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Sweet Bites: Aisha Day!

by silvernightingale


The third day of the Month of Sleeping marks the day of these precocious felines! With ears all perked up, we can be sure that even they, themselves, know that it is indeed, their own special and hyper happy day. So owners of these strange yet adorable pets, rejoice! The day for us to spoil and cuddle our beloved pet Aisha has finally come yet again!

Now, the key to this day is to keep our lovely Aishas well-fed, for how can we enjoy the entirety of our day with them if they do not even have the necessary energy to do so? Hence, what better way to keep them satiated than to share with them sweet bites, which paid them homage in the first place?

1) Zombie Aisha Lolly (Estimated at 25 NP and available in the Marketplace)

This is possibly the most affordable food item that we can offer to our loving pet on this day. True, it doesn't seem all that festive, but once our pets get a taste of it, it would still serve its purpose. After all, the lolly is chiefly made of sugar and sugar equates to happiness! It's the perfect treat to take along with for one of those long trips to keep the hyper meter up.

2) Strawberry Aisha Cookie (Estimated at 180 NP and available at the Neopia Bazaar Bakery)

If your pet just can't get enough strawberry yummy goodness, then this particular treat is especially for you! It's filling and not too sweet. The chewy texture of oatmeal is a great contrast to the vanilla and strawberry frosting that smothers the cookie.

3) Aisha Hot Chocolate (Estimated at 600 NP and available at Neopian Fresh Foods)

What Aisha Day would be complete without this simple yet hot and delicious milky chocolate? From the cute mug to its content, surely, this is the most perfect reward for our pet on the momentous day, is it not?

4) Aisha Chocolate Cheesecake (Estimated at 700 NP and available at Neopian Fresh Foods)

It's chocolate and cheese together in harmony! How can we ever go wrong with such a sumptuous combination? It's guaranteed to make your pet purr with delight with its melt-in-your mouth quality of goodness. No Aisha can resist this decadent morsel. In fact, your pet is sure to crave more! And hey, since it's their day, why not allow them the indulgence?

5) Minty Aisha Sundae (Estimated at 1,700 NP and available at Neopian Fresh Foods)

Look! It comes with two spoons! Now take the hint and share this beautiful sundae with your equally beautiful pet Aisha. The taste is truly delicate and really quite relaxing. Just imagine you and your pet all snuggled up and sharing this fine and refreshing treat. Your Aisha will surely love you all the more for it.

6) Vanilla Aisha Pudding (Estimated at 2,000 NP and available at Neopian Fresh Foods)

Seriously! Just gaze upon it. It even has the literal cherry on top! It's sweet, it's rich, and it has chocolate! What more could we ask for? Oh yes, indeed! The face all of Neopia celebrates during the third day of this month—our very own Aisha! Take a bite and sure enough, this sweet treat shall satisfy!

7) Raspberry Aisha Waffle (Estimated at 3,300 NP and available at Neopian Fresh Foods)

Now this sweet bite had been especially made for Aisha Day back in year seven. The tartly sweet sauce atop this hot, fluffy waffle in truly a luscious delight on the tongue and together with the fresh and tasty fruit slices atop it, the medley this dessert creates is truly a wonder.

8) Toffee Chocolate Aisha Sundae (Estimated at 4,500 NP and available at Neopian Fresh Foods)

Is it rather too steep a price for a simple toffee ice cream? Do remember that once the treat has been licked clean, the adorable pink cup is now ours to keep. Will it not cause a pleasant smile to light our faces whenever we gaze upon it and recall the day we had spent together with our Aisha? An item of memory as well as a tasty dessert—truly a magnificent sweet bite!

9) Lemon Aisha Cake (Estimated at 5,000 NP and available at the Neopia Bazaar Bakery)

Are you a lemon fan along with having a pet Aisha? Then this treat is for you! Brace yourself and your pet for this cake that is simply dripping with lemony goodness! Truly, it's a very invigorating and intense piece of cake!

10) Faerie Aisha Cake (Estimated at 7,500 NP and available at the Marketplace)

Looking for more two-in-one sweet bites? Then look no further! The Faerie Aisha Cake doubles as a lovely plaything that your Aisha would simply enjoy pouncing on as it zooms on by! And once your pet manages to land a successful catch, he or she would be rewarded with the most elegant taste that only faerie hands could possibly create.


Now, for those who are truly with the desire to splurge on their pets for this very special occasion, for let us admit that it comes but once every year, here is a list just for you!

1) Purple Aisha Parfait (Estimated at 20,000 NP and available at the Marketplace)

Oh yes! The tropical burst of flavor dances exquisitely on the palate and that is merely with one spoonful of this delectable parfait. The blend of grapes and blueberries is a lovely creation fitting to splurge on!

2) Massive White Aisha Cake (Estimated at 29,000 NP and available at the Marketplace)

This superb cake is the cake of all cakes when it comes to Aisha Day. It's velvety and rich. It's delicious! It's guaranteed to make the day with your Aisha an unforgettable one.

3) Faerie Aisha Tea (Estimated at 36,500 NP and available at the Marketplace)

It is, in fact, iced peach tea that was concocted by a faerie Aisha whom had flown all the distance just to pick the ripest peach fruit among other ingredients just to make the very first glass of this tea. Its formula is a closely guarded secret and rightly so because just a sip of this drink and all worries would simply melt away.

4) Spotted Aisha Ice Cream Cone (Estimated at 45,000 NP and available at the Marketplace)

Elaborate, is it not? The detail placed into the creation of the Aisha head is simply sublime and the exotic blend of flavors is truly divine. There is no ice cream cone like this one, really. I guarantee that the unique blend of taste shall not fail to satisfy.

5) Silver Aisha Apple (Estimated at 690,000 NP and available at the Marketplace)

Not to worry, for this apple is not as hard as silver. It is merely a namesake. This fruit is very, very rare, thus its price, but truly, it is a piece of fruit that is worth it. To bite into this apple is to bite into pure bliss. One would have to experience it to truly appreciate the joy this sweet bite can give to the heart.

And as the special day of our beloved Aishas comes to a close, may we be able to look fondly back on it for days and months and even the years to come. And hopefully, on this day, the memories we shared while partaking these sweet bites together, would forge the bond between master and pet ever closer and ever stronger.

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