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The Once Lonely Krawk

by surealiish


Once upon a time there lived a Mutant Krawk by the name of Argyle. Argyle was not your average Krawk, though. Argyle lived in a glass bottle. Each day he moved from inventory, to the trading post, to auctions, to the safety deposit box, and finally to his last spot; a gallery. There was no one like Argyle in this gallery; plus, it was hard for him to see or talk through the thick glass that he had known all his life. Two years after being in the gallery, Argyle found himself at the end of the gallery. He was one of thousands of items. Argyle had just about given up, when something extraordinary happened.

     "Now what am I gonna do in this dusty old gallery with all these potions and junk?" yelled a voice that was not familiar to Argyle. Argyle opened his eyes, moved all around his bottle and got a glimpse of something. Why... that's a plushie, how could a voice come out of it, thought Argyle. Argyle squished his face and tried his best to see where that noise was coming from.

     "That plushie is walking!!!" gasped Argyle. That looks familiar to me, thought Argyle, but he wasn't sure what it was. "Who's there?" asked Argyle. The plushie stopped dead in his tracks. He didn't see anything of his kind.

     "My name is Scurvino," cried out the plushie.

     "Well... how, I mean you're a plushie, how are you speaking?" questioned Argyle.

     Scurvino looked around nervously but was sure that no one could harm here. After all, no one could harm Scurvino. "I am a magical pirate Krawk plushie," explained Scurvino. "Once I am gone from here, I will grow into a Krawk."

     Argyle growled back, "Well, I am a Krawk as well. Once I leave here, I will grow into the most beastly and strong of all Krawks."

     They bickered back and forth, until Scurvino sniffed out Argyle. "HA," he laughed. "You are dusty and full of gook. You will rot in this gallery forever," growled Scurvino. Argyle had nothing to say back to Scurvino. He knew that was the truth. Argyle was placed for "safe keeping" in the gallery years ago. Each day he watched more and more items be added, but they always found a way out.

     "Well, Scurvino, are you willing to help me?" asked Argyle gingerly. Scurvino pondered. He was not known for being generous, but he couldn't help but feel bad for one of his own kind.

     "What do you have in mind," asked Scurvino. Argyle told Scurvino that each day Scurvino could push him up to the top of the gallery. He figured that he would have to remove him sometime. After all, there were only two spots left in the whole gallery. One day, Scurvino got an idea. With all his might, he tried to pick up the bottle that Argyle lived in, but he was not strong enough. He walked through the gallery to see if there was anyone that could help. "Hmph, that catapult might do the job," said Scurvino. After two hours of dragging the machine to the top of the gallery, he finally had made it to Argyle. He was exhausted, but he wanted to get his friend out of the gallery. With all his might, he pushed the bottle onto the catapult. "Goodbye, my friend, I will meet you out there one day," said Scurvino. Argyle waited on the machine, eager to go, but sad to leave his friend.

     BOOM! Before Argyle could make it out, the catapult collapsed and Argyle was back where he started. Scurvino shrieked. He saw something white and fluffy leaking from his tall. The machine had cut him, and his filling had started to leak from his tail.

     Scurvino never told Argyle what had happened that afternoon. Each day, Scurvino pushed Argyle up to the top of the gallery, hoping that their owner would not see. After days, weeks, and then months... Argyle had made his way to the top. Scurvino was right next to him. They waited and waited and waited, and as each day went by, their friendship grew stronger. Argyle decided that if he and Scurvino could remain in the gallery together, he would be happy.

     Argyle had just about given up hope, when he heard the gallery open. He saw the hand coming down right towards him. While he felt ecstatic to be out of the gallery, he was sad to leave his friend. "Well, goodbye," said Argyle with a tear coming down his eye dripping into the potion. Scurvino waved, but couldn't get a word out, but at the last second, their owner decided to remove Scurvino instead. He couldn't believe it. He kicked and screamed and yelled to take Argyle out instead of him, but it was too late. Argyle was alone... again.

     Scurvino grew into a beautiful pirate Krawk, but he couldn't stop thinking about his friend; Argyle. He wished he could go into the gallery himself, but he knew there was no way. Argyle taught Scurvino the most important thing in all of Neopia, and that was friendship.

     Years later, Scurvino was a mature and older Krawk. Many things had changed, but one thing that never did was his feelings for his lost friend Argyle. In the dead of winter, Scurvino woke up to someone coughing. He opened his eyes and after a few seconds of adjusting, he saw something that reminded him of well, himself. He rubbed his paws across his eyes a couple of time, and saw something he couldn't believe.

     "ARGYLE??" exclaimed Scurvino! It was, it had finally happened. After six years, Argyle made it out of the glass bottle. He was tall as can be, strong, and brave. Argyle wasn't the best looking pet, but he had the warmest heart. He ran over to Scurvino and they embraced each other. It had been four years since they had seen each other. Scurvino didn't mind Argyle's cold, scaly skin.

     "Scurvino, if you don't mind me asking, what happened to your tail?" asked Argyle. Scurvino said he got his tail cut in the door; he didn't want to upset Argyle. Minutes later, Argyle arrived with a sewing kit, and stitched Scurvino up.

     Each day, Argyle and Scurvino would go on adventures and each day their friendship would grow stronger. Every few months, new pets would find their way into the home of Argyle and Scurvino, but they never seemed to fit in. It was quite obvious that the bond between the two Krawks was unbreakable. Scurvino looked up to Argyle for his strength and wisdom, but Argyle looked up to Scurvino. He couldn't help but think how strong he was for living with that gaping cut in his tail. Scurvino asked Argyle how he could live in a bottle, but Argyle said it wasn't that bad. They were two of the most thankful pets in all of Neopia.

     "Scurvino, you have turned out to be the wisest of all neopets. Your friendship has taught me that patience is the most important thing. You have taught me the most valuable lesson of all," said Argyle. Argyle and Scurvino continued their walk across Krawk Island, and watched the sun go down together.

The End

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