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Celebrating on Aisha Day: Famous Aishas

by jadekellie


As we conclude another successful year in Neopia and take down our holiday decorations from Christmas, it is time to welcome in a new year, with continuing traditions and holidays. Although the holidays may be over, this is by no means a reason to cease celebrating! Let's keep our holiday cheer in motion as we now move on to celebrate our first holiday of the year. The third day of Sleeping marks our celebration of Aisha Day!

What better way to celebrate the day than to cuddle up with your Aisha and learn about the many famous (and infamous) Aishas that helped make Neopia what it is today?


Lisha is definitely one smart little cookie. She is the younger sister of the Meridellian noble knight, Jeran. Unfortunately, there was an accident, which caused the siblings to be separated for many years. It wasn't until Lisha and her friends found Meridell that Lisha and Jeran were reunited. Upon her arrival, a great war with Darigan broke out. During the Kass war, it was Lisha who discovered the Court Dancer's disguise and broke the spell that the evil enchantress placed over King Skarl. Once Meridell was at peace, Lisha was finally able to make up for lost time with Jeran. Lisha was part of the Champions of Meridell Plot. Thanks to Lisha, Meridell is at peace and time can be enjoyed in this medieval land.


Jerdana is a blue Aisha. She is one of the twelve heroes of Altador, who also happens to be second in command. She is an extremely powerful sorceress. She is also known as "The Protector" because of her constellation in the sky. "Our noble lady Jerdana, who protects the city from harm, has always help a special place in our hearts. She is a benevolent sorceress who commands great respect for her deeds" (Book of Ages, Chapter 11 – The protector). Prior to joining the council of twelve, Jerdana was a wanderer. Once she met King Altador by a fire, they were attacked by Werelupes. Although this Lupe was a stranger to her, she protected him and herself with a barrier of light. This earned her the title of the protector. It was this friendship formed with Altador, later to be known as King Altador, that lead to the forming of the city of Altador. Her power was again exemplified when she suspended the city of Altador in slow time for one thousand years. Her sorceress amulet was used to trap the Darkest Faerie in stone. Jerdana was in the Darkest Faerie plot and the Altador plot. Thanks to Jerdana, Altador became a noble city where its residents may live in protection.

The Aisha Thieves (Purrow and Meesha)

"It is a little known fact that some of the worst thieves around Neopia belong to a band of the cutest denizens - the Aisha. Living in dark passages connected to the sewers under the city of Neopia Central, they roam by night, seeing what valuable trinkets they can find. These Aishas have no parents, nobody to feed them, and nobody to provide them with what they need to survive" (Neopedia). It is suspected that each Aisha-thief crew has around twenty members. No Neopian has ever actually seen their hiding place. Although we don't know much about the Aisha thieves, we do know a little about two in particular. The two we know about are Purrow and Meesha, who happen to be teenaged fraternal twins. We also know that anything missing from the Annual Chocolate Ball can be directly linked to these two menacing Aisha thieves! Although these two Aishas are more infamous than famous, they are the most "famous" among the thieves!

Princess Amira

"Princess Amira is personally described as beautiful, elegant, cultured, and refined" (Neopedia). Princess Amira is the daughter of the late King Coltzan III. She was unfortunately absent due to business during his assassination. Princess Amira is currently a powerful political and social figure in Sakhmet. Because she is the eldest child of King Coltzan, the people of Sakhmet look to her for guidance while she rules. Hopefully, the city of Sakhmet can one day be fully restored after the tragedy of losing a beloved King. Because of her "overwhelming" beauty and power, many young suitors and admirers have approached Amira in an attempt to court her. While under Amira's rule, Sakhmet has become a more peaceful, thriving, and law-abiding place, although Amira finds this "terribly boring."


Abigail is Aristotle's, better known as AAA's, little sister. She mostly enjoys playing with her Usuki dolls and doing other activities, but she also has a few gaming skills passed on to her by her gaming brother, AAA. Because Abigail has other interests other than games, her challenge scores are always far lower than AAA's. She finds AAA's inflated ego pretty funny, and has to restrain from laughing when he goes off on a tangent. Because of her well-rounded personality and sweet heart, she in turn has won over the hearts of many Neopians in lands far and near.

Other note-so-famous, yet noteworthy Aishas, include:

The Fontaine Sisters

The names of the Fontaine Sisters are Loretta and Rosetta. Loretta is the pink Aisha and Rosetta is the green Aisha. The Fontaine sisters are the Aisha barmaids of the Golden Dubloon. Inside of the restaurant, they serve their customers and share adventure stories over "tankards of fresh grog and hot food". An interesting fact is that Loretta has a pizza in the Golden Dubloon named after her. The name of the pizza is "Loretta Fontaines Perfect Pizza."

Farlax V

According to his TCG card, Farlax V is an Alien Aisha. He enjoys exploring new territories and is always looking for new areas to put in Alien Aisha Vending Machines. His dream is to have a vending machine in every galaxy.


Imiya is a cute, little white Aisha who is dreaming in preparation of her Math Test. In her game, Math's Nightmare, she dreams of babaas who cannot hop the fence without first correctly solving math problems. If the babaas cannot successfully hop the fence, then Imiya will wake up in a freaked out frenzy! Help Imiya prepare for her math test and allow her to get a full night's sleep at Maths Nightmare located in the games room!


Eamann is an Alien Aisha who is known for protecting his petpets in the game, Itchy Invasion. Visit him in the games room!

Lady Osiri

Lady Osiri is the shopkeeper of her own pottery store located in the middle of the Lost Desert. Lady Osiri had a store preview for a few select Neopians. These few Neopians spread the word about her fine pottery which led to customers seeking out her store. Many of her pieces are historical, including pieces from the late King Coltzan's collection.

Gradolf and Keblin

A father and son who, at separate times, sought out the Snowager in hopes to steal some treasure.


Mizuko is the red Aisha who bet her friend Llugh that he could not beat the sun in a race across Mystery Island. This eventually led to the festival of Gadgadsbogen to begin.

As you see, there are many Aishas Neopia-wide that have made some sort of impact on Neopia, whether it be substantial or small. Today is a day to celebrate all of our wonderful famous, infamous, and beloved pets of the Aisha breed. Grab your Aisha and spoil them rotten! Today is their day! Come and let's celebrate all of our amazing Aishas!

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