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Taelia and the Lutari Island Storm

by pookyluvsanimals


In the early times of Neopia, when the Faeries still rested in the sky and the Advent Calendar was nothing more than a mere bouncing Quiggle or shaking present, Lutari Island was open for all Neopets and their owners to travel to. I myself have never been to Lutari Island, but have done great and extensive research about it. The most important thing I have learned about Lutari Island is that the storm is going to be around for a while. (Yes, yes, you are probably thinking that something dramatic happened, like a war, when in fact it was a simple mistake.)

      You see, Taelia the Snow Faerie (you know, the one who says she will give you wonderful items, when in fact I have only received one Negg!), was going on her monthly trip to Lutari Island to help the natives work on their potion making. Taelia loved Lutari Island very much due to their wonderful selection of natural, cheap, and rare ingredients. She would stay for a few days, help the natives, and be on her way back to Terror Mountain. However, on her soon to be last trip, Taelia was helping a few natives harvest Stormy Neggs on a small, uncharted and unnamed island off the Coast of Lutari Island.

      That day was a good harvest; over 250 Storm Neggs were gathered and brought back to the main land. The natives were extremely happy because the Stormy Neggs added much vibrancy to their clothing and festive buildings when boiled and mixed with Rainbow Dung. Taelia was working on batches of "Coloro", as the natives of Lutari Island called it.

      Taelia loved helping them with her expertise, but it was tiring. She had to smash all of the Stormy Neggs, boil fifty pounds of Rainbow Dung, add it to a large cauldron, and let it simmer for two hours. After it simmered for two hours she would have to stir it and then pour it into a large pan and pack it in using her feet. When it was packed in, it would harden into a paste, and then Taelia would dip clothing and housing material in it.

      That very afternoon, Taelia was working on her last batch. She was tired and ached from head to toe. She wasn't paying attention as much as she should have been; she added five extra Stormy Neggs and let it simmer for too long. Before she knew it, a black cloud erupted from the cauldron. Taelia stared in horror as natives were running around screaming and ran inside their huts for cover. Taelia started to panic and began to dig in her bag.

      She found a Nerkmid, a dozen Frozen Neggs, and a slushie. She took the dozen Frozen Neggs and tossed them into the cauldron. Almost immediately, the cauldron froze and a brisk wind swept the air. The black cloud became gray and small white flakes began to drip from it.

      In five minutes time, the island was in a blizzard. Taelia could do nothing more. She had already made everything worse than it should have been.

      Then something strange happened, lightning and thunder joined the blizzard. Taelia placed her forehead in her palms. She had no choice but to leave these people and try to find a solution elsewhere. She found one small raft at the edge of Lutari Island and began to paddle towards Terror Mountain.

      It took her two weeks to return home, and when she did, she began to work immediately. Taelia began to ask fellow Neopians to find ingredients for her so things would go faster, she even offered some of her precious items for rewards. Taelia took the risk of even asking Fyora for help. Alas, Fyora would not give up any of her precious items in the Hidden Tower.

      Taelia visited the Snowager, who, generously enough, gave her a few key chains, a plushie, and some magic snowballs. She visited kings and merchants, none of which wanted to help. Taelia became upset and extremely worried. She began to doubt herself. She was scared that Lutari Island would forever be trapped in that horrid storm. The poor faerie could do nothing more than hope for the best and keep experimenting.

      Year after year passed, and Taelia stood at the top of Terror Mountain and asked for ingredients. Hour after hour and day after day, all of the concoctions and potions she made didn't do the trick. She was ready to give up when she discovered a potion to make things less miserable. She paddled out to Lutari Island and opened the secret potion.

      The snow disappeared and melted. Sadly, the rain, thunder, and lightning still lingered and gave the island a dismal gray glow. The villagers could walk out of their huts, but the houses were severely damaged. Many had torn roofs, leakage issues, and some were torn down all together.

      Taelia realized the most of the Petpets that inhabited the island were now extinct due to the blizzard she caused. Even though the snow was gone, Lutari Island was still in a mild hurricane state. Taelia spent months in the pouring rain, howling winds, and flashing of lightning helping the natives build their homes back to suitable conditions.

      Taelia was told by the natives that due to housing destruction, the elderly and baby population had drastically decreased. Taelia imported food from every land in Neopia to help the Lutari Island natives. The amount of food she collected was still not enough to support the population and they were forced to eat one meal a day.

      Many were still without shelter, clothing, and source of fire. They had to eat raw plants and meat for the years the blizzard had been there. Therefore, they began to show behaviors similar to those of the Tyrannians. Since they became quite aggressive, no one was allowed to visit the island EVER again. The only exception was Taelia. She continued to help and work with natives. One day, they became too aggressive and she left without looking back at them.

      A knot of guilt sat in her heart every day and she wondered if things would become better. She searched and searched for something that could stop that big of a storm. She found nothing. She continued the quests and this time offered much larger rewards. She offered coupons to the famous Ice Cream Cart and even offered to give out neopoints if the quest was completed on time.

      She was desperate. Over the past years she had given out over five billion neopoints in items and money. For her, however, nothing came out of it. She still hadn't figured out a remedy for that large of a storm. She hadn't even left her home on Terror Mountain.

      To this day, Taelia refuses to leave her home in Terror Mountain; with the fear that she will destroy another land. She still continues quests in hopes that one day she will find the perfect potion to end the storm. News spread across Neopia like wild fire and everyone went to help her. Queen Fyora took advantage of the demand of quests and started giving out quests, too.

      Taelia may have accidentally made something miserable, but good changes in Neopian society happened because of her.

The End

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