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Restocking Guide: Present Hunting at the Gift Store

by lute248


Valentine's Day is approaching and you have no idea what to get for your special Valentine for that special day besides the usual chocolates, cards and flowers (I'm sure your valentine would have very high expectations). To top it all off, you're low on neopoints (without a single dime left in your bank account) and can't afford neocash.

Well, have no fear, my Neopian friend, because I'm going to introduce you to the world of restocking at the Gift Shop, as it is both thrifty and profitable depending on whether you want to gift your gift restocks as presents or sell them.

Before I proceed with this guide, it's a prerequisite to know the procedure on how to restock in shops such as typing the numbers into the haggle box, clicking the pet image in the haggle page and sometimes clearing out junk items in the shop to allow profitable items to stock.

For this article, I would only be focusing on what is good to snag from the Gift Shop (believe me, there is a lot of goodies to go through in this department) since restocking during a special occasion like Valentine's Day is certainly busy and you need to be well-prepared for the competition that is coming. It is good to have at least 50k neopoints on hand when you restock at the Gift Shop.

The Gift Shop is slowly growing in popularity among experienced restockers as this shop sells a variety of adorable wearable and non-wearable items. Occasionally TNT releases new neopoint items that specifically stock in Gifts, which is a very good thing for both people who like to receive new gifts (like myself) or for people just looking for some nice profit.

Even if you aren't particularly interested in restocking in the Gift Shop, perhaps you can earn enough neopoints from your gift restock profits in order to buy your lovely valentine a personal gift from the other shops or trading post instead.


Despite the fact that trinkets don't yield much profit compared to the other goods you can restock from gifts, they are still certainly very cute and most importantly they are wearable.

For example, if your lovely Valentine loves customizing their Lost Desert pets, then perhaps giving a Long Lost Desert Scroll trinket is the best way to go.

Some of the profitable trinkets include:

  • Long Lost Desert Scroll Trinket
  • Broken Heart Trinket
  • Pampas Grass Trinket


If your valentine simply loves shiny objects that glitter in appearance when you stare at them, then the Gift Shop is perfect shop for you as there is a whole assortment of beautiful jewelry that stock ranging from necklaces, bracelets and rings. On top of that, most of them yield medium profit at the same time, which is another major advantage from restocking these lovely pieces of jewelry.

On a side note, I'm hoping TNT makes rings and bracelets wearable in the near future as I personally feel that if my pet wore jewelry, it would enhance the royalty customization of my pets and also establish the close attachment I have towards my pets (they are my special valentines, after all).

Some of the profitable jewelry includes:

  • Silver Heart Charm Bracelet
  • Golden Heart Necklace
  • Gold Valentines Ring
  • Silver Valentines Ring
  • Valentines Day Ring

Mysterious Valentine's Card:

This is the very elusive Valentine's Day card that only stocks around the Valentine's Day season in huge bulk and is both very profitable (23k at the time of writing this article) and in high demand since the Valentine's Day site theme is awarded when you either send this card to someone or receive this card from someone.

What would Valentine's Day be like if you didn't send the usual flowers and Valentine's cards to show them how you much you truly care about them? Just some food for thought (yes, also bring along that box of chocolate at the same time).


While wearable frames may not be as popular compared to foregrounds and there aren't a whole lot of variety of wearable frames that stock, these wearable frames still attract both gallery collectors and also appeal to those that like to customize their pets with a portrait quality (myself included since I love a more poetic feel as compared to a typical complementary theme design with foregrounds) and so as a result they definitely yield some nice profit.

Some of the profitable wearable frames include:

  • Snowflake frame
  • Earth Faerie Frame
  • Scary Ink Frame
  • Dripping Ink Frame
  • Pumpkin Ink Frame


The highlight of the Gift Shop is those infamous foregrounds that stock in the shop. Foregrounds certainly add a mysterious fine touch of beauty that backgrounds seemly cannot fill when it comes to customizing your pet. This is crucial when it comes to entering your customized pet for the customization spotlight because dozens of customization entries may have the same background but not necessarily the same foreground and background combination.

For those looking for only profit from these shops, foregrounds are among the best items that stock in the Gift Shop and the place you can make lot of profit from. For instance, sometimes the Beautiful Columns Foreground (which sells for 275k on the trading post at the time of writing this article) can stock as many as 3 within a single stock.

During certain seasons or holiday periods, the demand for some foregrounds would also be greater, meaning their profitability when you restock them from gifts would also increase at the same time. For example, the snow covered fence and snow laden foreground would inflate in price during the month of Christmas since many avid customizers (including myself) would like to dress up our pets to fit in with the holiday season theme and show off to our other friends.

Some of the more popular foregrounds that stock include:

  • Beautiful Columns Foreground
  • Snow Laden Foreground
  • Orange Poppies Foreground
  • Autumn Harvest Foreground
  • Hanging Fronds
  • Willow Tree Foreground


This section belongs to items that don't have a specific category as they yield small profit, but they are still tiny gifts that can definitely serve well as complementary mini-present for not just Valentine's Day but also for other special occasions like Sloth Appreciation Day and Neopets' Birthday.

These items include

  • Bear
  • Bottle of love
  • Baby Doll

As I conclude this article, I hope you have a much clearer understanding about the Gift Shop and wishing you all the best in your gift hunting.

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