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Team Brawn: Recuperating After an Obvious Miscount

by ihangwithvampires


We boldly went against Aristotle (*snicker*) during this year's Games Master Challenge. However, since AAA HAD to have snuck Dragona some especially flavorful socks, we lost. To help recover from this tragedy, there are a few remedies you can do right now!

1. "Clean" AAA's room for him.

We are good sports, aren't we? Looking at his room, it is rather messy. Luckily, that crazy janitor was gracious enough to give us his Soiled Mop and Bucket. Why not congratulate AAA by mopping up a little? I'm sure he will love it. Don't forget to give his controllers an extra shine!

2. Enhance his beauty sleep effects.

Abigail told me that AAA is having friends over tomorrow. After brushing up on his "gaming skills," he usually goes to bed. While he's sleeping, we can test out that Stars and Glitter Face Paint Abigail has lying around. I'm sure his friends will love the new look. It fits him so well. Bonus points too if we let him sleep with a few of Abigail's Usuki dolls!

3. Serve Neocola to his friends.

All that gaming is thirsty work. Luckily, AAA has a handy Neocola machine that spits out seemingly infinite amounts of Neocola already canned. Abigail has heard his friends complain that the fizz runs out sometimes, though. That's an easy fix, however! All we have to do is shake those Neocola cans to ensure that they have plenty fizz and that it never runs out!

4. Show AAA the overriding power of brains.

AAA thinks brains and not brawn are the Springabee's knees. I guess since he beat us, that's a universal truth. I guess he's right. What better way to prove it to him than to show off their power? We got a nice collection of Brain Muffins, and their 15 icons of power are... well, powerful. We can throw a couple at AAA and his friends while they are playing games and show that we know and respect the power of brains! And since they are one use, he can't throw them back. It's okay, though; we already know brains can hurt and they are powerful.

5. Give him brain power.

He's always going on about his brain, how large it is, how smart it makes him... it's enough to make one gag. However, if he thinks he needs brains... we can do it for him. With all of those challenges, we've likely had at least one bowl of steaming hot Brain Stew, a nice cold Brain Ice Cream, a satisfying Brain Hot Dog, or a nicely seasoned Brain Kebab. Since we have all we need in our awesome strength, we don't need this brain power. Let's just give all of this to AAA. Since he's always wearing his Gaming Helmet, it's the perfect place to put all this brain matter in to make sure he gets it. We are so thoughtful.

6. Freshen up his blankie.

Since AAA perused Abigail's diary and "made changes," we need to thank him. His blankie has been going through some wear and tear recently, and it's getting a little dirty. Since we know AAA is a clean freak and likes his things smelling fresh, we can clean his blankie for him. The blankie is quite effective as a rag for household chores, and since it's being dunked in soap and water, it has to be getting clean, right? So do plenty of chores around the house like wiping your Meowclops after it fell in a puddle of mud, wash the dishes after lasagne night (with extra sauce), or dust the attic that hasn't been dusted in years (make sure to get all those Spyders). That should clean that blankie and give it a nice, refreshing scent.

7. Enhance his glasses.

AAA's wonderful glasses define his wonderful character as we all know. We also know that he cannot see a thing without him. What a shame it would be if he were to lose them! When they "accidentally" fall off of his nightstand when he falls asleep and the things underneath his bed eat them, we can use a temporary replacement: Dazed and Confused Glasses. He won't notice a difference, and he's always been somewhat of a klutz. No one will notice if he stumbles around a little more. This makes it perfect for him!

8. Practice some games with him.

We all know AAA is so much better than us at anything game-wise. That means we need to get some tips from the master himself. Especially with Spacerocked! That game was quite difficult, and we really need some practice with that. Since we cannot find that darn Black Eye Makeup, we can't mess with him that way, so we may as well get some help with the game. Get your Toy Spacerocked Slingshot and some rocks from outside to practice with. Start by asking him for help. Show him your awful aim by shooting a few practice rounds. Oh no! It looks like you hit him in the eye with one of those rocks! It's puffing up and becoming bruised. Oh well, I guess you didn't need that Black Eye Makeup after all. So much for practicing games, though.

9. Help him unwind and relax.

AAA can get really worked up with games, especially when he is approaching a high score. He can get quite grouchy and stressed when this happens. Luckily, there is a way to help him relax a bit. Using the Fuzzle and Moon Mobile we managed to get, we can help lull AAA into a nice sleep. All we have to do is put it in front of him when he is getting excited when approaching high score. It'll surely allow him to relax and fall asleep just before he reaches the new high score. This will prevent the stress he gets and the loud excitement that accompanies these moments. He'll thank us later.

10. Give AAA a break from all of those games.

AAA has an hourglass behind him to make sure he doesn't get too much game play in (otherwise his mom will ground him). However, sometimes he gets very into a game, and doesn't want to be disturbed. We can help him out by nudging the hourglass off of the dresser so it falls over and breaks. That way, AAA can play and play and play deep into the night. When he is up with Count von Roo, his mom will definitely ground him. This will give him a much needed break from all those games he plays every day. He needs a break from all that pressure.

With these simple techniques, AAA and Abigail will become closer and maybe even become friendly with each other. You can help stop this petty rivalry by helping AAA out and generally improving his life.

Though brains triumphed over brawn, it doesn't mean we at Team Brawn are bad sports. We can show AAA that we can handle a loss and respect his overly brain-y side.

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