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Travel Bug: Which Mini-World is Right for You?

by katiecoo802


Are you fed up with city life? Aching to get away from the crowded neighborhoods and hordes of tourists? There is one simple solution to such conundrums: Mini-Worlds! Yes, folks, those extra little villages and suburbs make wonderful spots for any Neopians looking to simplify their lives. I was shocked to learn that many Neopians are not even aware of all the wonderful and unique Mini-Worlds Neopia has to offer! Whether it's just for a quick vacation or you're looking for a more permanent spot to call home on Neopets, Mini-Worlds provide both seclusion and new opportunities and experiences. But which Mini-World is right for you? Take a seat, ladies and gents, for the quizmaster is here to aid you in your quest for a unique, crowd-free hub!

1. Alright, so we know you want fewer Neopians around, but just how isolated do you want your Mini-World to be?

A. It should be quite a trek to reach—only the most determined will be worthy of finding it.

B. Just off a main Land, so I can still go to the city if things get a little too dull.

C. Ugh, I don't want ANYONE around! I want to be totally alone!

D. I'd like to be able to keep to myself, but I wouldn't mind a few travelers passing through now and again.

2. What's the most important element of your environment?

A. A noble history and high-class society.

B. Lots of shops and fun stalls.

C. I really don't need much of anything, maybe one shop.

D. Games games games!

3. With which Neopian species do you most identify? (Not sure? See my Neopet Personality Quiz.)

A. Kyrii—crafty, clever, and proud

B. Gelert—courageous, gallant, traditional with a little quirk

C. Lutari—patient and extremely hard to find

D. Kacheek—friendly, fun-loving, and cute!

4. Speaking of Neopian species, which trusty petpet do you count on for company?

A. A Horus would be useful and a stimulating companion worthy of my time.

B. Meowclops are the purrrfect petpets, reserved but still pleasant.

C. I don't own one, but can't object to the native petpets that might roam around.

D. An Ukali is both adorable and provides a helping hand when needed.

5. Which of the following Neopian proverbs best describes you?

A. Live like a maze of tombs; only the most deserving should know the real you.

B. Never judge on appearance. A mutant Kau may have a purer heart than a Faerie Cybunny.

C. True happiness can only be judged in moments of solitude when one is forced to either accept or deny one's self.

D. Wars are started over Neopoints and power, but they are always ended by love and friendship.

6. Which of the following books is someone most likely to find you reading?

A. Some sort of ancient scroll rumored to have magical powers if decoded.

B. A book about history or a genealogy—you can learn the most from the past, after all.

C. Reading is just further connection to people and places I don't want to know about.

D. Something practical and fun, like a recipe or gardening book.

7. Would you enjoy acquainting yourself with the neighbors?

A. Perhaps, but I probably won't go out of my way to do it.

B. Maybe, though some of them seem a little strange...

C. That depends; do they plan on acquainting themselves with the business end of my Chipped Throwing Spear?

D. Oh yes! I don't like crowds, but a small, tight-knit community would be ideal .

Mostly A: Qasala

Proud, dignified, and intellectual, you demand only the best from your Mini-World. The regal city of Qasala seems like a perfect fit with its few but elegant shops and involvement in a large part of Neopian history. Discovered in Y7, Qasala had been a desert city revered for its weaponry, unique cuisine, and affluence before it was placed under a horrible curse by Razul, father of Prince Jazan. Through their persistence and brilliance (and map-making skills—seriously, SO... MANY... TOMBS...), Neopians were able to recover the city, and through the power of love Jazan and Nabile were able to break the curse.

Since that time Qasala has been working hard to restore its former glory, but its troubled past discourages some visitors, making it both prosperous and somewhat secluded. Qasala now features such shops as Desert Arms, Words of Antiquity, and one of the only wearables shops in Neopia. Its most recent addition is the Wheel of Extravagance, which has both attracted even more upper-class citizens to the Mini-World and added to its income tremendously.

Mostly B: Neovia

Welcome to Neovia! This charmingly offbeat town is nestled snugly in the Haunted Woods, but don't let that scare you off. For ten years Neovia was shrouded in a horrible curse, but luckily the clever Neopians managed to save the day again (alright, I suppose we had some help from Gilly, Sophie, and Bruno...). After the curse was lifted, Neovia began to rebuild and is now home to delightfully whimsical shops as well as the beloved daily Bart's Apple Bobbing Cart. The citizens are still somewhat jumpy, understandably so, but as odd as some of them might seem, I assure you they are all upstanding Neopians.

Neovia is still somewhat unknown to the Neopian population, being a bit harder to reach, but there is a somewhat steady traffic of tourists, especially around Halloween. Particularly desirable about Neovia is its close proximity to the Haunted Woods; if town life becomes a bit too slow, the ever-entertaining Haunted Woods are just left of the Gypsy Campgrounds. If you're looking for a Mini-World with old-school charm and a few quirks, Neovia is the place for you! Pip pip!

Mostly C: Geraptiku

Wow, you weren't kidding when you said you wanted to be left alone, were you? Luckily, there's a delightfully deserted Mini-World perfect for the Neopian looking to leave behind all traces of civilization. The Lost City of Geraptiku was once the center of culture on Mystery Island, but for hundreds of years it has been reclaimed by the wild jungle. Island legend claims that the spirits which guard the village were angered by their citizens' pride and greed, and as a consequence eliminated the entire population of the city in one night.

Though located on Mystery Island, the natives take extra care to avoid the area, believing ancient spirits to reside in the Deserted Tomb and curse unwary wanderers with ultimate doom. But that's probably just natives' superstitions, I'm sure you'll be just fine...

Mostly D: Meri Acres Farm

You're the friendly sort who's looking to enjoy a simpler, country life. Your ideal Mini-World is Meri Acres Farm, an adorably sunshine-y patch of land just north of Meridell. Home to humble but ever-helpful farmers and peasants, the citizens of Meri Acres Farm have a delightfully warm community based mostly around their love for vegetables.

Despite their preoccupation with potatoes, life on Meri Acres is anything but boring! The farm is home to no fewer than five unique games which vary greatly, from the low-key Pick Your Own to the fast paced Extreme Potato Counter. The small stone cottages which dot the farm are simple but sturdy, and there are usually a few Meridellians or Brightvaleans passing through in case your potatoes are especially dull or uncountable that day. So what are you waiting for? Move to Meri Acres Farm—wake up and smell the Rubbish Dump!

I hope this quiz has been both enjoyable and informative! If you're looking for other Mini-Worlds, or just more information about the Mini-World in your result, the Neopedia is full of juicy informational tidbits. Thanks for reading, see you next time!

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