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12 Good Foods for Keeping Healthy After Christmas

by _xx_dusty_xx_


Twas the week after Christmas, and all through the neohome, every creature was growing, not taller, but wider! If this statement describes your neohome, perhaps you need to monitor what your neopets are eating over Christmas! It's all well and good to feast like nobody else on and around Christmas, but if you want to stay healthy, you still need to monitor what you put on the plate during that day.

But, it's too late for that. Christmas has come and gone, and your jeans no longer fit, your faerie pet is no longer as light as they should be, your royal Uni is crying because their robes are too small, and your Halloween pet can't get out of their costume! It's a disaster around the house, and you need to find a cure for this: FAST!

Luckily, there is hope: They are called healthy foods that are not chocolate or cake. You may be asking, "Healthy foods? Aren't those the icky green things that parents try to make you eat every day?" Well, depending on the vegetable or fruit. They aren't normally icky, and many of them aren't even green. You can't really say that all of them are the exact same. You have to try them all, and you might surprise yourself! Here are twelve nice, healthy foods for your pets to try.

1. Brown Rice: A very bland dish on its own, but you can put other things on it, such as leftovers. Be VERY careful that you don't put too many leftovers on, though! Don't think you can substitute white rice, either. In white rice, all the good stuff that keeps you healthy is taken out. In brown rice, that hasn't happened, and it tastes a lot more flavorful than white rice as well.

2. Cantelope Fruit Cup: If you need a sweet treat for you or your pets, look no further! Cantaloupes are melons which are really sweet and taste amazing! Of course, not everyone likes cantaloupe. Some people find the taste bitter and just not very good. Don't stress out if you are one of those people! There are other options that you may enjoy.

3. Cheesy Carrots: Good for Cybunnies, but this one is a little easy to mess up. It's entirely possible to put far too much cheese on the carrot, but as long as it's real cheese, it's still healthy. I don't really like carrots alone, but with cheese, it becomes an interesting treat. You can use just about any type of real cheese, and it becomes different. This is probably good for pets and owners who like meals to be different every time.

4. Crab Salad: An excellent choice for seafood lovers! Crab salad is crab that is cooked and then served with a light dressing on it. There is enough dressing to make the crab more flavorful, but not enough to drown out the crab's flavor. It is an excellent dish that is bound to appeal to almost any pet's taste buds. It's not very filling, so I usually serve it with a small amount of Brown Rice, which is much more filling.

5. Fresh Sushi Roll: For the gourmet pet in your family. It costs a lot of neopoints, but is well worth every single one! Fresh seaweed, sticky rice, organic carrots, avocados, and fish make this sushi roll a delight to the taste buds. It comes with wasabi, but do not eat the wasabi unless you love your mouth being on fire. If you like that, then the wasabi is fair game. If you'd rather not have to keep ten ice cubes in your mouth for days afterwards, I'd avoid the wasabi and go with soy sauce instead.

6. Hot Apple Oatmeal: A nice breakfast. Oatmeal on its own is like eating glue with oats and milk mixed into it. It's not very appetizing, I have to admit. If you put apples on it, however, it becomes an amazing treat that you'll love! It is definitely a tasty food for your pets and one that they will love to eat again and again.

7. Mixed Berry Fruit Cup: For pets that like to eat all berries and can't choose just one favorite. This one has them all: Strawberries, Cherries, Blueberries, Gooseberries, and many others! The syrup they used is even organic, meaning that it, too, is healthy! (Or, at least, healthier than the normal stuff.) It also tastes great and will be a wonderful snack.

8. Organic Dark Chocolate: Fun fact for today: Even chocolate can be healthy! Yes, chocolate can be healthy! Okay, you can stop dancing around your chair with that ten pound bag of white chocolate truffles now. It's dark chocolate that is really healthy. Still, it's very good. This does not mean that you can eat that whole dark chocolate bar in one minute and stay healthy, though! Just a piece a day can actually be very good for you. Just a piece a day, though. Nothing more.

...Morrighanne, I see you sneaking off with that entire bag of chocolate! Get back here! It's all MINE!

...Ahem. Now that I have retrieved my chocolate, we may continue with the list.

9. Organic Melon Yogurt: An excellent choice for baby pets who haven't got their teeth yet. Mine loves the flavor of this yogurt, and looks forward to the weeks after holidays where she gets it. It can also be a great snack for older pets, as well. Melon is not the only flavor, either. Try out all of the flavors to see which ones your pets like and which ones they dislike.

10. Potato and Sweetcorn Soup: This is a hearty meal that is good for a battledome pet or one with a big appetite. Potatoes and Sweetcorn fuse together in an amazing blend that will make your pet happy for the rest of the day! (Or at least as long as they are eating it. Grey pets are probably the only exception.) It'll give your pet many nutrients they need for neoschool, training, battle, or a long day of lying in your crib crying for no reason whatsoever. (I'm looking at you, Mercysnow!)

11. Sliced Tofu: A very nice alternative for meat when your a vegetarian. Of course, even if you are not, there are many different tofu flavors to try out, and you may surprise yourself by liking one of them. It's always worth a try! It may even turn you vegetarian.

12. Veggie Sausage: Our final healthy food is one that I really like, and so do most of my pets. It's also a good meat alternative for vegetarians, as this sausage is made out of veggies and tofu instead of meat! It's got a very unique flavor that I think lots of people will love if they gave it a try.

So, now you have your meal plan for the post-Christmas months. Hopefully, your pets and yourself will be in optimal shape for the invasion coming up in a few months. After all, you can't fight them if you're not healthy, huh? Wait, you haven't heard? Well, get closer, because you need to know. It's...

...AHHHHH! *Dragged off by Meepits*

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