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Lilo Blumario Interview

by pump


Today, Roo Island Networks brings you something very special indeed! It's been months since the last Altador Cup, and there's no doubt the general public are itching for a little bit of information about the surprisingly low ranking of crowd favorite - Roo Island! This interview will be conducted by Billsworth, a Yooyuball enthusiast. Over to you, Bill...

Bill: Hello, everybody, and thank you for tuning in to Roo Island Networks this morning! My name is Billsworth and I'm going to be your host today. Enough about me - let's talk to the interesting 'Roo sitting next to me - Lilo! Hello! Great to finally meet you. On behalf of Rooligans and Blumaroo enthusiasts everywhere, I'd like to say thank you for attending this interview!

Lilo: Oh, not a problem, Bill. I always love to meet my fans - they really make the Altador Cup worth it each and every year!

Bill: Now, if I understand correctly, you're a Blumaroo, but you're not very good at jumping! What's the deal with that?

Lilo: Good question! When I was young, I had quite a lot of trouble with my tail, making bouncing and jumping on it almost impossible. I'm capable of it now, but I'm much better at running!

Bill: Oh, I see! Did that disability affect you at all as a young 'Roo?

Lilo: Well, you're a Blumaroo, you know how it is! All of the little ones are bouncing on their tails before they're walking, and playing Blumaball before they even start Neoschool. It was really quite hard for me to fit in.

Bill: If you couldn't fit in, how did you make it into the Yooyuball industry?

Lilo: Even though I couldn't play any sports, I had a really quick mind. Teams would hire me to strategize for them, because I could come up with plans on the spot - I was very quick on my feet. Still am!

Bill: When you found out that there was going to be an Altador Cup, were you excited?

Lilo: Oh, ecstatic! I was a little older at that point, and had been playing the sport for a while in my spare time. I was one of the better players on Roo Island because of my ability to run instead of bounce, it always caught the opposition off guard.

Bill: Very smart! Now, if I understand correctly, you were offered contracts from many different teams during the first Altador Cup?

Lilo: Yup, that's right! Darigan being one of them. I was bribed with all sorts of things - paintbrushes, Neopoints... you see, they thought that I was yellow because I couldn't afford a nicer color. So I just told them that I'd rather stay yellow and stay true to my roots. Even though Roo Island couldn't offer me much as far as compensation goes, the love and support that my team has received instead has been well worth it.

Bill: Were you surprised that you were elected to be the team captain?

Lilo: When I accepted the part on the team, no one told me anything about a leadership position. I was by far the youngest on the team, and in absolute shock! What surprised me more, though, was that for a team of amateurs we worked astoundingly well together!

Bill: Now, let's approach the Elephante in the room: the Altador Cup that has just passed in the previous months. How do you feel about your team's performance?

Lilo: I know that a lot of our fans were disappointed, and I think we all learned a valuable lesson - the underdogs don't always win! We did try our absolute best, though. I felt as though we were lacking a little bit of synergy, our game plans were a little too predictable and we played everything a little bit too safe. I think Clutch is finally starting to feel his years as well.

Bill: Speaking of Clutch - can you make any comment on his rumored retirement?

Lilo: It's not my place to say anything - but do take this into account: people have been talking about his 'rumored retirement' since the first Altador Cup.

Bill: On the topic of your other team members, how is Dayla doing? Dayla was a forward before experiencing an injury and being replaced by Jair, for those who don't know.

Lilo: Dayla's doing great! She recovered from her injury a few years ago and although she will never play professionally again, she's a top notch coach for up and coming talent within Roo Island.

Bill: Do you feel like you have more weight on your shoulders because of the double representation you have for Roo Island?

Lilo: Double representation?

Bill: Well, you are the only Blumaroo in recent Altador Cup history.

Lilo: Oh, I get it. Yeah, it can be a little hard. The whole sport is stressful - we only get one month a year off, which is this month actually, and that's usually full of interviews. The rest of the year we're doing full on training, and that's pretty intense. On top of that there's the psychological stress - believe me, there's a lot of stress in knowing that young Blumaroos everywhere have stuffed animals and collectable mugs of you, not to mention key rings with your face on it. I've always been the face of Roo Island - both the sports team and the advertising campaign surrounding it.

Bill: Advertising campaign? What kinds of things does that involve?

Lilo: Well, admittedly we're not very organized - we are Blumaroos after all. This year we tried to get a pancake flavored slushie at the slushie bar - it didn't work out so well. We were trying to promote Grandma's Pancake House. She ended up coming to the actual Cup and cooking pancakes for everyone there - that was a big hit.

Bill: Too bad it wasn't a hit with the general public, that slushie sounds amazing to me! How is Grandma Roo these days?

Lilo: She's doing very well! On sunny days when we're practicing she brings us pancakes.

Bill: Anyway Lilo, we only really have time for one more question. Who is your Blumaroo role model?

Lilo: Ooh... that's a hard one to answer. Actually, this is going to sound kind of nerdy... but I think it would be Rohane.

Bill: The video game character?!?

Lilo: Yeah, yeah - I know. He's fictional. But seriously, Rohane was one of the most inspirational characters I've ever played in a video game. He's so brave!

Bill: What an interesting answer! Anyways, Lilo, thank you so much for your time! I have no doubt that all of your fans are thankful as well.

Lilo: Not a problem, Bill, great to meet you and the rest of Roo Island Networks! I look forward to seeing your crew televising the next Altador Cup for the rest of Roo Island.

Bill: You betcha. Thanks again, Lilo!

This interview has been brought to you by Roo Island Networks, Dice-A-Roo and the Roo Island Altador Cup Team.

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