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by pjrbook23


My name is Marie and I'm an Usul. I was abandoned shortly after my owner made me. It was a hard fact to accept, but I have accepted it. I now have a new owner named P.J. and a 'sister' named Ariana, who is an Ixi. Yes, life is sweet now, but it wasn't that way in the beginning. It took a long time to stop feeling adopted.

     It all started with my first owner dropping me off at the Pound. For his protection I won't mention his name. The scary yellow Techo kept reassuring Owner 1 that I would be just fine. I remember the creepy tone in which Dr. Death said it. I felt so helpless and I wanted to cry, but I didn't. The crying came later as I was sitting in a cold room by myself. Nobody passed by or entered my room, so I wasn't adopted for a while.

     One day, a girl came by with a green Ixi. The Ixi made an angry noise and the girl said, "Ariana! We do not act like that." Ariana's face fell into despair. I smiled at the girl and she asked, "What's your name?"

     I stuttered out, "Marie."

     The girl nodded and spoke to Drusilla, the Uni adoption agent.

     Drusilla said, "Marie, it's your lucky day. You're getting adopted." She smiled her kind smile that I had grown to love, and led me out to my new owner. I was wary but ready to be taken care of. As Drusilla introduced me to P.J., my heart welled up with joy.

     Ariana wasn't too happy as we headed back to P.J.'s neohome, but she didn't say ANYTHING in front of P.J. The Neohome was magnificent with two stories in the heart of Neopia Central.

     P.J. ushered me into the house and said, "Welcome to your new home, Marie." I had a new set of tears in my eyes as she said that. She directed me to my room decorated with all the latest furniture and then told us she'd be right back.

     I stood in awe of my room. It was very different from the barren room at the Pound. I shook the thought of the Pound off and focused on my new life. Ariana stood in the doorway and said, "Listen up, because I'm only going to say this once. We are NOT friends and we won't be. In my sight, you're just a charity case MY excellent owner decided to take pity on.

     "P.J. likes me best. She designed me and you are just second choice. I will not share P.J. so don't steal my thunder or I will be VERY upset. Do you understand?"

     I whimpered and nodded. Ariana nodded her head with satisfaction and went to her own room.

     I had three brothers with my old owner and they were not as mean to me as Ariana was that first year. I found my myself sitting on my pawprint bed and wishing for my old life.

     When my first owner did what he had done, it came as a complete surprise. We seemed so happy and then boom, I was in the Pound. I still wonder why he did it, but I'll never get the chance to ask.

     P.J. came back with toys. She said, "I didn't know what you liked, Marie, so I got a variety of toys and a few books." She laid all the toys down but one. It was the coolest toy of all and she gave it to Ariana. Then she turned and read me a few books. It wasn't my favorite activity, but she mostly read to Ariana, who was a genius.

     P.J. did love me, but I could see her giving special attention to Ariana. I didn't feel special until P.J. sent Ariana to the Neolodge for two days.

     She said, "I'm sorry, Marie, that I haven't really been paying attention to you. What would you like to do today?"

     We did everything I wanted. We went to a fabulous concert, shopping for new clothes, and she didn't read me one single book. It was awesome! The next day was just as awesome. She told me I was beautiful and entered me into a beauty contest. I won second place and she was so proud.

      In the dark corner of my mind I wondered how Ariana would take all of this affection I was getting from, supposedly, HER owner. It gave me nightmares.

     In my nightmares I would happily playing with P.J. and Ariana would come in and start pulling pranks on me. See, she had been pulling mean pranks on me outside of my nightmares as well. She'd rip my clothes and then hang them back in my closet. I wouldn't notice they were damaged until P.J. told me to put them on. Once Ariana actually mixed paint into the shampoo. I was puke green for a week.

     When I first came into the family, Ariana clipped my tail. It hurt, but I was able to hide it from P.J.

     This happened in my nightmare as well and I woke up screaming from the 'pain' of it.

      P.J. came in my room. She asked, "What's wrong!?"

     I answered, "I just had a nightmare. You can go back to bed."

     She shook her head and said, "Don't be ridiculous. What was it about?"

     I shook my head thinking of just how much Ariana would hate me if I told on her.

     P.J. saw the look in my eyes and asked, "Was it about Ariana?"

     I hesitantly nodded.

     P.J. sighed. "I'm sorry for the way Ariana has been treating you. She has been the only pet in my life for so long that it's gotten to her head. It by no means excuses her, but she sees you as a threat. I don't know how to make her see that I can love both of you equally."

     I said, "To be honest, it doesn't seem as though you do love us equally."

     "Oh, Marie, I wouldn't have adopted you if I didn't want you. I will fix this."

     As she started to leave, I said, "Wait. How did you know that Ariana was being so mean?"

     She turned around and answered, "It was a unfortunate guess." I nodded and she left the room.

     Ariana came back the next day boasting about her stay at the best resort in Neopia. P.J. said, "Enough, Ariana. You won't get to stay there again if you keep acting like you do. Marie is your sister now. I have brought you up to be kind and not envious. I love you both very much and I wouldn't trade either of you for anything. Ariana you owe Marie an apology."

     Ariana had tears in her eyes as she turned to me and said, "I'm sorry for being so mean. Welcome to the family."

     I said, "It's alright, Ariana, and thank you. I'm glad to be here."

     It wasn't an immediate improvement. Ariana still had anger issues, but learned to channel them in the battledome. We became very close after P.J. settled everything. I often think back and wonder what would've happened had my first owner kept me. I wouldn't have known P.J.'s incredible love, Ariana's change, and the feeling of being with people who care.

     For owners out there hearing my story, don't ever abandon your pets. You're missing out on something spectacular when you do.

     I will never understand why I was abandoned, but I can smile, because I now have an owner who would NEVER do that.

The End

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