her door was left ajar and I could see her chatting with her friend via neomail.

     She seems terribly quiet, I thought but decided to shrug it off. It was better I avoided her least she snapped at me again.

     "Dinner time!" Mother called from the kitchen. I was indeed voracious especially after taking a whiff of mother's cooking. I walked towards to dining room when I saw Michelle at the other end of the room. Both our eyes met.

     A showdown! This is just like how Judge Hog and the Pant Devil met earlier in my comic I was reading this afternoon.

     Oh my Fyora! Please do not tell me she is going to start quarrelling with me. I am not in the mood! A thought crept into my mind.

     On the contrary, she quickly turned away and hurried into the kitchen.

     That is weird. This is unlike her character. Oh well. No news is good news.

     I went to the bathroom to sanitize my hands before dinner. Just as I came back, I saw Michelle serving me a plate of potatoes and stew. Yet again for the third time, our eyes met. However, this time I saw her eyes were full of guilt. As Michelle, was my twin, I could sense what she was telling me. Waves of sisterhood and chemistry flowed through us. I saw her cheeks turning as red as a bottled fire faerie and her eyes drooped down. I responded to her by blinking telling her that everything is going to be fine. I gave her a "Of course, I forgive you. You are my sister," kind of nod. She responded by replying a small smile.

     Although I was not exactly too sure when her neopoints had disappeared to, I knew that everything was back to normal.

     Perhaps it had something to do with her friend she was chatting with via neomail?


     The next day, I came back from my evening jog in the nearby park. I was feeling tired and sweaty so I went to get cleaned up. I came back into my room after a bath and took a book on the bookshelf to have a quiet read before dinner. In the lucid corner of my eye, I saw a bump under my covers. I slowly removed the wooly blanket. Lying on the soft sheets revealed the latest edition of the comic book I had been eying on for a period of time.

     I wonder...

The End

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