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Top Ten Wearables For Babies - Part Two

by auraichadora


Back in Issue 506, I wrote an article that mentioned my top ten wearables for babies. However, since I wrote that article, I found so many more wearables that fit our lovely Baby pets, and so I'm creating a Part Two to my original list, with ten more wearables, both NP and NC, that work well with these adorable Babies. Of course, like with my last list, these are all in my personal opinion and your mileage with these items will depend on how they fit with your pets.

If you haven't read the first part, then you may be confused by the numbering on this list and may not see some of the most basic Baby items on this countdown. I recommend reading the first article before this one to see all of the items I recommend.

20/19. Butterfly Shower/Dancing Butterflies – NC – 150NC (both currently in the mall)

This is cheating a bit, but both of these items are incredibly similar and I couldn't really rank them one over the other. Butterfly Shower is in simple colors – red, yellow, orange, and pink – and flutters quickly across the screen before repeating the cycle again. Dancing Butterflies, however, come in multiple colors and float above your pet like a canopy. Both can fit any spring or colorful backgrounds, and both can be versatile depending on the background and other foregrounds used. Also, since both are currently non-retiring buyables and are common from the opening of mystery capsules, they can be obtained at any point.

18. Among Flowers Background – NC – Prize from Neggstravaganza Surprise 2011

In all honesty, I've never used this on my babies. However, I've seen other babies with this background and they looked absolutely adorable. While the flowers are relatively huge compared to these small pets, it only adds to their cuteness factor. However, for any new Baby owners, trying to get this background may be a challenge, as this was an exclusive prize from this year's Neggstravaganza event. On the upside, finding a trade should be rather easy, as this was extremely popular upon release and many people grabbed one on their sides.

17. Double Rainbow Background – NP – Approximate price at writing: 60,000NP

This is actually very versatile for all pets, but this fits very well on both genders of babies. In combination with items like Stately Tree Foreground and Shrubbery, they can look like they are in a cute nature scene, with peaks of sunlight coming through the trees. This is a bit on the expensive side, as it was a prize from 2010's Games Master Challenge, but it's still a buyable background that can be used for any pet when you don't use this on your little one.

16. Shrubbery – NP – Approximate price at writing: 44,000NP

Like the Double Rainbow Background, this is also very versatile for all pets. It can be combined with a lot of different backgrounds for your little Baby to hide behind, adding a touch of the outdoors to pretty much every scene. However, this is also a bit on the expensive side, but it's still a buyable and can be easily obtained.

15. Baby Summer Hat – NC – Was 150NC (currently retired)

This pink hat is perfect to shade your babies' sensitive skin from the hot summer sun. With its wide brim and floral design, it adds a lot of charm to your little one, and works well with items like Baby Pajamas and Spring Baby Dress. However, this did retire over the summer, so you will need to find a trade via fellow NC users, as this may never be re-released, much like the Valentine Baby Bonnet and Dummy.

14. Toy Room Background – NC – Prize from Plushie Wonderclaw Machine

Every child's dream is to have a fun and fantastic playroom, and the soft and playful Toy Room Background is that dream come true. With a moving mobile, a net gym, and a large tunnel to climb around in, all babies can play for hours on end, and then fall asleep on the plush floor. Because of how popular Wonderclaw is on the NC Mall Boards, this is a common Bronze prize and can be often found on tradelists. However, this is the third machine released for the game, and may soon be retired for a new machine as the old Fire and Ice machines are now.

13. Hollowed Negg Tree Background – NP – Approximate price at writing: 3,800NP

Shaded by trees with delicious Neggs hiding in the nook of the tree, this is a cute background for the sneaky and adventurous Baby. With the addition of Shrubbery, they can look like they are hiding among the trees and bushes to protect their secret stash. The dark colors make lighter color accessories, like Sparkling Rainbow or Butterfly Shower, pop out and add to the scene. This is also fairly inexpensive, being the main prize for collecting all 16 Neggs during Festival of Neggs 2011.

12. Baby Rattle of Cuteness – NC – 150NC (currently in the mall)

This was just recently released, and aren't we just glad! Many users have wanted a rattle for our babies to hold, and this purple-and-blue item is just perfect for both genders, with a little butterfly to add charm. This can be handheld by most babies, but it also tends to sit at the paws of all four-legged and floor-bound babies, looking as if they dropped it and are now playing with it across the floor. Like the Baby Pajamas and Sweet Dreams Crib mentioned in my last article, this is non-retiring, so at any point you can grab this and entertain your Baby for hours!

Side Note: While this is an NC item and not many people have access to the mall, I'd like to call attention to a currently unwearable item called Baby Rattle. I believe this could possibly become an adorable wearable and a cheap substitute for the NC version if turned into a wearable, although at this time TNT has yet to confirm they will make this, or any NP-related Baby item, into such items. However, if it does, I'd like to say it would also rank equal to the Baby Rattle of Cuteness.

11. Spring Baby Dress – NC – Was 150NC (currently retired)

Another recently released wearable, this dress turns most babies into little ballerinas! With a skirt made in the shape of a blossoming flower, it billows out and lets our babies look like they are walking (or crawling) with petals following them. Sadly, this really isn't fitting for male babies, but luckily there are substitutes like the Baby Pajamas that fit easier. This is also retired from the mall, so this may be difficult to obtain except through trading, since there is a slim chance of this ever being re-released.

That's it for this addition to my original top ten list for babies. Please remember, these are all in my opinion – you may find that other items look better on your baby compared to what I may on mine. I hope these two guides helped you out in some ways, and happy customising!

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