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And The Next Game Avatar Is...

by rock_star_megs


Game avatars are quite possibly the most satisfying avatars to get. After hard work and an endless amount of time and patience (and a lot of head banging after being THIS CLOSE to the needed score), there is nothing more rewarding and satisfying than getting that "Something Has Happened!" pop-up message after you've sent a score... and realizing that you never have to play that game ever again. Some game avatars are easy and can be accomplished quickly (like Kass Basher, once you've unlocked the Bat level), and others are seemingly impossible unless you're lucky enough to get a decent game to get that high score (like having enough purple/red Grundos in Typing Terror. I remember when that avatar first came out six years ago – and yes, it took me SIX YEARS of frustration/head desking to get. Useful tip: keep restarting until you get 400+ on the first level, or read neoholic17's NT article "How to Achieve the Typing Terror Avatar" for more tips).

While it would be easy enough to make a list of the worst/most impossible game avatars (I'm looking at you, Snow Wars II, Extreme Potato Counter, Bilge Dice's Lucky Streak, etc.), let's remember one important thing: there hasn't been a game avatar released in over two years! TWO YEARS! (Not counting the Wheel of Extravagance avatar.) That's right, the last game avatar released was the Carnival of Terror avatar. And wasn't that a lot of fun to get, waiting for a decent game with enough clocks falling and Robot Chias running around? No? Well, as we wait for a new game avatar to be released, here is a list of 15 potential games that should have avatars.

1. Attack of the Revenge

Suggested avatar score: 1600+

Ahoy, mateys! A lot of other "villains" in Neopia have multiple avatars, like Jhudora and Dr Sloth, so why not have another Captain Scarblade one? Attack of the Revenge does get a bit challenging at higher levels, juggling filling the canons with the increased attack of the pirates, so getting 1600 or higher is no easy feat. Of course, to make the avatar even more challenging to get would be to make it only available on International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Arrrrrr!

2. Hannah and the Wardrobe of Adventure

Suggested avatar score: 10,350+


3. Hannah and the Kreludor Caves

Suggested avatar score: 100,000+


4. Hannah and the Ice Caves

Suggested avatar score: 300,000+

Currently there are four Hannah-themed games (and who doesn't love Hannah?), but only ONE Hannah avatar. Shocking, isn't it? To remedy that, I think the other three games need avatars as well. It would certainly show the versatility of Neopia's favourite brown-haired Usul. I think these three games with their suggested scores are challenging enough, too – you need excellent timing in HatWoA; you need a lot of time and patience to rack up a high enough score in HatKC; and you need skill in HatIC to be able to jump over the Snowbeasts and land on those spots surrounded by the spikes.

5. Snowball Fight!

Suggested avatar score: 995

Snowball Fight can get quite maddening/frustrating at higher levels, especially when trying to hit the falling Polarchucks to restock your snowballs while avoiding the wings/faces/heads of Illusen and the Soup Faerie. It gets even worse when you've fired what you think is a clear shot, only to have one of the faeries pop up out of nowhere. Add that to the fast moving pets/faeries as the game progresses, and you've got a score that's somewhat difficult to achieve.

6. Igloo Garage Sale – The Game

Suggested avatar score: 1800+

There are a number of shop/shopkeeper-related avatars: think Tarla and her Shop of Mystery, and the Chocolate! avatars as two examples. So why not have an avatar that combines two awesome shopkeepers, Mika and Carassa, with their respective game? You'll need skill to successfully manoeuvre Mika back and forth across the friction-less ground to catch all the items in a level for a bonus, which you pretty much need for a score of 1800 or higher. Plus, you'll need to have some higher-scoring items, like the gold coin or the purple Shoyru potion, appear in a game to have any hope of getting close to 1800 (at least in my experience in playing).

7. The Usul Suspects

Suggested avatar score: 2000+

While there is an assortment of Chia and Blumaroo-themed game avatars, there aren't a lot of Usul-themed ones. And what better game to fix that than The Usul Suspects? You have to aim accurately to hit the falling Usuls in just the right spot (the top of their helicopter helmets) to get the most points, otherwise you have to shoot through a maze of hats and deal with those crafty Usuls trying to sweep you off your platform. And did I mention that some of the Usuls fire at you? And that some are rapid firing ones? Yeah, really hard to deal with once the red Usuls start appearing.

8. Bouncy Supreme

Suggested avatar score: 29900+

Jelly World obviously doesn't exist, right? So that's probably why there aren't any Jelly game avatars. Since there are two jelly-themed games (Jelly Blobs of Doom and Bouncy Supreme), I think at least one should have an avatar. I mean, Meepits are, well, Meepits, but they have two games and an avatar for each of those games. I think it's time for Jelly to shine, and what better way than with a Bouncy Supreme avatar? It is a rather simple game, consisting of aiming the Blumaroo from platform to platform within the time given, but it does take patience and some skill to get a high score.

9. Wrath of the Snowager

Suggested avatar score: 1300000

Yes, this is another snow game like #5 and #6 above, but it's a lot more fun to play than Snow Wars II (no snow fort building required!). And who doesn't love the Snowager? With only twelve levels to play through, it can be challenging to get more than 1300000 if you average just slightly more than 100000 per level. Better yet, one of the requirements for the avatar should be to complete all twelve levels without losing a life.

10. Bumble Beams

Suggested avatar score: 2500+

It's literally a balancing act in this game. An easy way to rack up the points early on is to land the Petpets perfectly in the bins, though it does become trickier when trying to balance on the grey beam (orange beams are the best because you can hold them still). It gets more difficult once the Petpets start spinning on their own (once you reach The Incinerator), but with enough practice, 2500+ isn't so hard to achieve.

11. Mop 'n' Bop

Suggested avatar score: 15000+

Featuring Neopia's favourite Yurble! He's been involved in a number of plots, and only has one avatar dedicated to him. So why not give him more? It is simple to play – fill up your water meter and clean the pets that pass you and the dirt on the floor – but it does take time (and MANY laps) to get a high score, especially when dealing with the lag (at least in my experience). And really, if you can get an avatar from cleaning up/looking after Petpets (in Petpetsitter), why not have one for cleaning up the Hall of Heroes?

12. Imperial Exam

Suggested avatar score: 1240+

A wonderful game for spelling/grammar sticklers. Some typos are easy to spot, others require a double look. You get points for letting in the correctly spelled Pets and for shooing away the incorrectly spelled ones. Once you get through all the levels, you get 200 bonus points for completing the game. Similar to how Typing Terror works, this game is dependent on how many bad spellers you get – the more of them, the more points you get. So it can be difficult to get higher than 1200.

13. Ugga Drop

Suggested avatar score: 40000

You know, I think Tyrannia gets overlooked these days. I mean, the map itself still has the old, flash-less look to it (compare with the new Krawk Island). To make up for this, I think there should be another Tyrannian-based game avatar to join the Tyranu Evavu and Destruct-o-Match avatars. And what better game than Ugga Drop? You need good reflexes to know when to release the parachute to avoid a hard landing and thus get first place. No need to go after the coins as they don't affect your score – they're only useful for upgrades, after all. It can be a bit challenging to get first place in every level; otherwise, you won't get the max/perfect score of 40000.

14. Shenkuu Tangram

Suggested avatar score: 2900+

Surprisingly, there aren't any game avatars for any of the Shenkuu-related/-themed games. And by my count, there are seven of those games – Eye of the Storm, Shenkuu Warrior, Shenkuu Warrior II, Shenkuu River Rush, Kou-Jong, The Search for Princess Lunara, and Shenkuu Tangram, but not one has an avatar. Terrible! I think out of those seven, Shenkuu Tangram should be the first one to have an avatar. Sure, it's a puzzle game, where you can memorize the position of the shapes, but you still have to be quick with placing the shapes and have to deal with the added pressure of the time limit to deal with in getting a high score.

15. Cave Glider

Suggested avatar score: 4500+

Just like #14 above, there aren't any game avatars for any of the Moltara-related/-themed games either. So why not have a Cave Glider avatar? You need a lot of patience to be successful at this game, especially when you want a high score: you need to get most of the gems, avoid the petpets flying back and forth, and avoid hitting the walls to maintain your health bar; all of which you want to do before your time runs out to get bonus points.

There you have it, 15 games that should have avatars. Keep practicing these games, and who knows, maybe there will be one of these avatars released in the near future.

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