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A Special Sloth Day

by babygirl122187


Can you believe it has already been a whole year? Get ready, Neopians, as it is everyone's favorite holiday. The 14th day of Sleeping marks the annual entertaining and widely-celebrated day known as Sloth Appreciation Day. This day is dedicated to the one, the only, Dr. Sloth himself! This day is in celebration of everything good, bad, and ugly to do with the wise and powerful Dr. Sloth. I suggest you celebrate it too unless you want to wind up like the clone robots!

Something has happened!
A robot flies past you on fire! Help! Help! Dr. Sloth is after me!

You may be asking yourself how you can celebrate this jolly event and prove yourself to Dr. Frank Sloth. Well, the obvious choice would be to take over Neopia. You may attempt to do this by visiting your favorite Neopet and placing a Mind Control Headset on their head. Look straight into their eyes and convince them that Dr. Sloth is wise, noble, fair, and powerful. You can also include any other adjectives that come to mind at the time while telling your friend how much you just love Sloth.

Once this is accomplished, it is advisable that you may want to dress a little more *a-hem* Sloth-like. Luckily for you, there are several dashing items you can wear! The Dr. Sloth Beanie is a nice touch to show your support. To really impress Dr. Sloth, though, you may want to do more than put on a silly hat. The Sloth Clone Helmet and Sloth Clone Robe will give your Neopet the ultimate look!

Whichever item you choose, don't forget to add an I Heart Dr. Sloth Thought Bubble and My Best Buddy Sloth Cardboard Cutout. I think he may even give you brownie points for these items. On the other hand, he may expect you to wear them as well. You better just put them on either way. I also advise to stay away from the Grundo Sloth Sock Puppet. For some reason Dr. Sloth does not find this humorous. If I were you, I would NOT want to be upsetting the great master Sloth!

Something has happened!
SLOTH FIRES HIS RAY GUN AT YOU!!! Your item is turned into a mound of sludge!

Once you are dressed to impress (Dr. Sloth, that is), you can make your way over to the games room. Be sure to open the game Splat-a-Sloth and purposely miss. Ahh, I can hear it now. The sweet sounds of Dr. Sloth's laughter. Could there be a more enjoyable sound? Take pleasure in purposely missing several times so you can repeat his laughter as much as you want. Whatever you do, just do not hit the Sloth! The real purpose behind this game is clearly to hear Sloth's laughter. You wouldn't want to actually hit that innocent little Sloth, now would you?

After you have listened to Sloth's laughter three hundred times or more, you are free to move on. Why not celebrate this special day by indulging in some delicious food? Cheesy Sloth Cake, Cocoa with Sloth-mallows, or a Plain Sloth Day Burger are all wonderful choices. As for your enemies, why not toss them a Radioactive Sloth Cake? We are not quite sure what is inside this one so it's best to leave that to them to find out.

When your tummy is finally full, it is time to get some lovely Sloth mementos. Why not buy one or six hundred Wind Up Dr. Sloth Toys? I'm sure you, your family, and everyone you know would absolutely LOVE these. You may also purchase The Complete Guide to Dr Sloth and gain extensive knowledge on the almighty Dr. Sloth. After shopping around more, perhaps you would also like to add a Sloth Painting to your neohome? I am sure it would look fabulous in any (or every) room. Along with your lovely new paintings, be sure to add a Robo Sloth Fist of Power. Just don't stand too close! While this- er- statue is the perfect piece to add to any room, it can be quite dangerous! You better keep a few feet back just in case.

Once your neohome is looking spiffy, it is time to take a moment to be grateful for all your neofriends. Although you could never thank your best buddy enough (which is obviously Dr. Sloth), you can thank your other neofriends. Why not wish them a "Happy Sloth Appreciation Day!" by sending them a neomail? I'm sure they would love to hear from you! While you are at it, you might as well send them a special Dr. Sloth Flower Bouquet. Anyone would be thrilled to have such a beautiful bouquet sitting around their neohome. The Dr. Sloth Heart Plushie is also a splendid choice. Since everyone loves Dr. Sloth, you really can't go wrong. This is especially true with a cute and comfortable plushie pillow! If both of these items are a bit out of your price range, there is always the choice of buying Dr. Sloth Toy Blocks. There are pictures of Dr. Sloth and Kreludor on every side. What a perfect gift! I know that they would sure entertain me for hours.

As your excruciatingly fun day comes to an end, it is time to stick that Dr. Sloth Stamp in your album and ponder on the day's events. While I am sure you had a fun-filled Sloth day, it will not be much longer until you see Master *cough* Dr. Sloth's face again. I bet that he will surprise you with a random event or two. If you really miss him, just remember you can always play Splat-a-Sloth. By playing, I of course mean missing and dancing to Dr. Sloth's lovely laughter. You can always show your pride with a Fake Sloth Tattoo or I Support Sloth Badge. Dr. Sloth is sure to appreciate your hard work throughout today and every day. If you REALLY get on his good side and become a loyal follower, he may even have a special surprise for you to show your pride! Only if he deems you worthy enough, though, would you be granted this special privilege. Until next year, be sure to wear your Sloth gear proud and gather a few minions as we celebrate Sloth Appreciation Day!

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