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Meepit Juice Headache

by faeirian


There will always be that moment in July where you agree to baby Mrs. Barns's meepits while she enjoys a luxurious glass bottom boat tour in Kiko Lake. For the moment it seems easy; simply sit down in the living room and enjoy a nice article in the Neopian Times, but then trouble occurs. The meepits want their juice. At first you give a puzzled and blank stare, but then you begin sweating abnormally. You quickly snatch up the list of instructions Mrs. Barns set on the table, but nowhere do you see anything that even relates to juice. Unable to cope with the seven meepits' enormous black eyes staring into your soul, you decide to run out to the store quickly to buy some juice. Seven meepits is a lot of meepits, and you wouldn't want to anger any of them.

      When you return back carrying three bags of various different flavor juice, the meepits are not to be found. Dropping the bags on the ground, you rush to find them. You look hurriedly under couch cushions, behind window curtains and-oh my goodness! The meepits appear to be climbing a tree! You run outside and watch in horror as the meepits all climb, spread out around the tree chanting for their juice.

      When you peer up the tall tree, you hear the meepits barking, "BLUE JUICE! GREEN JUICE! ORANGE JUICE! PINK JUICE!". You speed inside the house to scoop up the two bags of juice you left on the ground. You grasp hold of a blue colored drink and prepare to serve it to them when you realize they're all the way on the top of the tree. "Come down here!" you squeak, but your attempts are futile; the meepits don't budge. They want YOU to bring the juice to THEM.

      By now you're ripping your hair (or fur) out in frustration. Your face is beet red and steam is escaping out your ears. You just want to scream, you just want to shout, "YOU ROTTEN MEEPITS!" when you suddenly remember your old grandfather Wizinworth. You weigh the balances between being eaten alive by the meepits or being turned into a Slorg from a failed science experiment. Yeah, I would take being a Slorg any day.

      You knock three times on the old creaky door, observing the surroundings. The door creaks open from the inside and the old haggard Wizinworth welcomes you with an old cheery, "Ah, come in, my boy!"

      You take a step on the old, bedraggled, red carpet. The curtains are torn and infested with spiders, cobwebs hang from the ceiling, and you can hear the cackle of bats in the home. You adjust to the setting and tell Wizinworth the whole story. You tell him of how you volunteered to take care of Mrs. Barns's meepits, how they demanded their juice, and how they decided to climb up a tree and have you deliver it to them personally. Wizinworth stares hard at the ground for a whole minute. You can tell he is in deep, deep concentration. Suddenly his face brightens up, and he directs you to come into the basement with him.

      The basement has a lot of moisture in the air, and it is extremely difficult to breathe. There is moss growing on the stone brick walls, Spyders, Korbats, and Whoots dance across the room, and there is dust everywhere. Wizinworth approaches a huge set of crates and begins loading your arms with them. They are extremely heavy, your hands often slip and you have to readjust yourself. After about ten boxes he tells you these tubes will suck the drinks right up to the meepits. You thank him, then slowly walk away with the crates stacked above your head.

      Mrs. Barns is supposed to be back at 5:00pm NST. You catch a glimpse of your watch with the pile of crates towering over your head and it reads 4:30pm. Your eyes grow to the size of bowling balls, and you begin sprinting back to the meepits.

      When you crash through the gate, you throw all the crates on the ground and quickly try to arrange the pipes into various different shapes long enough to reach the meepits' thirsty throats. The meepits simply spectate, giggling at the mishaps and mistakes being made. A pink meepit decides to throw tree branches and bird nests at you, and all the others join in giggling and laughing at poor you on the ground trying your hardest to deliver their drinks. The tree branches hurt pretty badly as they're whipped towards you, but you're determined not to let these meepits win this round.

      You finally arrange the pipes into a "Z" shape and hold it up to the red meepit's mouth sitting high up in the tree tops. You often lose your balance from the heavy pipes, but that won't stop you. You pour the red colored drink inside and the chute sucks it up, delivering it to the meepit in a perfect matter. The meepit slurps and sucks up the liquid and jumps down satisfied and full, running back into the house. You stare in amazement of how easily the meepit leaves the tree. You smirk, and you begin pouring the blue colored drink into the tube. Once again the tube sucks it up, and the meepit slurps it up. This meepit is cautious and decides to climb down the tree rather than jump down. With these drinks, you feel unstoppable; you're a machine. With these drinks in your hand, these meepits shall bow down to you!

      You continue the process until the only meepit left standing tapping his foot is the pink. Your watch reads 4:55pm, and you nearly scream! Only five minutes left to feed the pickiest of the group, and you have no idea how to make a pink colored drink. There was none in stock at the store! Four minutes left. You try combining all different colors, but none of them seem to make pink. Blue and yellow, red and yellow, red and blue... NOTHING WORKS! Three minutes left. You have no idea what to do. You brainstorm for a moment and decide to give the meepit one of each colored drink to make up the missing color. Two minutes left. The three colors rush through the tube and splat inside the meepit's mouth, exploding in a pink color. He happily slurps it all up, and slides down the tube to the ground. One minute left! "Hurry, hurry! Inside the house! Quickly!" you yell as you herd the bloated meepits inside. You count six meepits and you realize one is missing. Oh no, it's over, you're dead.

      You quickly sit down, returning to the issue of Neopian Times, trying to clear your mind of the missing meepit as the door opens and Mrs. Barns walks inside.

     "Hello! How did everything go?" she asks.

     "Everything went perfectly fine," you reply, trying to hold a fake smile.

     "Did the meepits cause any trouble?" she questions.

     "Nope, they were perfect angels, I assure you." You chuckle to yourself.

     "Can you do one last favor for me?"

     "Sure, what's the matter, Mrs. Barns?"

     "I need a large bendable pole."

     "A bendable pole? Whatever for?"

     "When I walked inside the gate, I saw this giant tube lying on the ground and my poor green meepit is stuck inside!"

The End

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