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Tender Toddler's Treasures: A Guide to Valentine's Gifts for your Baby Neopet

by mrs_cherish


It's Valentine's Day! That special day for showing your beloved pets just how much you care about them. Cards, flowers, sweets and plushies abound!

But what about your baby Neopets? As anyone that owns a baby Neopet will tell you, babies are by far the most lovable pets of them all! Sure, full-grown pets are nice, but one look at those big round eyes and sweet little fingers, and you don't just love them, oh no! You "wuv" them! Wuv is that special kind of love, when your heart just melts and you can't help but stick your lips out like a puckering Goldy and tawk like dis because that little cutie brings out so much warmth in your soul that it spreads up to your face and you don't care how foolish you look.

So, of course, you'll want to get your wuvwy liddle baby something extra special for Valentine's Day, to show them just how much you love luff wuv them. But what?

Fret not! Yet again, my gorgeous little lovely-wuvly face baby Usul (just look at her! Don't you just want to pinch those sweet little cheeks?) have done the leg-work for you! We've frolicked around Neopia together and reviewed the best (and worst!) gifts for your baby Neopet, and compiled it all into one indispensable guide! Convenient, huh?

Heart Shaped Chocolates

Category: Candy

Estimated Price: 900 NP

Evaluation: I thought we'd start with a Valentine's classic; the heart shaped box of heart shaped chocolates. Perfect, right? The heart shaped box signifies your love for them, and inside are some sweet delights that your pet can contentedly graze on throughout the day.

Unfortunately, this isn't so great for baby pets. You see, the little darlings have not yet developed a sense of self control. I gave this to my baby and while she did love the pretty box, and the yummy chocolates, she scarfed the whole lot down one after the other without barely pausing for breath! This led firstly to tears, because her chocolates were gone, and secondly to a very poorly tummy from eating so much so fast!

Great for an older pet, not so much for an impulsive little tot.

Score: 3/10

Valentines Girl Usuki/Valentines Boy Usuki

Category: Usuki Doll

Estimated Price: SKY-HIGH!

Evaluation: All Usukis are cute, but these ambrosial little dolls are just adorable! The Valentines Boy Usuki wears a neat little suit complete with tailcoat and bow tie, and the Valentines Girl Usuki has the sweetest little pink outfit (complete with matching headband!) and wears a lovely joyful expression. Any baby would be lucky to have them!

Unfortunately, these Usukis are both so rare that even if you raise enough Neopoints for one, they're extremely difficult to get hold of. At the time of writing this article, not a single one of either could be found for sale on either the Trading Post or the Shop Wizard.

Oh, well! I guess with a toy that expensive, you might not want to risk your clumsy little fumble-fingers playing with it anyway.

Score: 6/10

Usuki Snowy Sweetheart Set

Category: Usuki Doll

Estimated Price: 140 NP

Evaluation: After the disappointment of the Valentines Usukis, I turned my attention to finding a cheaper alternative for my Usuki-loving baby, and this was just the ticket! A very reasonably-priced set, this little outfit is great for creating a sweetheart look true to its name. Just put it on one of your baby's Usukis (or buy any cheap doll and change the outfit) and you've got a perfectly pleasant little Valentine's-themed Usuki, complete with pink coat and heart-shaped bag.

Score: 8/10

Valentine Baby Bonnet

Category: Clothes

Estimated Price: 150 NC (RETIRED!)

Evaluation: If wearables are more your baby's thing, you might want to consider this sweet little bonnet. A beautiful shade of pink, decorated with a delicate pattern of hearts and secured with a precious red ribbon, your little bundle of joy will look darling in this.

And what with the Month of Awakening being such a chilly time of year, it's also good for keeping the cold wind off your little one's face. On the downside, all the pink and hearts and bows do make it look a little feminine, so this might not appeal to the tastes of all boy (or tomboy!) babies.

Unfortunately, this item was retired in February 2010, so if you want one but missed it, you'll have to trade for it.

Score: 9/10

Valentine Baby Dummy

Category: Clothes

Estimated Price: 150 NC (RETIRED!)

Evaluation: All babies get a little fussy from time to time, and for some, a pacifier is just the thing to soothe away those grumps! If this describes your baby, then this little heart-shaped dummy might be the perfect gift. It's pink, it tastes like cherries, and it looks adorable! Everyone's happy!

This was released along with the Valentine Baby Bonnet, and they match perfectly, so getting them both would be a super cute option if you really wanted to spoil your baby this year. However, it was also retired along with the bonnet in February 2010, so again, if you don't already have one, it's time to get some gift boxes!

Score: 9/10

Dreamy Pink Hearts Background

Category: Mystical Surroundings

Estimated Price: 80,000 NP

Evaluation: If your baby loves to be customised, but you don't have Neocash, this might be just the thing for you! A lovely fantasy background. My baby just loved frolicking among the flossy pink clouds and watching the charming little clouds floating above her head.

Score: 8/10

Three Red Roses

Category: Gift

Estimated Price: 4,800 NP

Evaluation: Like most babies, mine really loves flowers and bright colours, so I thought she might like the tried-and-tested symbol of love, roses. Specifically, Three Red Roses, tied together with a simple red ribbon, available at the Neopian Gift Shop.

Unfortunately, while pretty, these flowers do have thorns. My baby barely touched these before she was brought to tears by a pricked finger. I should've seen that one coming.

Score: 2/10

Rose in a Balloon

Category: Gift

Estimated Price: 11,000 NP

Evaluation: Since my baby enjoyed looking at the roses, but not touching them, I searched for a way to give her a rose while still protecting her sticky little fingers, and happened upon this! A beautiful rose head, safely encased in a cheery balloon. My baby just loved playing with this balloon, holding and shaking it to see the pretty flower bounce around inside.

Unfortunately, she didn't have it long before I heard a loud bang and the new toy was gone. I'm not sure if it was my baby or the rose that burst the balloon, but either way, this couldn't stand up to the rough play of a toddler.

Score: 4/10

Red Rose Sugar Cookie

Category: Baked

Estimated Price: 1,200 NP

Evaluation: Still determined to get my little cherub a rose, I finally happened upon this little delight at the Bakery. A simple sugar cookie, with a really beautiful rose design. The rose without the thorns, and edible to boot! My baby was thrilled!

However, like most sugar cookies, this was quite hard in texture, so I wouldn't recommend this for babies that haven't cut any teeth yet.

Score: 8/10

Chocolate Rose Petal Ice Cream

Category: Altadorian Food

Estimated Price: 2,400 NP

Evaluation: An alternative for the toothless tots! This sweet treat from Altador combines two Valentine's Day favourites; chocolate and roses, but is still soft enough for even the gummiest babies to enjoy!

Score: 9/10


Category: Medieval Food

Estimated Price: 35 NP

Evaluation: If all those sweet treats seem too much like junk food, and you'd rather give your little darling something healthier, a Loveberry might be more up your alley. Juicy, delicious and affordable, this heart-shaped fruit never fails to get my baby's attention.

Score: 9/10

Kacheek Valentine Stapler

Category: School

Estimated Price: 1,200,000 NP

Evaluation: I don't know what I was thinking! It's cute for sure, but what kind of person gives a stapler to a small child? A sleep-deprived one. Thankfully she broke the thing before she managed to staple her tail to the coffee table or some other such disaster.

Big waste of Neopoints!

Score: 1/10

Valentine Kazoo

Category: Instrument

Estimated Price: 100 NP

Evaluation: Is your baby a mini maestro? Then this Valentine Kazoo is for you! With no complex keys or strings for little fingers to fumble around, kazoos are one of the simplest instruments to play. Just perfect for nurturing that musical talent in your youngster.

Score: 9/10

Mouldy Chocolate Heart

Category: Candy

Estimated Price: 3,000 NP

Evaluation: EW! While we were at the Chocolate Factory, browsing potential Valentine's gifts, my baby found this on the floor under the counter. Needless to say, I didn't let her eat it.

Who'd pay 3,000 Neopoints for that? Yuck!

Score: 0/10

Blue Valentine Grooming Set

Category: Grooming

Estimated Price: 160,000 NP

Evaluation: Ideal for bambinos that love being groomed! This cute little set includes a nice soft-bristled brush for gentle brushing, as well as a wide-toothed comb for the more stubborn tangles. If your baby gets itself in as many sticky situations as mine does, this could be a very useful gift!

Score: 8/10

A Heartfelt Valentines Day Card

Category: Neovian Press

Estimated Price: 14,000 NP

Evaluation: I spent hours pouring over the various Valentine's cards available throughout Neopia, reading and pondering their messages, until I found one that articulated just how much I adore my little nipper.

I proudly presented this to her, hoping that she would appreciate the heartfelt message of undying affection.

She sucked on the corner a bit and then crawled off. Because babies can't read. Oh.

Score: 2/10

Heart Pencil

Category: School

Estimated Price: 99,000 NP

Evaluation: Most kiddies love to draw, and there's nothing better than nurturing their artistic side through the creative medium of drawing! If your baby's not a fan of all the pink and flowers, this blue pencil's a great way of showing you thought about them.

Just don't leave your baby with it unattended if you want to avoid scribbles on your Neohome walls.

Score: 6/10

Love and Caring

Category: Book

Estimated Price: 3,000 NP

Evaluation: Reading stories is one of my favourite things to do with my baby. We both love to snuggle up together and enjoy a good tale. While many other Valentine's themed books might be a little too mushy and romantic for little tykes, Love and Caring is a heartwarming tale suitable for all ages, and good for teaching your baby about the importance of kindness, too!

Happy ending included.

Score: 9/10

Un-Valentines Quiggle Plushie

Category: Plushies

Estimated Price: 7,500 NP

Evaluation: Oh, dear! While I found this sad little plushie to be very cute, my poor little moppet found its miserable face and broken heart to be truly upsetting. After trying to no avail to wipe away its tears, she started crying herself!

Score: 3/10

Valentines Hasee Plushie

Category: Plushies

Estimated Price: 76,000 NP

Evaluation: After the disaster of the last plushie, I thought I'd try something more cheerful, and this plushie depicting the ever-upbeat Hasee seemed like the best choice. Fortunately, it worked and its smiley face cheered her right up again! With a soft huggable body and no sharp edges or small parts, this plushie should be safe for even the youngest of babies to play with.

Score: 8/10

Sweetheart Smiley Snack

Category: Food

Estimated Price: 100 NC (Retired)

Evaluation: There's nothing worse than an inconsolably miserable baby, and if your toddler's a little bit of a grump, this magical little treat will not only fill them up, but will also put them in a delighted mood. Teething pains and tantrums are no match for this enchanted snack! Feed one to your baby, and enjoy a happy, stress-free time playing together all day long!

And after all, isn't having a nice time together the most important thing to do today?

Score: 10/10

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

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