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What Is There To Do When You Have Done It All?

by flippy_85


So you have been on Neopets for several years now. Perhaps you were even around in the days when a Kau used to be a Macy Gray! You think you must have done it all. You have created and painted some pets, played most of the games, participated in story plots, completed a few Daily Dare challenges and have a few Altador Cup victories under your belt. However, now you are now starting to tire and are wondering what else there is left to do in the game.

Rather than give up and leave altogether, there are a few things you can do to renew your interest. These are just a few suggestions based on my 10 years of playing Neopets and existence in Neopia!

Create a new gallery with a new theme: Check your safety deposit box, which is now likely to be chock full of items after several years of exploring and collecting the vast world of Neopia. There may be a few items you stored away all those years ago that are now worth a lot of NP! Perhaps you already have items in your gallery that you would be willing to sell to contribute to the new collection. You could auction/trade these items away for more NP to create a newly themed gallery. The possibilities are endless: Usukis, faerie dolls, books, snowglobes, paint brushes, petpets, battledome items, neggs, dung (not my preference for an item gallery!), stamps (or you could fill up your stamp album); the choice is entirely up to you. Restocking items from the main shops and selling them in your own little establishment can also contribute to your newly themed collection.

Explore some new games: Perhaps you have your old favorite games that you play routinely and have done so for years. For example: Typing Terror, Carnival of Terror, Meerca Chase and Igloo Garage Sale. These are just a few of my favorites that I enjoy playing on a daily basis. How about challenging the boundaries and playing some of the games you've never thought to play before such as Kass Basher, Mootix Drop or Neopian Battles? If you have some time on your hands you can also attempt the challenging Neoquest and Neoquest II. You never know, you may develop a liking to these games and include these in your daily favorites list! Games are also added frequently, so why not also try some of the newer ones? Games are not only fun to play, but also have the added benefit of earning neopoints that you can spend contributing to some of the other ideas I have suggested in this article.

Trophies: While we are on the subject on games, why not try for a trophy? If you have been playing Neopets for a few years, you are more than likely to have developed a keen skill for one or two of the games. Why not try to win a trophy? They add prosperity and you are likely to feel like a true veteran of Neopets with a shiny new trophy adorning your user lookup. You may even feel inspired to become more skilled at other games in order to add more trophies to your user lookup!

Creating a cozy little neohome: When you originally joined Neopets, you acknowledged the idea of furnishing a neohome, but were more interested in creating some pets, opening a shop and playing games. Now that you have achieved all of the above, why not start working on your neohome? Check in your safety deposit box for some furniture that you may have collected and stashed away for safekeeping. Perhaps you could also use some of the NP from the items you stashed away that are now worth much more than you bought them for all those years ago. A quaint little bathtub, a dashing Regal Oak Wood Bed, or how about some lovely been bag chairs? These items could be used to furnish your Draik or Chomby's wonderful new home! While you are there, why not add some lovely red instant roses, adoring little bluebells to the neogarden! Do not forget the gnomes!

Give your Neopets and petpets a makeover: Perhaps when you started on Neopets all those years ago you decided to paint your Acara purple, or your Chomby in a lovely shade of blue. Over the years, many different colours have been released and now there are several to choose from! Why not make your Acara look delicious by painting her with a biscuit paintbrush or theme your pet for the holiday season by colouring him with a Christmas paintbrush? You could also transform your pet to another species altogether. There have been several different species of Neopets released over the past few years so you could transform that Chomby you have had for the last seven years into a brand new fiery spotted Hissi! But do not forget about your petpets. Why not give them a shiny coat of paint as well? You could transform your old petpet babaa from plain to plushie or your Anubis to Island in an instant. The possibilities are endless!

One of the newer features that has also been added more recently is the ability to dress and clothe your pets. Whilst already giving your beloved friend a colour and species makeover, why not also buy them a dashing new set of clothes to wear around the town? Deck your Neopet out in the latest fashions. They are more than likely to be the talk of the town! The numerous customizations of colour, species and clothing are likely to keep you busy for hours.

Hopefully these suggestions are able to renew your excitement and enthusiasm in Neopets. However, if none of these suggestions excite you, then perhaps you need a break away from the wonderful world of Neopia. After having some time off, try some of these suggestions again. You never know, you may have a renewed interest and enjoy playing again.

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