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All Alone

by holy_macoroni_


Hello there, my name is Meygail. I'm an Island Shoyru. I have one brother and one sister, a purple Kacheek named Lilea and a Starry Kougra named Tomosi. I have a lovely petpet, a Faerie Harris. I've won a lot of Battledome fights and am quite clever if I do say so myself. My life must sound pretty good to you all right now, huh? Well... it isn't. Pull up a chair and listen to my story.

     When I was first made, my owner showered me with gifts. I was the first pet my owner had, and I knew I was pretty special. Every day I'd have some lovely omelettes to gobble up, perhaps a cake or another interesting food. I had many toys and I was groomed every day without fail! Soon after me, my owner decided to get me a sister! Lilea arrived and I was a little unsure, to be honest with you. Lilea was showered with attention and soon all my toys would end up with her instead of me. I didn't let it get me down, though; I knew I had a special place in my owner's heart.

     "I want a brother!" exclaimed Lilea on a daily occasion. Pfft, I'm not good enough as a sister then? I'd think. Seemed the nagging didn't fall on deaf ears, though, for only a week later Tomosi joined us! I loved him from the start; he was the brother I always wanted. He would smile at me comfortingly when Lilea was moaning or throwing another tantrum about the food my owner tried to feed her. He would crack jokes when I was ill with Achy Head or Itchy Scratchies, which always put a little smile on my face.

     Tomosi was first to be painted. When he came home after the trip out with my owner, Lilea and I were shocked! I didn't recognise him at all; I almost thought he was a different Kougra! He told me all about the experience and how exciting it was for him.

     "I was terrified at first," he chuckled, "but then I realised what what really happening and I just started hoping for something good!"

     "Did you get what you wanted, Tomo!?" Lilea asked, wide eyed and excited. Tomosi looked at her with a more saddened expression and shook his head.

     "I've always wanted electric, but starry wasn't a problem!" He spoke quickly as he saw my owner coming towards us with a big sausage omelette.

     Next to be painted was Lilea, who was utterly delighted with purple.

     "My favourite colour! My favourite!!!!" she would sing, skipping around our Neohome with glee. She was extra nice in that week after her painting! I yearned for painting, but I knew my time would come and I was hoping secretly that I would be saved the best, being the oldest and all.

     One day after coming home from the Neolodge after a few days of good relaxation, I was presented with a surprise.

     "This is Keke!" My owner smiled, with a Harris sitting next to her curiously. My eyes widened and I felt joyful!

     "Seriously, all for me?" I asked cautiously, peering at Keke. My owner nodded and chuckled, before walking away and leaving us to get acquainted. I was extremely grateful and at that point I remembered just how special I was treated before Tomo and Lilea came along.

     A few slow months passed, where I was fighting and reading nearly every day. Lilea was becoming a little chubby in the face, eating all her rare gourmet delicacies, and Tomo was also battling - not nearly as much as me, though. I was starting to wonder if I would ever get the chance to have a beautiful new look like my brother and sister. Even Keke was eventually painted Faerie!

     I sighed as I looked out the window of my room on a rainy day in Neopia. It felt like forever! I noticed some days I was left hungry, as my owner had gone AWOL. In these times, Tomo and Lilea would keep me company with jokes and stories. Sometimes, we'd all get sent off to the Neolodge for a few days and come back to find nothing at home again.

     It was starting to become a worrisome pattern, but Tomo assured me it was just a busy time for my owner and we'd be living like kings and queens soon enough. For a while I didn't believe him until one day...

     "Meygail! Guess who!" I heard the voice booming all over the Neohome. I ran downstairs to see my owner with her hands behind her back. "Come with me!" She smirked.

     I followed guardedly and closed my eyes when told to.

     "Okay... now... Look!" she whispered. I opened my eyes and screamed, falling straight backwards. I spun round and round, checking out every part of me.

     "I'm ISLAND!" I shouted, running and hugging my owner with a slightly insane grin stuck on my face. When I got home, Tomo and Lilea came running over, mouths wide open.

     "Mey! You look awesome!" they said in unison. Lilea even looked slightly jealous! I flounced and bounced around our Neohome for the next few weeks, showing off my look every time they passed and constantly looking in the mirror.

     A few more good months passed. I was becoming stronger then ever, as was Tomo, and Lilea had started to read as well. We were all very pleased and Tomo and Lilea also received petpets and it was fantastic. Until one day, the first time in a good few weeks, we didn't see our owner all day.

     "Must be busy elsewhere," Lilea said, trustingly.

     "Yeah, nothing to worry about Mey!" Tomo smiled happily, giving me a reassuring hug. I wasn't too sure. Something seemed weird. After a few more days of agonising starvation, I turned to my sister.

     "Lilea, she hasn't even been to the bank to collect her daily interest. Something's wrong. We haven't been fed in days and not even a quick peek in to say Hi," I gabbled, a tear rolling down my face. I nuzzled my face into my hands and sighed.

     "Oh, Mey... I..." she started, but stopped almost instantly, "I don't want to give you false hope. I heard she'd been discussing with other owners to perhaps move on. Explore other worlds, maybe get some new pets... I'd hoped it was just a rumour."

     I felt my heart beating fast and my head start to spin. This couldn't be true!

     "No! No chance!" I tried to convince myself, but as the days spread on it seemed too true.

     That was seven months ago. In these seven months, I saw my owner once. It was a blink and you will miss it moment. I had a quick snack from her and then she was gone again.

     Tomosi has almost become totally reclusive, never speaking to us and just staring out his window. Lilea and I will chat every now and then, but even our relationship is strained. I remember the days when I would be showered with attention. It's all gone.

     I tried my best to keep my spirits up, but I know deep down my owner has left us. We've been sitting here, waiting for her to return. But she won't. All I wanted was the love and warmth of my owner, feeding me, treating me and making me the best I could be, but instead it just seems... I'm all alone.

The End

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