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Coping with Hoarding; SDB Clean Outs

by lil_princess_of_evil


My name is lil_princess_of_evil and I am a safety deposit box hoarder. I never started out that way. When I was a young Neopian, all I ever wanted was that SDB avatar. After I finally got it, my neo-life spiraled out of control. My safety deposit box just kept growing larger and larger, until it was at an uncontrollable rate. Not anymore, though! Now my safety deposit box is back on track, and with a few simple tips, I can help you clear out yours:


Now, to start out any safety deposit box cleansing, I like to go through my safety deposit box and pick out any items I can use on my side accounts. By this, I mean the stamps, seashells, collectable cards, wearables, gourmet foods, neohome 2.0 furniture, and books. Odds are, you have already put these items where they fit in your main account already, and that's why they are sitting in your safety deposit box. If not, do that first. Now, why should we dispose of these items when they can go to your side accounts? Send these items to all of your side accounts.

Neohome items can go into your neohome 2.0 storage sheds. The books can be read to each of your side account pets that probably are horribly uneducated. Any wearables can be sent to one account, or diversified into all of your side accounts so that your pets there have clothes too. Gourmet foods can be fed to your pets in the event that maybe you decide to try for that trophy some day. Any excess stamps, seashells, and collectable cards can be put in your stamp albums on your side or card collection, one per account.

Next, take any items that you are collecting for a gallery, and if the gallery would be on your main account, then leave it be, but if it was intended to go on a side, put that in the safety deposit box of the account it's on. This way you don't accidentally get rid of anything that fits in your galleries. If you don't have galleries, but really want to collect items, maybe it's time to start one.

Another helpful thing to do is find out if your friends have any galleries and donate any items that they may need. I have one friend who collects musical instruments, and after scrounging through my safety deposit box, I found plenty musical instruments of my own that she did not have in her gallery. It saves your friend the neopoints, even if it is only by a few.


Okay, now we're actually disposing of items. Now keep in mind that I do not intend for you to dispose of anything you are purposely collecting for some reason or another. This is to get rid of the items in your safety deposit box that you have no use for and are just letting rot away.

Before you fret and give up, we are going to start out easy. If you are a hoarder, like I am, you probably have a ton of items in your safety deposit box that are only worth one neopoint, have absolutely no value other than to rot in your safety deposit box, and keep piling up because you win them every day from your favorite dailies. I am talking about those unlabelled tin cans, Tombola visors, and carved seashells. If their only purpose is to sit in your safety deposit box, or be fed to a Grarrl or Skeith, it's time to put that in your inventory. Start at page one, and work your way to the end, checking off any items that have absolutely no use whatsoever only. Once you have put them all in your inventory, get a quick look. I had 50 carved seashells in my safety deposit box! Why do I need that many useless items at all? Now, go to the quick stock page, look over to that fourth column where it says "discard". Scroll to the bottom to check all. Now submit! You probably will have to do this several times if you are like me. Ta da! No more junk items! Why didn't we donate those to the money tree? NOBODY, and I repeat, NOBODY wants your junk items. They probably have plenty of their own stored up that they should be discarding. For those going for packrat avatars, they have plenty of options available to find junk if they want it, so yours does not need to contribute. You are helping out the Neopian economy more this way, trust me.

Moving back to page one of your safety deposit box, it's time to clear out any items that are sellable. I will let you use your discretion on this one. I personally don't bother with items I know are worth less than 1,000 neopoints. You can usually guess if you can remember where you got the item. Freebie items like those advent calendar items are usually not worth much unless they really contain some kind of value, like stamps or books. So pull out any of the items you want to make a profit on, and throw them into your shop, auction, or trading post. It will probably take some time to price all of those items, which is why I don't bother with anything I know is not going to be worth more than 1,000 neopoints. Making a profit isn't too bad, right?

Alright, now you can go through again, and eliminate any doubles of the items that you have and don't need. You can use your discretion on these as to what you want to do with them. If you followed the last few steps, they probably aren't worth enough to put in your shop, but they might not be junk either. My suggestion is, if it's only worth 1 NP and is being handed out in a daily still, you might as well discard it. Yes, it has worth, but it's flooding the market. Anything worth more than just a couple of neopoints, you could donate to the money tree. Since we are dealing with items that actually have use now, someone who does need that item might need it.

Now, after all that, you should only have one of each item in your safety deposit box, excluding the items you think you need. Now, go through and take those items out that you don't need. This won't be that overwhelming since we got rid of all the junk items, items you can send to sides, and doubles. You could put those items into a trade for someone who really does need the packrat avatar. You could donate them like you did with the doubles. You probably do not want to keep them.

Final Runthrough

After this, your safety deposit box is all clean, right? Why don't you make one last final sweep. Each item left in your safety deposit box should have a purpose for being there. Ask yourself on each item why it's there. If you can give a clear, concise, reasonable answer, keep it. Codestones and books are reasonable to keep if you are training up your pet. Any potential items you are keeping for a future gallery are fine. Healing potions are fine to keep in the event that your pet gets blasted by the Snowager or you intend to battle. If your answer is questionable, maybe you should have disposed of it. Be reasonable about this. For example, if you kept battledome items, but do not ever intend to battle, maybe you should consider throwing that out instead. If you kept food but always put your pets into the inn anyways, it's probably time to donate that food. If your sentence contains "might" or "if" as in "I might need it for a battledome plot some day, or if TNT ever puts in a neoschool, my items will have value again, you should probably toss those items then.

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